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The Facultkin Band: Entry 12

We are still waiting for Cumulus Facultas to return from his business trip. So, our next target is Daisy Fitzroy, The Hero of The Abellreos Rebellion. She lived in Fitzroville, a community she ran after her services and where most of the city’s lower class resided. Daisy was a warrior. We decided to bring a small team: Me, Bey, HA, and Ayra. The rest are going with Anna to find Jack Waynand to save some time. While traveling there, I asked Ayra about her weapon. It was called Cera Amatoris, and Cumulus gave it to her. He modified it with his power and trained her how to fight with it. “Why would he give you his weapon? Was he too old or disabled?” I asked. Ayra laughed and said he was younger than Dr. Charles and could hit like a meteor. It was because he developed a new fighting style that did require Cera anymore, and he thought that her powers could reach new heights than he could ever before. Ayra blushed, saying she missed “Bossy,” but She still had Dr. Charles with that thought making her blush even more. The girl really admired those two.

We reached Fitzroville, and it was… indeed, a place that the lower class would call home. Both humans and Abellreos alike lived in hovels and wore mismatched clothing. Bey was a bit uneasy with all this. Ayra was a bit downtrodden, seeing this place again, and HA did a quick prayer for the people. We asked where we could find Daisy, only to plead for money in return. Then a man walked up and said he would tell us if HA helped him with some errands. The big guy agreed, and the man stated that she was at the memorial, doing her daily contemplation. HA went off with the man to do his first task, dealing with superpowered rats.

At the memorial, Daisy Fitzroy sat in front of it on her knees. She muttered stuff I couldn’t hear and made our presence known. Daisy responded by teleporting in front of us, sword in hand. She said, “I told, you lot once, and I’ll yell at you again. DO NOT DISTURB!” I told her we were just for the key piece, and she laughed. This fragment was what stood between us and oblivion, she said. Lady Elizabeth gave her this piece not because she trusted her but to ensure her loyalty. Suppose she loses it, no more Fitzroville. Then she began to mutter and pace back and forth about the rebellion. Lady Elizabeth needed her tactical mind and willpower. She promised to give equal rights to her people who she dragged here, unlike the life they had at Columbia. All she had to do was quell the rebellion; she did, and what did she get? These slums and a piece of junk with a threat.

I told her that if we freed Freeman, everyone would be free from Elizabeth’s control. Daisy spat at the ground and swung her sword at me. Prophet appeared as always to defend. While Daisy was distracted, Bey sang the sword out of her hand, and Ayra was about to swing her weapon at our foe. Daisy teleported at her sword and swung it in the air. It sent out a burst of electricity and us. I can’t believe we were being electrocuted twice in this place. Prophet rushed at Daisy, but she teleported a few feet away from them. She released a few more waves at them, but they dodged them while Bey, with a swarm of rusted metal around her, and Ayra came in to attack her. Daisy teleported, but Prophet told Ayra to throw her club in their pointed direction. She did what they said, and the weapon hit a rematerialized Daisy. Our opponent landed near the memorial, crying that she had failed everyone before passing out.

As we went to get the key piece, I noticed that the memorial had a lot of names from the people who lost their lives on both sides. The man from before appeared with a very frazzled HA. He said Daisy never wanted to fight the Abellreos, but it was either the freedom of her people or theirs. She chose wrong. Daisy was dealing with a losing war back in her original universe, but with the powers and technology here, she could win, but she should have said no and sided with her enemies. The man didn’t know if what we were doing was right or wrong, but he begged us to hit Fink Manufacturing and Beyond next. “To take Jeremiah Fink’s key piece?” I said. He said, “No. I am Jeremiah Fink.” His cooperation was taken over by someone else a year back and posing as him. It was his old assistant, Stanley Agennilius James.  I sighed at the thought of another Agennilius appearing again in my life this soon.

A word from my friends:

  1. Ayra: I can’t believe we won against the slayer of my people, but I knew it was Lady Elizabeth’s fault in the first place.
  2. Beethoven: Anna needs great luck if she has Woofer on her team.
  3. HA: tOo. MaNy. SUpER rAtS.

(I don’t own characters and concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.)


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