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The Facultkin Band: Entry 9

My friends and I reached Freeman, and the situation was not what I expected. It was undoubtedly the Metropolis that Beethoven said it would be, but she never mentioned that the entire city was built around The Super Dragon Ball. Woofer suggested I suck up the place into Tempus and keep looking for the other four. Unfortunately, just like before, I couldn’t. Something is messing with my “retrieval function,” and I could not leave this reality either. I am talking about serious dimensional disruption here. Chef Mariloft then suggested we split up and gather information about this place. That way, we will have a better grasp of what to do.

I thought it was good. Mariloft and HA went in one direction while Bey dragged Woofer in another. I was on my own with Prophet. This city was massive. There are plenty of humans and also some other humanoid creatures. They are dark green with horns and many red patterns on their faces. I don’t know what they are, but they look cool. I just saw one lift a car after morphing into a more muscular form. The people are just as interesting. Some are teleporting from place to place, rewinding their flow of time to fix a mistake, and so much more. I was so awed by it all that I pumped into a guy. He was missing an eye. After apologizing to him, I heard a commotion. Mariloft and HA were defending a young woman from some huge armored dudes.

I ran up to them to ask what was happening, and they told me that she was the key to getting The Super Dragon Ball and the means of escaping this universe. Prophet emerged and told me to get the lady to safety, and I grabbed her and ran off with her. We soon reached a small, dark alleyway and stopped. Soon, the others arrived, including Bey and Woofer, who assisted in their escape from the armor guys, The Cain Cadets. How they found us, I admit, was pretty creepy. Mariloft used her power to give each of us a delicious scent to help find us. So she tagged me with a smell and sniffed me out. Anyway, back to the mystery girl, she introduced herself as Anna DeWitt. She was being pursued because she could set Freeman…uh…free. This city and its residents have been pulled out of their respective timelines and realities to form this place by the leader of this place, Lady Elizabeth. Giant cables that wrap around the Dragon Ball keep these places where they are. There is no way to remove them except with the Release Key. With it, the cables will be unlatched to the Dragon Ball and send everyone to their worlds.

There is a problem. The key was split by Elizabeth and given to people she trusted. They are the Five Stars of Freeman:

  1. Dr. Charles Alaiadaughter of Neo Fontaine Labs
  2. Head Guard Jack Wynand
  3. Jeremiah Fink, the millionaire and owner of Fink Manufacturing and Beyond
  4. Sander Cohen of The Freeman Artisan Institution
  5. Daisy Fitzroy, the Hero

We need to get those key pieces. We got to work with Anna to do so, and this will be quite an endeavor.

(The Freeman Arc has begun)

(I do not own Characters and Concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.)

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