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The Facultkin Band: Entry 8

After taking a break, Thumbelina and I were still nowhere near the top, even with Prophet carrying me. I assumed we would die before reaching up there before HA crashed about a yard away from us. We quickly dashed over to see that he was hurt but still conscious. After his initial shock seeing me tinier than before, he told us that Chef Mariloft got them to go up the mountain, assuming we would be up there. Along the way, they met Thumbelina’s husband, Prince Cornelius. He joined them to get back at the woman who caused this mess. At the top, Beethoven was waiting as she said. She demanded Woofer, and he refused to go with her. HA tried to defend him, only for her to assault him with her tools and weapons. He sent out a laughter blast, and Beethoven manipulated Woofer’s body to absorb and redirect the attack back at him, sending him falling off the top.

I asked him if he could take us to the top and he would give us the express special. HA grabbed us and laughed out some attacks toward the ground, and they launched him to the top and passed it. He dropped us before it sent him through the clouds. Beethoven stood over Mariloft and Cornelius. I shouted at her, but she couldn’t hear me from our distance and height, but somebody else did. A fairy flew down towards Thumbelina and me. She introduced herself as Delilah Agennilius, and now I know why she looked familiar. Delilah said that she was the one who told Beethoven about us, and our search for the Super Dragon Balls or alternate version told her. She also said that she was the one who shrunk me. She picked up from another fairy version of herself in a place called Ferngully.

Thumbelina asked why she caused all this darkness and chaos. Delilah answered to get back at my friends and me for messing with Hiro. The Agennilius do not take kindly to those who transgressed them. Beethoven grabbed Woofer and activated her dimensional transporter, but HA landed next to her and knocked her over. He saw the transporter on the ground and stomped it. Beethoven bellowed like an opera singer. Her weapon began to dance around HA and thrashed him vigorously. I tried to help him, but Prop stopped me because Delilah threw a sword where I was about to step. She was going to get between my friends and me. Thumbelina pulled out her wings, and they were healed. We decided to team up while Delilah pulled out another sword. Thumbelina grabbed my shoulder and carried me up to the evil fairy.

Delilah swung rapidly at us, but Prop countered with his punches and kicks. She did not expect my ability to be so competent. Prop delivered a fist to the gut, and Thumbelina swung my legs at her to cause more damage. Delilah landed near Beethoven and asked her to beat us by shrinking her down by force. Beethoven was furious to be reduced to being small. At this size, her voice doesn’t have any power anymore. Delilah was sorry for the mistake, but I took that tip and captured The Super Dragon Ball with my outfit’s dimensional ability. The sun once again returned to the planet. Woofer grabbed Beethoven, only for her to jump on his face like a rabid animal. He started screaming like a baby, but we ignored him for the time being. Delilah was about to retreat before Cornelius floated above her with his sword. She took the hint and surrendered.

Delilah brought me back to average size along with Beethoven, who was still mauling Woofer. HA had to grab the crazy lady and cover her mouth, and Cornelius would take her in for her crimes against nature. Thumbelina thanked me for helping her reunite with her husband and bring back the sun, and I said she helped out a lot. All three fairies flew off to their fairy kingdom. Delilah said she would make them pay for this, but I ignored it. We now had the 7-star Super Dragon Ball. Beethoven soon calmed down. I told her to go home, but she couldn’t because of HA. If we left her here, it might lead to more disasters, and I decided to take her with us, despite everybody else’s opinion. We would take her to her proper home, but she has another offer. Beethoven wanted to come with us because Woofer was her’s, but since he refused to go home, she would follow him. In exchange, she would tell us where we could find another Super Dragon Ball. The offer is good because the radar, spoken in my dad’s journal, was destroyed. I agreed to her terms. During her travels, She heard someone mention a giant marble with five stars at a Megastructure Metropolis called Freeman. So that was where we were going next.


A word from my friends:

Chef Mariloft and HA: Ah.

Woofer: Are you right in the brain bucket? Bey is an abusive psycho.

Beethoven: The only psycho here is you. I don’t know what lies he spouted about me, but you shouldn’t believe everything that second-rated Jukebox says.


(I don’t own characters and concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.)

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