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Airtric Fantason

Airtric Fantason

基本信息 | Basic Information

名称Name: 全名|Full Name:Airtric Fantason

常称|Commonly Called:Airtric

音乐制作者艺名|Producer Name:AlphaSquare

常用游戏名/昵称|Commonly Used Nickname:Airtricite

类Class: 兽人/福瑞|Furry

种:犬科犬属灰狼种天狼亚种(自定义种)|Species:Canis lupus Caelum/Heavenwolf (Self definited specie)

性Gender: 男|Male
龄Age: (不稳定,随世界观变化|Unstable,Changes with the worldview)大多从2006年开始算|Mostly calculated from 2006
出生地Birthplace 一座名为“宏域”的城市|A city named “Megafield”
身材Build 体重|Weight:中等|Average

身高Height:偏高|Above Average

爱好Hobby 电子音乐Electronic Music
外观Appearance Airtric (
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