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The Facultkin Band: Entry 7

I panicked for about 10 minutes because of my new shrunken stature. Prophet appeared to give me a good slapping, and I almost needed it. A hug or pat on the head would have worked better, but this was faster. Thumbelina worked up soon after, and she was just as surprised to see me like this. The worst part was that she was taller than me. I asked her if this was magic’s doing, but Thumbelina had never heard of a human reduced to the size of a fairy, and I didn’t know she was a fairy. She explained that she wasn’t one until she married Cornelius, and sprouted her wings. But when the storm hit, her wings were damaged. So she tucked them into her clothes to prevent more harm to them.

Then I just remembered Prop and asked him why didn’t they save me from that wind blast that got me separated from my friends. They said that her negative emotions had kept them from manifesting. When I heard Thumbelina’s story of being separated, I felt terrible that her troubles began because of The Super Dragon Ball showing up. That moment did the trick, but there was no time to feel bad. It was time to move forward. If I know Chef Mariloft, she might have convinced HA to go up the mountain with Woofer, and I am only guessing. At any rate, going up there is my main objective. If I can get Beethoven to remove the Dragon Ball from the sky, the world will become normal again. Thumbelina decided to join, and we were off.

We traveled for three hours, and it would take me 100 steps in the same direction. This was getting us nowhere. Thumbelina had an idea. We both grabbed leaves and waited for another gust. Prop held the leave, and I was on his back because he had an average human grip, unlike me. The wind picked up, and we went soaring. I couldn’t believe it. This was the most fun and terrifying experience in my life. Prop used his precognition to help us dodge debris. After landing near the mountain’s base because of the lightning, we started our ascent. Prop had to carry me because I lacked muscles or anything useful. We got up quite a bit, but still too far. I screamed in frustration before hearing laughter from a distance.

Being pulled by several bug minions was a large creature in the shape of a beach ball. Thumbelina gasped, for it was Mr. Mole, a dude who tried to marry her. He said that after she left him, he married Miss Fieldmouse, and then she kicked him out of his home and wealth. He stayed in the darkest part of the forest. In his depression, he started scarfing down berries and nuts until he became this butterball of fur. When the storm appeared and saw us flying, he wanted to marry Thumbelina again. He said a strange fairy helped him up here. The bugs who worked for him were his servants. He threatened to eat them if they didn’t comply. I thought that was messed up before he looked at me and said I looked cute. He proposed to me before I gave him a big “NOOOO!” His response was throwing a nutshell at me that Prop blocked. Mr. Mole told his minions to attack, but Prophet dealt with them with relative ease because they were psychic. Now it was the boss’s turn. Prop ran in with rapid jabs, but they did nothing to him. My seer said, “Olive. I cannot hurt him. He is too fat!” Mr. Mole moaned depressingly before swatting Prop away with his drumstick-like arms.

Mr. Mole rolled up to me, asking if I would reconsider his offer. I said, “I rathered be had moths eat Tempus off my back.” Before he struck me, Thumbelina was slightly higher up and pushed a rock with a branch, and it slammed against Mr. Mole, and both fell down the mountain. I thanked her for the rescue as she pulled me up. Thumbelina was glad to be the hero for once. We both continued our hike upward with more threats, probably higher up.

(I do not own the Character and Concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.

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