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The Facultkin Band: Entry 6

This isn’t good. After arriving in another world, we were immediately greeted with a song from a far distance. Woofer started flying off like a rocket, and some of our stuff was also trying to fly. The rest of us followed our friend. HA managed to grab hold of our little speaker man, and we spotted the source of the song. A woman with green hair and Woofer panicked along with HA. This woman was Beethoven. She was the one the two guys faced before, and she’s here.

Beethoven introduced herself to Chef Mariloft and me and claimed she was here for her boyfriend. Woofer begged for us not to let him go. He said she was a warrior with the power to control objects with her singing, and this was only possible by honing the ability of her siren heritage to such a degree. She cannot hypnotize people anymore, but she takes control of other people’s weapons. Woofer stated that she only called him her boyfriend to keep others from messing with him. Bey shouted out at Woofer to shut him up and repeated her demands. We refused, and she revealed a bargaining chip.

Someone told her we were looking for The Super Dragon Balls scattered across the omniverse. So she summoned the one hidden in this universe and used it to block the sun. Everything was shrouded in darkness, and with its presence, storms and strong winds began to show up. She announced that she would be at the top of the mountain nearby. If we want The Super Dragon Ball, we must climb it and offer up Woofer. I tried to store it with Tempus, but it didn’t work because it was under Bey’s influence. The woman left us in the dark, and we tried to figure out what to do next. Then Mariloft heard crying and found a tiny woman on the ground. Her name was Thumbelina, and she was separated from her husband, Prince Cornelius, when the storm hit the area. I felt terrible and told everyone we would take on Beethoven, get The Super Dragon Ball, and reunite this little girl with her little man. I said all that before Thumbelina and I were blown away by a gust of wind. When I woke up, I was next to Thumbelina, literally. Somehow I got super small. This problem has gotten universally big now, and I am separated from my friends.

(I do not own characters and concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.)

(Here is Beethoven’s Character Sheet.)

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