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The Facultkin Band: Entry 4

My new friends and I arrived in the world I wanted to go to, and just like what happened to my father before me, Ajimu Najimi appeared right before us. She knew exactly why we were here and would divulge what she knew if we played some games. I, as the technical leader, agreed despite Prophet’s warnings.

  1. Game 1- Arm Wrestling: HA was our strongest member. We cheered him on, and As soon as Woofer, the referee, finished the count down, HA tried to push Ajimu’s arm downward, but it did not budge. Then she slammed him straight through two floors. HA howled in pain for 2 hours.
  2. Game 2- Drinking Contest: Chef Mariloft must drink more cups of soda than Ajimu can. It started well, especially when Mariloft made her drinks super delicious, but after 30 minutes, she got the hiccups, her stomach ached, and she needed to go to the bathroom. Ajimu was completely fine. 1 minute later, Mariloft ran off with a full bladder and screamed for the can, which meant she was disqualified.
  3. Game 3- Staring Contest: Woofer was in the zone. He had been staring at Ajimu without blinking for 15 minutes, and he was getting fatigued, so he tried something. He made a tiny speaker by her feet and told HA to laugh at him. But Ajimu’s eyes became rather demonic and left Woofer paralyzed. I should have warned him about how she felt about cheating from my dad’s journal. She beat up while still not blinking. When Woofer came back to us, he was crying next to HA.
  4. Final Game- Tag: The last game that Dad and Ajimu played. How fitting. I guess. But this time, I am the one who must tag her. I thought, with Prop, we could win this. Unfortunately, her maneuvers were impossible to keep track of, even for a psychic. She was dancing around us. Prop was doubting themselves, but I had to bring them back from the brink of despair. My long-time friend regained their confidence, and before we could do anything with this newfound morale, Ajimu hip-checked us through a wall. I was lucky that Prop could see that move fast enough to take the full brunt of the wall. I was too hurt to continue. I think I need to get my hip checked after this.

Ajimu was satisfied, and it only took 3/4 of us to get significantly injured. Yay. Anyway, she told us what had happened to dad. He was doing his job of protecting a key until somebody named Medaka fought him for it. She almost convinced dad to give up because she was slightly stronger than him, thanks to his power-dampening seals. That moment of hesitation was enough for another member of Ajimu’s group to stab him in the back literally. That traitor’s name was Hiro Agennelius Hayashi. Then she just glanced at nothing, saying in a sarcastic tone, “Nice job, looking up Japanese names for this character.” I have no idea what or who she was talking to. Ajimu sent dad’s things back to my world after his passing. She would have brought the body, but it shrank to an imperceptible level. Anyway, she will give us the Super Dragon Ball dad was looking for if we take down Hiro for her. She said she would have wasted him, but he was our “First Arc Antagonist” or something. I should be furious at this Hiro guy, but I am in a lot of pain from one attack. Ajimu would allow us to rest and go to the hospital. I don’t know about Woofer and HA, though. HA is a big boy, and Woofer is more appliance than man, but he did say he has “humany parts.” I don’t want to know what humany parts mean. Anyway, I need to see a doctor.

(I do not own characters and concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.)

(Main Character Sheet is here.)

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