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A Mystical Companionship

Born with a gift rare and exclusive, a young successor to a celestial force was predetermined for greatness and prosperity to all. However, with a strained upbringing from expectations, the young princess of Vermillia had grown further reluctant and burdened of accepting her future potential, and even herself for a time. What she never expected, during a time and moment of distress and self-loathing, was meeting someone who would help change her life onwards…


Out in the woods in an area of ambience and solitude, a young girl no older than seven years of age weeps in solitude, dejected and in sorrow after experiencing a series of unfortunate events leading up to now. She seems to only have herself for company, but not for too long as the voice of another child speaks.

“Hello there” The young boy says to the girl, as she’s immediately caught off guard and even feeling wary of his sudden presence, beginning to feel anxious. The young girl takes a moment to get a look at the one before herself; a young child like herself only a year younger, with brown and wavy hair of a fair skin complexion, and appearing to wear the clothing of commoners, such as typical coal colored pants and grey sweater–but what she noticed beforehand was the young boy’s silver grey eyes, and a grey gemstone placed onto his chest. With her anxiousness slightly settling yet cautious nonetheless, the young boy continues speaking in a soft, albeit slightly monotonous tone as if speaking was fairly new to him.

“My name is Mason. I am new to this land, along with my guardians.” He says in a rather formal and genuine tone unlike how a typical child his age would speak. Still unsteady because of crying beforehand along with a nervous feeling, the young girl slowly begins to form words and responds to the new kid. “M-My name is..R-Roselia…” She says while starting to go silent, unsure of what business he has. Mason notices her distressed feeling, as well as her appearance; that being she was notably dirty in parts of her clothing and body, yet even it could not disguise that she was indeed from a family of fortune, as well as her own innocent and sweet appearance by the youth of her age–most notable however was her short hair dark blue like midnight, a light-peach skin complexion, and eye colors of rose pink-red shining like true gemstones. Of course, the other notable thing about Roselia’s appearance was her saddened and melancholic expression from her crying and presumably recent experiences, something that the young boy immediately picks up on and asks “You are distressed. Do you mind telling me what happened?” to the young Roselia, though she’s hesitant to respond and seemingly distrustful to him.

After a silent pause, young Mason takes the first action by slowly walking closer to Roselia, who immediately becomes panicked and inadvertently generates an auric power around her hands and self, attempting to ward off the intrusion and to not hurt the young boy. “P-Please, Stop!” She exclaims, closing her eyes for a moment until opening them again, and seeing the young boy gone before her eyes. Roselia almost wanted to sigh in relief, but even she wasn’t sure if it was for another reason, but she would immediately become caught off guard when Mason reveals himself hanging upside down beside her, holding himself with his legs.

“Hello, again” He says in an undeterred tone, while Roselia looks at him with a puzzled look, as somehow Mason was not at all afraid and rather seemed curious. “…You’ are..not afraid of me?” She asks young Mason, who tilts his head while still hanging upside down, though he picks himself up and lands beside her, sitting next to Roselia now, shaking his head. “I am curious about you, Roselia. I came here in search of a unique presence that I was aware of, though I am unsure why that is.” He responds honestly, which Roselia could notice from the boy as well as his genuinity, and begins to open up more about herself, yet still distraught by her own matters as they begin conversing.

“I’m lost, confused, and scared…”

“What made you feel that way to lead you here?”

“I-…My family tells me that I was born ‘special’ unlike others before. And yet, I have no such feelings whenever they make me partake in studies that exhaust me. I felt so weak, and they still made me do things I never liked…It was too much for me. I ran as far as I could, and I had encountered those who only sought to harm me. I had no explanation to why, but everytime someone tried to grab me, or when a creature attempted to bite, I used..the power that my family was attempting to bring out..I thought they too would see me as “special”, like my family claimed, but the attackers only saw me as something to be afraid of–like I was some sort of monster…”

As she says, Roselia finishes after the last part and goes quiet, allowing Mason to deduce that she had run away further to a place of solitude; after all, he was no ordinary child, either. He thought to himself while looking at the distraught Roselia as ‘she does not look like a monster? She looks like a young..beautiful person. Does she not realize it?’ while wondering. Moving ever so slightly closer, Mason replies “I do not think you are a monster, Roselia?” to her as she looks at him with certain confusion and curiosity, and asks “..Why?” to him. Mason appears to pause, as he himself was not too sure of his feelings towards Roselia, but he looks to the grey gemstone placed onto his chest while holding it, and decides to explain his own reasoning, which Roselia glances at until looking back at him.

“I have always felt unsure of myself. I do not know why, but I became more aware of my surroundings, and others around me. Even my guardians, I came to realize, were not my parents, but they treated me like their own. I learned many things with little challenge, saw many sights while traveling along, and I met many sorts of people across. Despite what I learned, where I went, and who I talked to, they just were not like me, as I noticed. I wondered what it would be like to have a connection, but it became difficult for me..until I became aware of something; a feeling, a new feeling. I grew curious to follow, and then I met you.”

He tells Roselia, which she blinks in response, uncertain yet admittedly curious about the boy now. The two begin to think quietly, looking at each other one at a time for a moment till they both look into each other’s eyes, not saying a word yet until Roselia turns away bashfully, while Mason looks away with a neutral expression in response. Roselia appears to have calmed down a bit, though she is not eager to return home as is, which Mason brings up after a moment of quiet ambience.

“How do you feel now?”

“..Alright, I guess…I-I am not sure if I should go back..I’ll-I’ll just be overwhelmed again..A-And if I stay out, then I’ll be alone again..” She responds while beginning to feel pressured from the experience she had and would have if she made either choice, and almost felt hopeless. However, Mason did not stay quiet to Roselia’s apparent stress, and slowly holds his hand out to her, which she looks at and back to him. He tells her “Maybe you do not have to be alone? What if we could be acquainted with each other?” while Roselia looks surprised, hesitantly responding “L-Like friends?..I never had one before…” to which Mason responds with a polite nod. “I believe this will be a first for me as well.”

“..B-But what if I don’t know what to do?”

“Then we can learn how to, together. If that is what you want?”

As he tells her, a young Roselia is at a loss for words and slowly begins to tear up, but not out of sadness like before. Seeing the young girl form tears once again and now wanting to help her, Mason goes to give her a comforting hug while patting her back, which causes her to ease her crying as she hugs him back. The two remain as is for a while, with Roselia beginning to give a soft smile, and Mason blinking for a moment until he feels something new resonate; emotion, and the feeling of comfort and sympathy towards another.


Thus began a close friendship between the two children that lasted even to their adulthood, with Roselia now having someone that could reciprocate her passion, and Mason who became closer to human. With their relationship growing as well as their adventures together that would soon come to pass, and allow the two many journeys to take, and many stories to come. One in particular being just how intimate they grew to be towards each other along the way.



As the two kids continue hugging for a while, Roselia’s dark blue hair appears to ruffle a bit by itself, which they both notice and stop hugging, curious. Suddenly, Roselia’s hair appears to sprout rose flowers, which earns the two children’s intrigue and admitted confusion.

“Oh. This..has not happened before?..”

“Hm? Has something similar happened before?”

“..Well, I grow..spikes? Whenever I get too stressed, or agitated..”



“Perhaps, they are floral thorns. Are you by chance a Plant Being?”

“Yes?..Is that wrong?”

“No. But I was thinking of a short name-”

“A short name?”

“Yes. You are like a rose flower; a unique, blue rose in particular. How would you feel about your name being shortened as ‘Rose’?”

“A nickname…”

“..You are blushing, and growing more flowers from your hair”

“O-Oh. Sorry, I just like it very much. What about you, Mason?”

“My short name?..Well, many associate me with my signature color. My guardians, however, call me Gris.”

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