Original Characters

Oc- Amara Lawson

Character sheet created by: Spelledog on Deviant art!
Link: https://ww.deviantart.com/spelledeg/art/OC-Biography-shee-154984521
Date completed: 10/9/2021

Full Name: Amara Damon Lawson
Pronunciation of their name(first, middle name(s) and last):A•MAR•a DAY-mun “LAW-sən
Meaning of their full name: Amara means “bitter”; Damon means “One who tames, subdues”; and Lawson is “Son of Lawrence”.
Why did their parents name them this?: When Amara was born he had an incredibly bitter, even salty look to him as if he was unhappy at being born in that moment and  his father had suggested the name to his mother who fell right in love with it. So on that day he was named Amara due to his grumpy expression just moments after his birth.
If not parents, what decided their name?:
Why did you, their creator name them this?: I just love the name Amara.
Title(Mr./Mrs./Lord/Lady/Sir/): Sir
Nickname(s): Ari (It’s said as Ar-ee) Ami (Ah-mee) or Ara (Ar-uh) or sometimes he is called Mara by his siblings.
Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?: He loves all of his nicknames.
History behind nickname(s): He has a total of five younger siblings, him being the eldest, and naturally Amara is a bit hard to grasp so each child had their own nickname resulting in the four different nicknames he was granted. Even his parents picked up on the nicknames and often times Amara rarely hears his full name and when he does it’s a touch startling for the teenager but he loves his nicknames more than his true name.

Before going on with this sheet, take a moment to briefly describe this character as a whole, a character snapshot:


Sex: Male
Gender identity: Masculine
Race/species: Merman
Ethnicity: American
Realm/Universe(Real world, an anime verse, etc.):
Share about this realm(What’s considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse):
Age: 25
How old they appear: 19
Mental age: The same as his biological age of twenty-five.
Orientation/Sexual preference: Demisexual
Any history behind their sexual orientation?: It isn’t anything huge or monumental, Amara had realized at a young age that while his agemates were all having their crushes and squeal fests that he was not the same. He merely didn’t hold the same phase as those around him from a young age, something that put him out as weird, but Amara realized very quickly in his teenage years just what he could put his finger on and what it’s name was. He merely just didn’t possess a sexual interest in someone or a romantic one unless he had a bond or friendship going with them and even THEN it is a hit and miss for him because he could be closer to his friends than anyone and even then he wouldn’t find himself crushing. He just doesn’t have a high sexual drive and he finds that this is just his normality as a demisexual person and he finds support in his friends and family who are doing their research’s and supporting him best they can.
Do they believe it’s right/have an opinion on it?: Yes he does, he is a very big ally for any sexuality.
Are they opposed for their sexuality?: Not really.

Significant Other: Celie Silvia Graves.

**This next string has to do with adjustments from birth sex, or hermaphrodite characters, etc. not relevant to all characters**
Do they dress along with their birth sex, or their gender identity?:
Why or why not?:
Have they undergone gender change surgery if their gender identity is different from their birth sex?:
How/does this effect them?:
How do the hormones they take effect their body?:
Any negatives?:

Birth date: May 23rd, 1995
Birth place: Sarasota, Florida.
Death date:
Death place:

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150 lbs
Are they overweight/underweight?: Neither.
If so, why?:
Blood type: AB+
Can they bleed?: Yes
What color is their blood?: Turquoise

Defining physical characteristics/general appearance: Amara is the type of appearance that would make a person think that his room or his items would be chaotic judging his messy hair and his frumpy clothes. He has a disheveled, careless look about him that would make a person wonder if he slept in his clothes the night before or if he had ever seen a brush in his life yet his lips are apparently “distracting”. Or so he’s been told.

Eye color(s): Caribbean blue
Contacts?: No.
If so, why do they have contacts?: N/A
Glasses?: No
Describe their glasses: N/A
Is this eye color uncommon?: No.
Are their eyes good?: Yes, they are quite perfect in fact.

General facial structure(high cheekbones, narrow eyes, etc.): It could be considered as such but he has a broad forehead with a defined chin.
Face shape: Amara has an A-triangle shaped face.
Describe their eyes: While his eyes are a rather stunning shade of blue, something that can stun even the most prepared of people the shape of his eyes are round, enhancing the color but giving him a rather innocent look.
Describe their nose: He actually has a roman shaped nose.
Describe their lips: His lips, always called distracting are full and very soft in appearance. He never truly picks at his lips but often times despite their fullness can be dry and cracked if he isn’t taking care of them.
Ears(pointed, cat, etc.): His ear starts out like a human shape only for the shell to fan out into a fin like appearance that can move and react to his emotions like fins on a fish would.
If something about their face is different than the norm of their realm, do they get grief/disapproval for it?: No
Wrinkles?: No.

Eyelashes?: Yes
Describe them: His lashes are just like anyone’s, a regular amount of thickness and they are straight. The color matches his hair, the maple color making the blue of his eyes stand out like peering up at the sky and they often will flutter if he blinks fast enough.

Eyebrows?: Yes
Describe them: His eyebrows sit low on his forehead but with a soft angle to them, the maple color thick above his eyes and “full” according to many around him.

Hair color(s): Maple brown
Hair length: Around his shoulders.
Dyed?: Nope
If so, why is their hair dyed?: N/A
Hair style: It is rather thick, silky around his shoulders and messy most of the time.
Why?: All his life Amara never cared much about keeping his hair neat or primped like his siblings due to the fact that he knew it would be come wet at some point or the wind would come to mess it all up anyhow. So he doesn’t truly care in keeping it neat and rather let’s it point and tangle in it’s natural manner.
Is their hair healthy?: Yes
If not, why can it not be maintained?:
How thick?: Decently thick.

Facial hair?: Yes.
Well kept?: Yes
Length: Short
Styling: It is known as the short boxed beard.
Color: Maple brown

Body hair?: Yes
Where?: Anywhere
Well kept?: Yes
Color: Maple brown

Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): He is slim but he is also somewhat muscular
Body shape(Pear, hourglass, rectangle, etc.): Trapezoid. This means that Amara’s upper torso is bigger than the lower torso and that his shoulders along with his chest are broad. His waist and hips are narrow but his body is well proportioned.
Body type: Ectomorph.
Posture(slouched, correct, etc.): He has a little slouching problem with his posture but for the most part it’s pretty alright.
Body abnormalities(Cleft lip etc.): No
Extra extremities(Another arm, tail, horns etc.): No.
Does the extremity cripple them or is it helpful?: N/A
Describe how they walk(Fast, slow, weak step, etc.): Amara has a slow yet sleek kind of walk, a speed that allows him to take his time but one that allows him to get where he is going and he can often times walk right out of view.
Why do they walk this way?: It is merely a gait and speed that he has always walked, one that was instinctive so
Do they limp?: No

Skin/fur color(s): Honey colored skin
Complexion: Pretty clear.
Patterns/designs(on skin/fur and where they are, such as a zebra stripe pattern): Along his palms, down the sides of his forearms, his ankles and along his throat are deep green scales.
Scars: No.
How did they get these scars?: N/A
Birthmarks): He has a soft pink splotch on his lower black.
Tattoos: None.
Reasons behind tattoos: N/A
Piercings: He has his eyebrow pierced and his ears.
Reasons behind piercings: There was no huge reason for it but Amara had always wanted at least one thing on his face to be interesting.
Additional body mods(scarification, sub-dermal implants, etc.):

Right/left handed(or ambidextrous perhaps?): Ambidextrous
Big hands/small hands/something else?: He has some pretty big hands
Long fingered/short fingered hands?: Long fingered
Are their nails taken care of(Decently)?: Absolutely.
If not, why?:

Describe their smile: His smile, without truly meaning too, can be cocky or even sarcastic with the victory written both in the way they spread into a quick and wide smile showing off his teeth and his emotion will sparkle in his eyes. It is a wide, brilliant smile that beams with such warmth but such cocky sarcasm sometimes that it can get others either snickers or rolling their eyes at the sight of such a victorious smile.
What kind of teeth do they have?(Vampiric, all fangy, etc.): He has a glamour over his teeth giving him perfect looking, straight teeth that are pearly white. His true teeth, the ones they are born with, are sharp like a sharks maw and are razor sharp in order to devour and rip their prey apart.
Do they take care of their teeth?: Yes.
Why/why not?: Given that he has to use glamor on them, Amara does his best to keep his sharp teeth taken care of.
Dental condition: Perfect.

Describe their voice(What range is it for one thing? Alto, tenor, bass, etc.?): Despite his appearance he has a tenor range voice. His voice hold a quality that sounds hoarse sometimes depending on how he feels and often times it is due to singing while he is hunting. It is an enchanting, beautiful sound his voice can have on others if he so desires.
Speech mannerisms(Do they pause a lot, a stutter?: No.

Describe an outfit they would wear: Dark blue jeans, a blue tank top and a purple hoodie to go on top of it all with dark Converse shoes to go with it.
Why do they have this clothing preference?: It’s just something he has always worn, color wise, and he finds it helps bringing and highlighting certain qualities of his coloring.


Mental state: Stable
Mental disorder/ailment(s)(If any): None
If they have a mentally threatening disorder, what caused it to arise?: N/A
Mental stability(relative to disorders):N/A
How does this ailment effect their day to day life?:N/A
Why do they have this degree of mental stability?:N/A

Mental has to do with neurological issues, good mental health is very important. Mental issues can effect emotions, and emotional stability, though they are not the same thing.

Emotional stability: Stable
Emotional disorder/ailment(s): None
Why do they have such/lack emotional stability?: N/A
Has their upbringing had an effect on their emotions?: N/A
Why or why not?: N/A

The age chart for emotional and mental things here is based on a human lifespan.
Describe or share about their mental and emotional state during…
early childhood(3 – 5):
childhood(6 – 9):
adolescence/tween(10 – 12):
adolescence/teen(13 – 16):
teen continued(16 – 18):
young adulthood(19 – 25):
“official” adulthood(26 – 29):
adulthood continued(30 – 40):
half century(41 – 51):
up and onward(52+):

Personality snapshot: Amara is a kind guy, one who is easy to come to and one who will protect someone at the drop of a hat if they truly need help. He is a protector despite his prey being humans, something he isn’t afraid to share or clarify for others, but he is a big brother figure for those he is friends with and he will often be ready to fight at any moment. Think of him as the friend ready to roll out and help out his friends if they so need it.
In depth personality: Amara is a sarcastic, cocky kind of person who believes he is one of the superior races and yet he is a very kind person. He is very much a person who others can run too and he will offer them help if they need it or they can simple ask for it and he’d give it freely to anyone. He is kind, enjoying teaching the younger merfolk about kindness to humans and those lesser than them and he truly does have a good heart underneath any negative view that is placed upon him. He is willing to help, he is friendly and is protective to the point that he is a big brother to anyone who needs him and he is willing to do anything he can for those he loves.
Most prominent personality trait: Sarcastic
Best traits of their personality: Protective
Worst traits of their personality: Cocky
Jung personality test result:

What caused this kind of personality to form?(based upon upbringing/social whatnot): His own parents, while being in his life now, were not kind people. They tried to press into Amara that humans were for eating and that was the end of it. Merfolk were superior to all and growing up with this Amara almost succumbed to that had he not become friends with his vampire friend, Reese and the love of his life, Celie.
Would you say their personality was influenced by their caretakers/guardians?: Absolutely not.
If so, who influenced their personality the most and how?: Reese and Celie, along with a few others, were able to get to him at a young age and showed him another view point that his parents lacked to show him. He was opened to a world of different views and different opinions which left him very confrontational with his parents but he now tries to spread his kindness to his younger siblings.
If not, what was the greatest influence?:
Do they like their personality?:

Do they have a healthy self image(How they view themselves)?: Yes he does.
If not, why?:
If so, what gives them the drive to maintain it?: He maintains it to show his younger siblings a good idea of just what and how to maintain a healthy self image.

First impression usually given: A jerk, a cocky know-it-all.
Are they logical thinkers(if they have a mentally crippling disease, this is null)?: Yes
Right brain/left brained?: Right brained
Why?: Amara, for all his quirks and faults, is a very fun person to be around when he is put in the right environment and situation. He is very creative when it comes to keeping younger children or friends entertained with wild stories or fun crafts they can do. He is a very imaginative person!

Current faith(religion): Christian
If they do have one, why?: It was how his parents raised him.
If they don’t have one, why?:
Are they strong in it?: Not at all.
Do they actively practice it?: Sometimes
Why did they choose this faith?:
If they didn’t choose it, were they forced into it?: Somewhat.
If forced, do they like it now that they’re in it?: He has grown to like it after the years of being forced into the religion by his controlling parents during his youth.
Why do they believe this religious plunge is correct?: He doesn’t believe the plunge had been correct at all.
Do they know?:

Zodiac(Eastern): The Pig
Zodiac(Western): Gemini
Do they follow a horoscope/related things?: Not really.
What superstitions do they have?: None
If not superstitions, what myths to they tend to cling to as truth?: N/A
Reasons why they have these odd beliefs: N/A

Outlook on life: Everyone has to make their way, whether it’s clawing and crawling or running throuhg life with gifts.
General attitude: What happens will happen.
What caused this attitude?: Being raised in an unpredictable, uncaring home Amara has adapted to that kind of attitude.
Have they ever questioned their outlook on life?: No.

Alignment(Good/evil/bystander/etc.): True Neutral
Why they chose this path: Amara does not take one side, nor choosing the other but would rather see how both things play out for both sides without being on one or the other.
Do they know the outcome of this choice?: Yes
Do they believe this is right?: Yes
If they don’t believe it’s correct, why do they stay on it?:

Personal quote and(or) motto: “Whatever is going to happen is going to happen and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. All you can do is wait for it to be over.”
Reasons behind this motto/quote: Amara had been in a horrible fight with his parents and the second eldest of the family, his little sister, had begged him for answers on why. Why their parents were the way they had been and why Amara had to fight when he knew what as going to happen and this is what came out of him.

Emotional trauma (if any, and why): Yes. At a young age, around five years old, Amara had been beaten by his mother due to his refusal. He had simply changed his mind on how he viewed others, claiming they were not an all power race and his mother in return had decided she would “Beat it out of him” until he was thinking the way she wanted. This abuse lasted from age five to ten before it stopped and his father had done nothing but help in worsening it. It had clung to him so fiercely that he actively stands between his sisters and brothers and their parents.
How do they respond when the trauma issue is talked about/touched on?: He is very gruff and ends the conversation very quickly whenever this topic comes up.
Does this trauma effect their day to day life?: Not really.
Why, or why not?: He suppresses it so much, so efficiently in his day to day life that often times he won’t remember much about it unless it is specifically brought up to him. Because he suppresses it so much it doesn’t have the chance to affect his day to day life but it does crop up unwanted around his parents and will often lead to many days locked away in his apartment.
What made the situation traumatic to them?: The fact that his parents had been so brutal, so angry wit him just because he wanted to think a different way.
Would you say that they effect the environment around them, or that their environment around them effects them more?: No.

Morals(and what they are): He believes one should never hit their children.
What defines right and wrong for them?: They are right for no one should lay hands on children, not in a violent or even misguided way.
Do they hold these morals for religious reasons?: No
Do they hold their definitions of right and wrong above other people’s: No.

Drugs they take/have taken/or do: He smokes weed occasionally and sometimes, just sometimes, he snorts pills.
What caused them to do drugs?: The weed is for his anxiety and depression. The snorting pills, specifically OxyContin, happened shortly after the years of his abuse and something he now dabbles in.
Are they dependent on a certain drug?: The weed he is dependent on absolutely.
Is it prescribed to them?: Yes
What is the purpose of the drugs they take?: The purpose is to help with his depression, his anxiety as well, and it helps in keeping him calm most days.
How do their drugs effect them?(Personality, memory, etc.): When he snorts his OxyContin he is a wildly different person but he will often listen to music and sleep until it wears off. When he’s smoking weed he is a very jovial and cheerful person to be around and even silly.

Earliest memory: He remembers developing his tail, something that happens shortly in a merfolks accelerated childhood and he remembers the delight of swimming quickly through the waters. It had brought him a joy so intense that even to this day he feels that same joy when he jumps into waters.
Is this memory important to them?: Yes
Do they wish to forget it?: No
Are they glad they remember it?: Absolutely, wholeheartedly.

How do they respond and/or react in times of…(and why they do what they do)
Happiness: He smiles very easily, so easily in fact that there is nothing that stops him from smiling and there is a glowing joy in his eyes that is infectious to those underneath his gaze. He is jerky and ecstatic with very fast movements and he is all too willing to make those around him just as happy.

Excitement: Much like his happiness he will smile widely but he will bounce on his toes, hopping around or in place on the balls of his feet and his speech will come out so fast it is hard to keep up. He will jazz those around him up easily and will often whistle as he rushes about to get the source of his excitement to him faster. He is like a puppet moving frantically with his limbs moving quickly and his excitement permeating the air around him.

Surprise: He often is quiet for a moment or two, opting to stare for a few moments before blinking rapidly and is often confused. His head tilts to the right, his jaw loose and his eyes wide as he tries to piece together the surprise and will often laugh awkwardly during this moment. He tries to hide it, however, and tries to pretend he had never been surprised to begin with but often fails at that.

Grief: Amara will withdraw. Painfully. He will withdraw emotionally at first, becoming indifferent and quiet but will then remove himself from the situation and will refuse to communicate. Once he is alone he has the tendency to cry, loud and hard, until his eyes swell up or his throat is scraped draw but he will cry for as long as his pain lingers. He will drop off the face of the planet during this time as everyone needs time but Amara will actively go missing and will even choose to swim through oceans across the world before coming back.

Pain: When it comes to physical pain Amara is good at not letting the emotion show on his face actively but it will always come in the way of flinches or winces. When it comes to emotional pain he will often times scream using his voice to shatter ear rums if he has too or as a self final defense against his attacker.

Fear: He has the symptoms of a panic attack. He will breath quickly, heaving deep raspy breathes that make his shoulders rise and fall quickly. His pupils will shrink, becoming pin points, and he will actively seek out the largest body of water and through himself into it to get away from the source of fear. Of course this rarely happens but will happen once or twice making him run away rather than fighting.

Not knowing the outcome of some situation: He is very relaxed but tensed underneath the surface as they wait for the results of some unknown situation. He will wait to play his cards, will wait to give his side of things and he will often times keep a keen eye on how the situation is playing out. He is easily more quiet, more attentive with the people or factors of the situation itself.

Feel free to add to this part! There are plenty of other situations left for you to describe!


Current dream in life: He wants to be an ichthyologist
Why is this their dream?: Being a merfolk there are places, deep in the oceans, that he can go and he’d love nothing more than to help discover parts of the oceans humans can’t explore.
Long term goals: Attending college
Why?: In order to become an ichthyologist
Short term goals: Save up money in order to achieve this.
Why?: Because he would love nothing more than to go to college and to achieve his dream in life.
Life interests: Deep oceans and fish.

Where they’re from: Tampa, Florida
What country?: United States
State/region?: Florida
City?: Tampa

Current residence: Tampa, Florida
Do they live at their current residence by will?: Yes

Backstory: At a young age, Amara was a curious child and with his accelerated growth he was constantly gaining more and more knowledge. It is honestly fair to say that he was an intelligent child and spent most of his life in the water with his parents building his stamina and had spent five years on Earth alone before his parents began having more children. However in his fifth year of life he had roughly been the size of a ten year old putting him in the fifth grade with his friend Reese where he then met Celie. These two girls actually opened doors that had been shut due to his parents thinking of merfolk being one of the superior races, that they were the predators and everything else their prey. When his friends introduced him to this new thought process he began to believe that merfolk were not all powerful like his parents had pressed into him over the years. However when he confronted his parents it had lead to five years of abuse before his little sister had been born. After that he had at least three more sisters and one little brother that he vowed to protect from his parents toxic traits and even to this day he is determined to open his younger siblings minds to the thought of them being as anyone else. Over his years he has come out to a lot of things and is now thw type of guy you’d see at the marina on a boat smoking a bowl of weed that he would gladly offer up to those around him and charming as he dare let himself be.

(This is plausibly more relevant to story characters, however, while I recommend that both the backstory and this are filled out, I supposed one could get by by filling out one or the other.)
Tell about some major events that happened within these ages…
early childhood(3 – 5): It had been alright, accelerated.
childhood(6 – 9): He joins school, the abuse from his parents begins around here
adolescence/tween(10 – 12): Abuse ends at ten years old but by this point he appears twelve.
adolescence/teen(13 – 16): Nothing of great importance.
teen continued(16 – 18): He comes out as demisexual to his friends and family.
young adulthood(19 – 25): Falls in love and gets together with Celie, when they have their daughter, Delilah.
“official” adulthood(26 – 29):
adulthood continued(30 – 40):
half century(41 – 51):
up and onward(52+):

Family background & Family tree: His mother, father, sisters Marina, Jezebel, Lila and his brother Martin.
Describe their upbringing: It was rather strict but toxic on him.
Did they enjoy their upbringing?: No.
How much does their upbringing effect them in day to day life now?: He doesn’t allow it to affect or impact his day to day life.
What did/do they most enjoy about their childhood?: He actually enjoyed his friendships that he made.
What did/do they most resent about their childhood?: How his parents raised him.


Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.):

Parents: Theresa and Adam Lawson.
If for some reason they do not have parents, how were they conceived?:
How did their parents meet?: His parents met around the time of breeding for merfolk, a time where they swim from ocean to ocean looking for the best ideal person they could get with and this is where his parents met in the oceans of Florida. It was never a love story of proportions and neither did they fall in love but they do to an extent like each other enough to stay together.
How is their relationship with their parents?: Nonexistent.
Why?: They had been very toxic to Amara, beat him, and were very intolerable of him. They even rejected their granddaughter, Delilah, due to her hybrid nature and Amara cut off all ties after that.
Siblings: Marina, Jezebel, Lila, Martin.
Inner circle:
Business colleagues/acquaintances:

Children of your OC: Delilah Lawson
Are they illegitimate children?: Somewhat, Delilah is a hybrid of merfolk and of the species of nymph, a Hamadryad.
Any grandchildren?: No
Great grandchildren?: No

Aunts, uncles and other extended relatives: None that he knows of.
Any truly obscure relatives?:

What kind of romantic are they?(easily lovestruck, tough nut, etc.): He isn’t tough to crack or one to easily fall in love.
What caused them to become this sort of romantic?: His sexuality plays a big part of finding that connection to another person so he merely developed that type of romantic mindset.
What traits do they look for in a possible lover?: Kindness, generosity, loving and accepting.
What traits do they avoid in a lover?: Anger, toxic red flags, manipulative.
Are they picky when it comes to romance searching?: Not really.
Why or why not:

What are their fetishes(Do they have any?): He has a whipping fetish.
Does this ever effect relationships negatively?: No.
Do their fetishes get in the way of reality?: No
What are their least favorite fetishes?:

Have they lost their virginity?: Yes
Was this a good event, or a negative event?: It was an neutral event.
Does it hold influence on their search for romance now?: No
Do they “sleep around”?: No
Why or why not: Amara doesn’t sleep around because, with his sexuality, he needs a good emotional connect to want to see someone like that. Sure, he could get himself aroused and fuck whoever he wanted but he just didn’t have the drive to do something like that. Not when he has the ideal partner in Celie.
Do their morals allow room for this without guilt?:
If their morals do not, why do they?:
Does sex matter to them?: No it doesn’t.
Why or why not?: Amara is a very chill, laid back person so he isn’t reliant on sex with Celie and will take it when he can get it. With Delilah being so young it was only natural they were both tired so he doesn’t push for sex in the slightest bit.

What education level do they have right now?: He has a full high school level.
(Relative to continued education)What college/academy/training do they now attend?: He attends the University of Tampa.
Highest education level completed: High school
What education level would they like to reach?: A full college level of education.

Occupation: He works on the wharfs.
Is this occupation something passed through their family’s generations?: No.
Why they picked this occupation: He chose it because it pays rather good.
Brief job history:

Write up a quick resume for your oc:
Do they have a good resume?:
If they don’t, why?:

How much do you estimate they make per year?: $27,185
Is that a lot for their lifestyle and occupation?: It’s a neutral number as the highest can make forty-one thousand.
Are they financially well off?: Absolutely.
If not, why?:

Up close and personal

Biggest fears: Celie falling out of love with him, something happening to himself or his daughter or his partner. Even something happening to his friends or siblings.
How often does this fear take a toll on them?: It will crop up out of nowhere sometimes so it’s very unpredictable.

Biggest hope: That he achieves his dreams, he marries Celie and that their daughter grows up wise and kind.
Do they depend on this hope?: Yes
Biggest dream/passion: That everything works out for the best.

Biggest regrets: For leaving his siblings behind.
Does this effect their day to day life?: Sometimes.

Largest weaknesses: Celie
Are they ashamed at all of their weaknesses?: Not really.

Largest strengths:

What are their…
Likes: Hot, sunny days and warm breezes along with long days spent swimming in the ocean where he is currently teaching his daughter how to swim. He enjoys rainy days as well.
Dislikes: Ignorant or loud mouthed people. Those with anger problems.
Loves: How his daughter will stretch her arms up and chirp “Daddy! Up up!” at him or how Celie looks at him with such warmth that it makes his heart beat quickly. He loves watching his daughter grow, seeing his siblings, seeing a rainbow after a particularly harsh thunder storm and swimming deep with the fish.
Hates: The kind of people who are not only ignorant but angry and harsh to others around them, those who mock others, toxicity.
Passions: Ichthyology.
Reasons to keep going in life: His daughter and partner.

Good habits: He cleans up behind himself, does chores without being asked and making sure things stay clean.
Bad habits: He often dozes off after snorting or smoking.

Eating habits: Alright.
Eating disorder(s)(if any):
How does this effect them?:

Sleeping habits: He’s a pretty light sleeper.
Insomniac?: Sometimes.
If an insomniac, why?: Some nights he simply cannot sleep and every little sound will keep him awake.
What caused these sleeping habits?: His parents.
Do they enjoy these sleeping habits?: No

Can they honestly hold a job down?: Yes
If not, why can’t they?:
How do they stay afloat in society if they cannot hold a job down?:
Are they lazy?:

Abilities(As in powers): Gill manifestation, beacon emission, underwater senses, Siren song, water maneuverability, accelerated immortality, supernatural beauty, Human disguise, pearl generation, precognition, underwater invulnerability, underwater strength, water manipulation, aquatic breathing, speed swimming.
Rate their power on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being most powerful in all the universe they’re in: 7
Are these powers inherited generation to generation?: Yes they are.
Why/why not?: Merfolk simply are born or possess the powers that can be varied and carry different impacts and are often passed child to child.

Special skills(Not meaning powers):

Hobbies: Painting, fishing.
How do they spend their free time?: Playing with his daughter.
What about their non-free time?: He is more than likely working.

Social skills(Not everyone is a social butterfly or an antisocial individual): He is a somewhat social butterfly.
If they aren’t skilled socially, how does day to day life go?:

What’s their favorite time of day?: Dawn
Why?: Because it allows him to go swimming without worrying about others seeing him easily and he is allowed to swim for a good couple of hours.
Does this time have anything to do with their upbringing?: A little.
Least favorite time of day: Night time
Why?: Because he hates to see the ending of a day. It gives him mixed melancholic feelings.

Favorite food?: Tacos
Why is this their favorite food?: How could he not love tacos? How can ANYONE not love them is his reasoning.
Least favorite food: Fried fish
Why is this their least favorite food?: He just doesn’t like seeing fried fish, especially if he knows the type of fish it had been and will often avoid eating it if he can help it.
Can they cook?: Yes

What is their favorite color?: Aquamarine
Does this color have something to do with their personality?: Not really
Why is this their favorite color?: It reminds of the tropical waters and he loves the thought of swimming in them some day. More specifically on his honeymoon with Celie once they are married.
Least favorite color: Black.
Why is this their least favorite color?: He just doesn’t care for the dark color.

Favorite animal: Sharks
Why?: They remind him of merfolk and they are honestly quite interesting.
Least favorite animal: Racoons.
Why? He merely thinks of them as scavengers and doesn’t care much for them.

First language: English
Second language: French
Was there an urgent need to learn additional languages?: No.

Pet(s): Yes, a dog and fish tank.
Why?: Because he loves fish and he couldn’t deny his daughter a puppy when she asked for it at her toddler years.

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