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The Facultkin Band: Entry 1

Dear Journal,

After Morazzley Facultson escaped Cogoresco Empire for the second time, I, Olivulotte Cogorescai- Facultson, was born. As a baby, a cosmic entity imbued me with a prophet, Arzaarailen, but I just called him Prophet. This was I was a Second-generation Imperial Policy Operator. An Imperial Policy is an ability of paraphysical levels of strength and power. Mine is the ability to channel all my full potential into one power or skill, giving it unlimited potential to grow. I will need to be capable of stopping a major disaster of unknown proportions and having a personal entity that can see the future will keep me out of too much trouble. It was our little secret. Despite her lack of skills, grace, tact, or even feminine beauty, I grew up to be a fine young lady. Some of my relatives told me to explore like my father. They even gave me Tempus, his Meta-Teleporting Cloak, and the journal of his past exploits.


After making the cloak into a jumpsuit due to its super malleability, I was off to my first destination, New York City, or at least the one my dad and his “people,” The Facultsons, visited a lot. There I got into a bit of a conflict with Asteri. A literal god whose life The Facultsons destroyed along with their original universe. My dad was their reincarnation, and when those two met up, Asteri decked in the face. I wanted to get payback because dad was technically innocent. Long story short, Prop kept telling me it was a bad idea, Asteri and I had a heart-to-heart and got depressed for a while. Through some motivation from Prop and some snacks, I decided to meet the last person my dad mentioned in his journal, Ajimu Najimi. I didn’t want to because I read what happened to him the last time he met her. I am afraid, but that’s okay because we are Olive & Prophet, The Facultkin Band.

(K5S14 owns Asteri)

(I do Not own characters and concepts that are Bolded and Italicized. Since part of this is fanfic.)

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