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Necromancy — Info Post

Necromancy is the practice of Death and The Dead/Undead via Magic. This type of Magic is associated with Dark Arts and is usually banned from use. However, some places do allow Necromancers to use their Magic to either help the Deceased, foretell a future Death or other things of the nature. It is the complete opposite of Animancy; the practice of Life and The Living.

  The first known Necromancer was known at Ehach, a young man who had lost his lover in a dual to the death. During that moment, he created a spoke a spell that would be known as the first Resurrection;

  Come one and all to the sky

For this lover of mine cannot die

I beg to God; let me differ

Awaken her from the slumber and stiffer

And as she waits until another time

Oh please Lord, hear my chime!

  At that exact moment, his wife awoken from Death itself. This shocked everyone, as they have never seen someone be resurrected before this. While they were curious and surprised, some feared that the practice would upset Death themselves, as it is up to what they called ‘The Panther of Demise’ to tell when someone must die.

  As Necromancy went on, the practice of it got more dangerous and complex; from complicated spells to usual sacrifices, they had to all make sure that The Panther of Demise wouldn’t go after them. This is where Folklore comes into play, as it helped shaped the rules of Necromancy itself.

  The first Folklore is dubbed ‘The Woman in The Sea’. This tale is about a woman who attempts to swim all the way down into the sea to find her husband after he drowned. As she got deeper into the water, she had begun to lose her senses of reality until she herself eventually drowned. This became one of the very first rules in Necromancy.

  The rules of Necromancy are stated as the following;

  1. Never go too far for someone else’s fate; it is not always your choice.
  2. When raises the Dead, make sure the Deceased is neither rotten nor fresh; if it’s rotten, it has passed onto Heaven. If it’s fresh, it’s barely been able to fully rest/pass and has recently been buried.
  3. While raising the Dead, always make sure to remember the Deceased’s name. If the name is unknown or forgotten, they cannot be brought back.
  4. If an outcome of raising the Dead goes wrong, it is The Panther of Demise telling you that you have either re-awoken someone who wasn’t in need of it, someone who must pass or someone who’s Soul possessed the wrong body.
  5. While burying someone, always scatter White Spiders and/or Black Widows around the grave to protect the Deceased.
  6. Respect the Deceased’s body; never touch it, pick it up, mock it and/or unbury it.
  7. Never speak Death’s Tongue to someone who you wish not to kill.
  8. Always say goodbye to the Deceased when you leave, either after a recent burial or just to pay a visit.
  9. Keep all Pets away from the Graves.

  These rules are followed by all Necromancers from any and all different backgrounds. If one of these rules are broken, then The Panther of Demise is instructed to remove that Necromancer’s Soul and trap it into Purgatory forever.

There are lots of different Folklores regarding the themes of Death, the Dead and the Undead. All of them come from different places, ideologies and history. These are some of the Folklores:

  • ”The Panther and The Baby” is a Folklore about a toddler who accidentally got into a life-or-death accident. The Panther of Demise led the dying toddler back into a state of survivability and was given another chance. This is to show that Children mustn’t die so young, no matter what they’ve done.
  • ”A Honking Flash” is a tale of a man who accidentally killed his own wife in a car crash. He attempted to resurrect her, but was warned by a flash of thunder that he couldn’t. This is to show that you cannot resurrect those you’ve killed, whether it was accidental or purposeful.
  • ”Two Shovels” is about two men who are grave robbing a rich man’s Grave. When they finished digging up the Grave, they were both attacked by a swarm of Black Widows and eaten alive. This was to show that you must never rob someone else’s Grave.

  Folklores are important for young Necromancers to learn, as it teaches them valuable lessons on the Dead. Without these Folklores and Rules, Necromaners would be running wild and creating Chaos with their Gifts.

  But there’s one more thing that all Necromancers should fear. Someone higher than The Panther of Demise; The Necropotent

  The Necropotent is the source of all Death and can induce Absolute Death into anyone, Immortal or Mortal. As one of the Potents, her job is to make sure that Death is delivered to those who both deserve and need it.

  However, some Necromancers have attempted to achieve Absolute Immortality to avoid The Necropotent. It’s unknown if anyone has succeeded, but to gain such a Power would be a long and difficult journey for anyone of any Species.

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