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TSQ: Green Ruler💚

Alexandra knew Rayna wasn’t exactly the nicest person. She was a bully who could frighten people with words and actions.  She only bullied them if they messed with her first. But this? This was unacceptable. She now was the most hated person in high school because her boyfriend cheated on her. To make matters worse, she got  bullied because her younger sister had cancer.  Reyna was a deeply broken person. Her sister is sick, she doesn’t know who her actual parents are. And all her life she was told that men were superior. Only her, Thailah, 13 students and a few teachers sided with Rayna, most of the school sided with Claudine. Even her boyfriend and his friends took sides of that…. That deceiver!  Claudine came into their school with false tales about Rayna assaulting her, humiliating her, ruining her birthday party, and they took her word for it while humiliating Rayna. They literally stole her seat for Claudine everywhere except at lunch just because she had “hearing loss.”  They had to move Rayna and Claudine’s seats in math and science due to the teachers realizing she was lying. At least they could count on them. 

Alexandra knew a manipulator when she saw one. She knew many red flags in Claudine’s rumors. First of all, Rayna never stole her pizza at lunch. She’s lactose intolerant. She had never met George W. Bush. He wasn’t the president when they were born, most of the class should know because half of them got 80 percent on a History test. And Rayna didn’t ruin her 10th birthday party. Rayna’s birthday is before Claudine’s. As long as none of her rumors provoked her, she didn’t notice. She would let the nitwits figure it out by themselves like Rayna and Thailah. They weren’t dumb, they could hear a manipulative brat from 200 miles away.


Rayna and Thailah attempted to reveal her rumors, but she easily convinced them that Rayna would hurt her because most of the school feared her. And they all believed her!


Then Rayna hadn’t been humiliated for a while. Claudine wasn’t angering Rayna, just forcing people to do things for her. She took advantage of their naivety. It was infuriating honestly, watching these nitwits being tricked by an evil Rayna.  They stole Rayna’s lunch, made her fail a math quiz and believed her every word.

However, anger struck. Rayna got expelled. She was furious. Rayna never would push Thailah down the stairs, steal clothes from the gym locker and kick her boyfriend in the groin.  Not after she pointed there was blood on Claudine’s hands.

Claudine was constantly lying and she was sick of it. She’s the reason Rayna is a bullying target, single and humiliated. 


She glared at Brittany. The two were walking to Rayna’s family car and she had frozen in shock. Mad about Rayna and Thailah that happened weeks ago.

“Stop thinking about Rayna’s expulsion and Thailah’s injuries.” 

How did she know?

Brittany stated. “I pretended to side with Claudine, I actually hate her. Rayna might have been a bully. But Claudine is worse.”

Alexandra agreed with Brittany. 

Brittany asked. “Want to team up with Rayna and Thailah  to take Claudine down?” 

Alexandra assumed that Brittany believed Rayna because Rayna’s left arm, her dominant arm, was broken at the time.

“See you later, Alex. Also tell Rayna I’m sorry I almost didn’t believe her.”

She snarled and stormed into her green bedroom. She was angry that her boyfriend sided with Claudine.  That girl was bullying Rayna since 2nd grade. 

“I’M IN A CLASS FULL OF IMBECILES.”  She screamed in pure anger. She felt sorry for Rayna and Thailah.  She grabbed pictures of her boyfriend and threw them out the window.

That felt better. She went over to their bed and pulled out a green picture book.  She smirked at 

the memories. She was the one who knew all. Used blackmail and fear to get her point across. She was their Heather Duke. Their Gretchen Wieners.  Alexandra saw a photo of her, Rayna and Thailah wearing green, purple and orange blazers. Back before Jacob cheated on Rayna. Before Claudine came. 

Brittany was right. Claudine is a liar and she was so happy that Brittany believed Rayna, not Claudine. Because the biggest victims of her bullying were herself, Rayna and Thailah.

She pulled out her green phone and eyes widened in shock.


Secondary Queens💚🧡💜



We’re returning. Claudine is being a nitwit.

They destroyed her softball equipment. Also her boxing equipment was smashed.  If Claudine actually did it, may Hades have mercy on their souls.


I found them in my gym locker.


I went to Jacob about this. When I saw him kissing Claudine. I was so angry I ran out crying and most of the school thinks I cheated on him. He needs to go soon or later.


Say nothing more, Raya. She’s the reason I fell down the stairs and she blamed you for it.


Alex, are you onboard?


I’m in Rayn. She ruined my younger sister’s manga. She’s in fourth grade, that’s mean.


I’m telling the newspaper team. Honestly I’m surprised they chose my side, not Claudine’s. We’re back and out for revenge.







She was making calls to the people who believed Rayna later. Rayna’s bullying was bad, but then again Claudine’s bullying made Rayna a bully. She’s the reason for Rayna’s low self confidence and why Rayna became a bully in the first place. 


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