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Name: Blake Beckett

Alias: Beckett (Name Tag) or Psychopath

Alignment: ???

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Species: Human

Age: 22

“What made you think that would remotely work.”
Collected, Quiet, Hard-Working, Loyal, Cold

Gender: Male

Sexuality: ???

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Works at a computer store/???

Stun glove

Combat Knife

Powers (Mutations)/Abilities:
Peak Human Condition
Peak Human Agility
Peak Human Endurance
Peak Human Immune System
Peak Human Health
Peak Human Metabolism
Peak Human Regeneration
Peak Human Recovery
Peak Human Reflexes
Peak Human Strength
Peak Human Stamina
Peak Human Speed
Peak Human Hearing
Peak Human Intelligence
Enhanced Durability (LRP5 Mutation)
Enhanced Taste (Via TAS2R38 Mutation)
Enhanced Vision (Via Tetrachromia)
Fog Vision
Indomitable Will
Empathic Shield
Partial Catiothability
Flinching Immunity
Enhanced Caution
Enhanced Charisma
Enhanced Tracking
Tracking Evasion
Fear Inducement
Power Sleeping
Knife Proficiency
Boxing Mastery
Krav Maga Mastery

Is still very much human
Any advance form of poison or sickness
Karma Inducement or Embodiments
His one close friend/Coworker
His lying sometimes will put him in deeper trouble
Supernatural perception
Truth Inducement

Backstory: ???

Extra Info:
Has a pet cat named Tony
His favorite color is Grey
He loves anime and Manga along with animation

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uh...I can do boxing really well

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