Character Sheets

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★『 Name 』★ 



★『 Alias 』★



★『 Alignment 』★

Chaotic Good


★『 Appearance 』★


★『 Species 』★


Mutant (?)


★『 Age 』★


34 (?)


★『 Personality 』★


` ` . . . ´ ´ 


A man of very few words. Very classy and mild-mannered. He works all day with a lot of militaristic work ethic to himself, punctual and sharp. If he isn’t working, he simply disappears. Nothing much to say.


Except for his odd look. With his “hat” (he insists it’s either a completely new species of jellyfish or simply a mutated specimen from the genus Chrysaora, specifically a Chrysaora chinensis), he definitely gets a lot of rude stares. 


Nobody knows from where, when, how and why he showed up at TAA. Nobody knows what he is. His only explanation for his past is quite disappointing.


★『 Gender 』★



★『 Sexuality 』★




★『 Pronouns 』★


He/Him – It/Its


★『 Occupation 』★


Marine Biologist


Investigator/Member of The Abnormal Agency


★『 Weapons/Paraphernalia 』★

  • 「Beretta 92 Variant: PAMAS G-1」


  • 「Switchblade」


★『 Powers/Abilities 』★


「Mutant Related Powers」

  • 「Mutant Physiology」

  • 「Peak Human Body」

  • 「Supernatural Mind」

  • 「Supernatural Senses」


「Jellyfish Related Powers」

  • 「Jellyfish (Cnidarian) Physiology」

  • 「Enhanced Regenerative Healing Factor」

  • 「Regenerative Durability」

  • 「Aquatic Adaptation」

  • 「Aquatic Empathy」

  • 「Aquatic Telepathy」

  • 「Water Maneuverability」

  • 「Poisonous Biology」

  • 「Poison Inducement」

  • 「Tentacle Manifestation」

  • 「Tentacle Manipulation」

  • 「Bioluminescence」


「Miscellaneous Powers」

  • 「Marine Biology Mastery」

  • 「Stealth Mastery」

  • 「Surveillance Mastery」

  • 「Survival Mastery」

  • 「CQC Mastery」

  • 「Switchblade Mastery」

  • 「Pistol Mastery」

  • 「Puzzle Mastery」


★『 Weaknesses 』★


  • Individuals with Enhanced Condition or over may overpower him.
  • He is considerably weaker outside of water than when he’s submerged.
  • His Regenerative Healing Factor may be overpowered with enough force.
  • Poison Immunity/Absorption.
  • His tentacles may be cut off or otherwise damaged, which takes time to regrow.


★『 Backstory 』★


` ` . . . That would be classified information . You are free to ask France’s secret service if you’d like . ´ ´


★『 Extra Info 』★


  • He is 6’4 and 162 lbs.
  • He does not like being called Jello.
  • He needs to be submerged in water every once in a while to keep functioning. He “soaks” frequently in a large aquarium tank.
  • His tentacles technically are his hair. He dislikes them being pulled on, since it hurts and also might damage the instigator since the nematocysts on them excrete venom that causes a reaction similar to allergies, and maybe even death if there is prolonged exposure.
  • He speaks French, English and German fluently.
  • He used to work as a marine biologist in a museum sometime in the past, although no one necessarily knows how long ago.
  • He used to smoke and now keeps yearning for cigarettes even though he can’t really eat or drink properly anymore.


★『 Themes 』★


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