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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 15

Well, we had the pleasure of meeting Killer Watt for the vert first time. Tyler named him since well, he’s ol’ Zap’s biggest rival. A being made of pure electricity. Well we thought so for a while but that’s another story for another time. Maybe I’ll tell it if I feel like its a good time to. Hopefully I’ll be a lil better at actually putting my stories to virtual paper by then. Who knows? Anyway back to the story. So we’ve met Killer Watt. Big, scary and basically a walking lightning strike. A smart lightning strike. You know how they say it can’t strike twice? Yeah, Killer Watt would beg to differ. I was pretty much out; I didn’t expect that kind of shock, to which I should’ve but like I said, I’m not that smart. Though I did manage to touch it. Remember that for later. Anyway, I was out. Not out cold, but the shock to my system fucked me up big time. My vision was blurred and trying to stand was a task and a half. Fe and Axel had to lift, and then carry me out of the second warehouse and into a smaller one. Kinda like a spare storage shed thing. All while being chased by 100,000,000 watts of pure rage and hunger. All in a days work they’d probably say right now, but back then? They said something like


“Can it for a minute boom brain we need to think!!”


They managed to give him the slip while dragging me around and we found a quiet spot inside the warehouse the other three had snuck into. They set my down and Fe began to come up with a plan, while Axel freaked out. So, with all the strength I could get, I had to calm him down. It was either that, or we wouldn’t get anywhere. Not while he was freaking out.



“Im….im not gonna die you cock end just shut up and listen”

He seemed shocked that I had been so abrupt, but I had to. He wouldn’t have listened to me otherwise. I managed to straighten myself up, already feeling a lil less sore.

“We aren’t gonna die here. That….thing out there won’t kill us. It won’t kill you”


“Am I dead?”

“What kinda question is tha-!”

“Am. I. Dead.”


“Then it missed its chance. I’m not going to die, and neither are you”

I rose to my feet, feeling dizzy and some stinging in my hands and arms, but relatively unharmed. I fell forward a bit, putting on hand on Axel’s shoulder to steady myself.

“I lost someone before, Axel. I’ll be damned if I lose someone else”

As I said that, its arm crashed through the steel doors, creating an absolutely agonising metallic screech. I pushed the other two aside, the adrenaline kicking its way all around my body. Even if I couldn’t touch it, that sure as hell wasn’t going to stop me from keeping it as far away from them as possible. I didn’t even notice the sound had made my ears bleed. It ripped its way through, and lumbered its way towards me as fast as it could. This time, I felt my body push itself. I can count the amount of adrenaline in my body by the feeling in my chest. At max adrenaline, it feels like my heart is actually on fire. So it FEELS like I’m having a heart attack, without actually having one. Scary I know, and believe me when I say it really is. The usual amount is pretty simple. My chest tightens a bit and I feel my heartbeat get faster. My skin reddens I think too. As it gets higher things stop working. If I get to the max limit, I can’t even feel pain. Crazy right? Anyway, I had reached 150% of my maximum limit. Killer Watt slammed its tree trunk like arms down at me and, to my surprise I caught them with some relative ease, but didn’t feel the shock this time. Though I could feel its “skin” burn through my gloves with every second. I realized I had to get it outside. Fight it in open ground. I ducked and went for the gut shot, landing it with an impact that sounded like a damn cannon blast. My arm shook quite violently from the force, but thankfully, I hadn’t forgotten my shock absorbers (no pun intended). It pushed him back, but not enough. He grabbed me and flung me upwards, through the roof and out onto the pier. As I struggled to get to my feet, Emily piped up, hurting my already bleeding ear.

“Jack, what’s happening!??! Your heart rate is skyrocketing! I’m gonna have to send a medic team this is way too dangerous!!!”

“No! Don’t send anyone! Contact Tyler and get him to my location!”

“I can’t! It’s just static!”

Then it hit me. Static. It was interfering with our comms! How?! Well it became pretty obvious. It was made out of ELECTRICITY. It was basically a walking scrambler, jamming or disrupting any electronic equipment near it. Which meant, no back up. No need for it either. I wasn’t about to endanger the lives of others just because one freak hit me harder than I expected. Though I have to admit, I was pretty scared. I hadn’t met anything or anyone that could take more than that kind of punch, let alone to the stomach. At least, I thought it was its stomach. I had to get away from it and get it away from here. It can’t jam anything that’s too far away right? Made sense to me so I turned and tried to run but each step shook my already burning head. It had gotten me pretty good and I could hear it tearing its way out trying to find me. Why me? No idea. But at that point, so long as it was away from the others I was a-okay with it coming after me. I kept going, knowing full well that this thing was closing the distance. It was now or never, so I grabbed a shipping container (as you do) and flung it right at that walking fuse box’s ugly ass head. And boy did it hit. And it certainly didn’t like it. I ran, pushing my legs and my adrenaline to make sure I got away. As soon as I felt I was out of it’s range, I tried to get to Tyler and to my surprise it worked

“What’s going on?!?! Jack!?!”

“Ty! Some big ass electric…thing is here!”


“We didn’t find D! Dom wasn’t here and then this thing attacked!”

“Where are you?!”

“I ran! I had to get through to you!”

“The others!?”

“I’m….I’m not sure…”

He was silent for a minute. Of course, I knew they could handle themselves. They might’ve even managed to either A) get away from it, B) snuck past it or C) it was still after me. In any case, Tyler had a plan.

“Go back and get the others. Try and lure it to the Kaiser Energy power station. You know it?”

“Of course how can you miss it”

“Then lure it there. I’ll be there waiting. Make it quick!”

“Got it!”

I turned right back around and ran back. It got there and boy. I had ripped right through the container like it was nothing. As I turned the corner, to a gap between the warehouses, I saw Axel and Fe….actually fighting it? And winning!?
Fe was shocking it with actual lighting, and Axel was being as precise as he could with his little lighter gadget thing. So, the first thing I did was get their attention, by grabbing that thing, and suplexing it as hard as I could! And damn was that fun! My chest hurt still and the kick from Dom rattled my ribcage a little but its was fun nonetheless. And very satisfying. Anyway, after I quickly got to my feet I grabbed both Axel and Fe, swinging Axel over my right shoulder and telling Fe to hold on.

I turned as Killer Watt stood up, roaring in anger, and did my best to get him to follow me.

“Hey! You wanna fight!? Then come get me you sack of useless sparks!!”

I’m still surprised to this day that it managed to somehow understand me (though we later learned why it did) and he started at me faster than I’d seen of it that night. So I made my move, and jumped, pushing the strength of my legs to their absolute limit. I made sure to look down while in the air to make sure it was still following me after every jump. That, and to make sure I kept property damage to a minimum. Although I did have a hand in wreaking a shipping container didn’t I? So maybe not that careful but in my defence; heat of the moment. I managed to get to the power stations, landing just outside.

We made our way in, and shut the doors, with Tyler ordering me to keep them shut as long as I could. I stood there, pushing against what felt like everything it had. And I realized Tylers plan, as I overheard him in the comms channel.

“This is Zap, codename Blue, requesting use of full power! Status name, Full Charge!”

Emily went quiet for a minute before returning

“This is Operator Parker, permission granted! Keep the damage to a minimum!”

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