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Character Profile: Aquarius DeMarcus

Aquarius was an ordinary girl, at first. She had a family, friends, a boyfriend… a good life. Then, her boyfriend died. Everyone said it was a suicide. She didn’t buy it. “He was murdered,” she insisted. To everyone. No one believed her. And she got angry. And when a living bomb gets angry, No one is safe. She exploded into stars, and the whole world went out. And she woke up in the desert, lost and alone in an endless wasteland.


Aquarius DeMarcus was a junior at Byers High in New York City. She and her boyfriend, Hunter Madison, were straight-A students, respected by students and teachers alike. They took no shit from anyone, and hated bullies. Hunter died under unknown circumstances on November 16, 2019. Everyone assumed it was suicide. Aquarius, adamant in her belief that he was murdered, became increasingly unstable with each passing day, consumed by anger and grief.

On January 3rd, 2020, Aquarius exploded. Quite literally. An unknowing “living bomb,” her anger detonated the explosives in her blood. She sent out an EMP so strong, it took out the entire world. She woke up on January 5th, 2020, with little memory of the explosion, to find the world an endless wasteland.



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