To Hell and Back

[AN: I had this idea a few weeks ago and I want to put it into writing. I’m sure I’ll keep updating it and adding but here is the basic idea. This story is kind of like the twilight zone episode where the gangster is killed and sent to what he thinks is heaven (Spoiler alert: it turns out to be hell). This character is sent to hell, but he actually ends up really enjoying it. ]


Ned woke up to a pitch black darkness. He was lying on what felt like a bed of rigid rock, feeling around for some kind of light switch. There was nothing. He stood up with his arms reached out, feeling around the room, but felt nothing but more stone.


A door opened abruptly, letting some light poor in along with intense heat. A large, dark figured emerged casting a tall shadow into Ned’s room. The figure had horns sticking out of his head, but had a human torso along with goat-like legs. “Welcome to hell” said the man.


Ned stuck his hand out to the tall man. “Pleasure to meet you sir! The names Ned.” Uh….I’m Satan.” Said the figure.


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