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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 19

At this point, I honestly accepted my fate. “This is it” I thought to myself “You’ve failed yet again”. But before he sent me to my grave, a voice ran out and we both heard someone running towards us. It wasn’t Axel, nor was it Johnny or Jackie. It wasn’t even Tyler, though he wasn’t following far behind. It was Felicity, who launched a fireball at him, tears in her eyes

“Get away from him! I’ll burn your face off you freak!”

Also as it turns out, her aim isn’t that good and he launched that bone spike right into her leg. She fell and began to cry. Cry like I’ve never heard her before. I looked up at Dom, catching that sly smirk he had looking at her. Then I felt it. A feeling I hadn’t felt in a very long time. My chest tightened and my heart began to race; so fast in fact that my heart felt like it was on fire. I’m going to kill him I kept telling myself, I am going to kill him and it will fucking hurt. I grabbed his leg and swung, catching him off guard and knocking him to the floor. He got back up and ran at me, turning his hands to steel and ready to claw, but I was mad and I was ready. I ducked and hit him with one right into the chest and I heard his ribs crack HARD. That’s when I saw it again. The panic in his eyes that I swore I would see again. I grabbed him and he got me. He had blades his sleeves and now, I had a knife in my chest. I knelt, feeling panic, adrenaline rush, and drained and he was loving it

“Y-you ain’t shit you know that?! You can’t beat me! ME! I killed her! You know I did and I took my time! Hell, I even got me some action while I was at it! How’s that make you feel huh?! Dyin’ knowing that you couldn’t do shit cuz you’re weak!”

The adrenaline in my system burst and I saw red. I grabbed his wrist and squeezed, feeling the bones crush and snap like I was snapping a tooth pick. I rose slowly, pulling out the blade as carefully as I could. I looked him dead in his stone cold fuckin’ eyes with a glare that could kill.

“You’re the weak one here. You kidnapped a kid, you tortured him, ruined him; Just because you you’re too scared to come fight me. You’re evil Dom. The worst kind of evil. You’re the evil who has no end. No goal. You just want to hurt and kill because you’re what? Better than everyone?”

I leaned in, making sure he felt every single syllable

“You’re the one who’s going to hell tonight, you sick fuck!”

I reeled back and head butt him as hard as I could and the first thing that came to my head was something me and Tyler used to practice when we were kids. You see, me and Tyler actually named our own moves. Most heroes have them so they’re easier to market, which makes up a lot of our funding and also our pay. Of course, move names get made by the press for the same reasons and my very own Bullet-Fist Barrage is no exception. But this one? This one is one of my own. And by god did I feel good to scream to the heavens and hope Alice was listening so she knew I had won.

“B-Burning Heart!”


All the adrenaline and strength I could muster went straight into my right arm, and I landed one of the hardest punches I’ve ever thrown. My bones gave way almost immediately and Dom just broke. He went flying backwards and as he did, the ground caved in and pulled upwards and even the windows shattered in the bunkhouses. I stood there shaking, wanted to scream and wanted to give him another. I wanted to give him so many of those that it would’ve probably killed me if I had. I lumbered towards Felicity, catching the shock and absolute awe on her face, before collapsing near her.

“I….I think I won…”

That’s apparently what I said before I passed out, though it honestly felt like I had just gone to sleep. That’s the freaky thing about passing out; you can’t really tell the difference until someone else lets you know that you passed out. Anyway, I woke up a few hours after and from the sky still being somewhat dark, it hadn’t been that long. I tried to sit up, but the stinging in my chest told me that that was probably not good right now. It took a few minutes for me to realize that I wasn’t in a hospital. I was in Felicity’s room? Yeah, Fe’s room.


I bolted upright, totally ignoring the stinging in my chest. Why was I here?! More importantly, how did I even get here?! I only know most of these details because of what people told me. I remember punching Dom, then black and then I woke up there. Literally nothing in between which is why its so freaky. Anyway, I stood up, thankfully having my boxers on and for the most part bandages. Strangely, my right arm felt fine. Tingly, if a little numb, but fine. Like it never broke at all. I put on my jeans that were nearby and my jacket and opened the door. I looked up and down the short corridor, and saw that a few people were gathered in the common area. So, as you would, I headed out to see who it was.

“Hey umm….how did I get into-“

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw who was there, talking to Tyler and Mama Glam. I almost fainted again but my adrenal surge was still in some affect.

“Ahh yes! Margo’s boy! How are you, young man?”

Absolute fucking Victory was saying hi to me; ME. I hadn’t seen him or even heard he was around ever since I was a kid. Remember when I said that I had some perks of being the son of a superhero? Well getting to meet a few of the greats was one of them. I had met Dragon Arms, The Soldier of Fortune, Cataclysm and even The Blight Witch (Don’t ask!). Then one day, my mum said she was gonna take me to a convention she had been invited to. This was pretty common for us and she always made sure to extend the invite to me. And that’s where I met my (second favourite) hero of all time. And he remembered me! I’m fanboying out just thinking about it! I stumbled over to get closer and well, I mean I couldn’t really do much anyway after the explosion from Dom but I managed to shake his hand

“I heard of the attack. You have both your mothers strength and her resolve. I’m impressed!”

“T-thank you sir! I-its an awesom- honour! I meant honour!”

Glam filled us in on what was perhaps the best thing that happened to me at this place (other than Felicity and a few other things but I’ll get into that stuff later).

“While we understood that you had great strength, to see that level of power come out from just one punch was unexpected. So, we decided to enter you into the mentorship program”

“Mentorship program? Like Felicity?”

“Exactly as Miss Pittman does, yes. And well, the only candidate that has strength similar to your own would be our very own number one”

Absolute Victory. Was going to train me. Needless to say, I fanboyed the fuck out.

“I have to get ready! Gotta get my old weight set from home! Maybe even a newer one! OHMYGODIAMGETTINGTRAINEDBYABSOLUTEVICTORYAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

“Now wait just a minute there”

I stopped, hoping he wouldn’t tell me it would be boring or whatever or worse; with a separate instructor with him giving pointers on the side!

“Your strength is still untamed. You know how to use it, but you have no control over how it is used in tandem with your body. I’d rather have you rest and recover before you injure yourself again”. He wasn’t wrong either; Dom had managed to get me pretty good, let alone the Ticket to Hell. So I just simply nodded and assured him that I wouldn’t let him down.

“Oh I know you wont. I expect nothing less from a Barrick!”

I smiled. Couldn’t help feeling so fuckin’ amazing after he said that. Then he handed me the training schedule he had planned and my jaw dropped. He didn’t leave a single stone unturned. The man even had a diet plan laid out for me! Some of the crap he had me do was almost insane. And he said I had to use every ounce of adrenaline and strength I had, or else I wasn’t going to get anywhere. I was nervous, granted I had never used so much for so long. I got limits, not to mention the pretty big one thats called cardiac arrest. But no matter what, I was determined to live up to my mothers name. I was gonna show Absolute Victory the kinda strong I am and I was gonna surpass him! Granted, how I actually did that turned out a hell of a lot differently than how I expected it to go, but its done now. I can’t take it back and neither can he, though we both probably wish we did.

Anyway, as the months got colder and my recovery was all but over, I decided to go outside for a while during the early morning; get some air before my regime officially started. I decided to wear my comfy ass hoodie that I had brought with me (just in case) and have it under my jacket. I made sure to wear thermal socks and some sweat pants because I despise the cold. Don’t get me wrong, I love the festive months but the cold is unbearable. Anyway, I head out and who decides to follow me but Felicity. Turns out she had the same idea, although this wouldn’t be her first time training with the Blight Witch.

“Brandon is really nice! Ms. Glover says he’s as harmless as they come”

“Brandon? As in Brandon Carmine? Carnivore works here!?!?”

“Well….yeah. He works night shift. More importantly how did you know?”

“He’s so cool! How he can turn his arms into those huge claws and run super fast! Can I meet him?!”

“You’re more of a kid than a hero, Jacket”

We laughed and continued on our walk. Although the tension between was absolutely fucking there and dare I say we were both feeling very out of place, especially with what happened. Eventually the time came for us to meet our tutors at a….train yard? At first I was a little confused but then I remembered that its common knowledge among people that follow Absolute Victory. This train yard is his personal gym, since he’s so strong that a normal gym wouldn’t do. I had the honour of being able to train there and I fanboyed like crazy! That is, until I saw him. At least, what he looks like when he isn’t all muscled up. It was striking really. He looked kinda skinny and underweight even thought you could seriously tell it was really him. He was kinda built like me. Freaky right? He and Blight Witch (Or Harriet. Thought she prefers Ms. Glover) approached us and and greeted rather cheerfully. Harriet explained:

“Felicity, we’ll be continuing with your mastering of using two elements at once”

“You gotta be kiddin’….”

She and Fe entered what looked like one of those garages but for trains. They probably have a name but for the life of me, I don’t know it, nor remember it. Then, Absolute Victory just started to grow!. His muscles started growing until he was back to how you always see him.

“Are you ready for this, Barrick my lad?”

“You betcha ass I am sir!”

“That’s what I like to hear!”

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