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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 18

So now Jackie was part of Team Spark. At the time we all figured it was temporary, since with us and the few other teams willing to take on Dom, we must have looked like we needed all the help we could get. Other than that, she had finally got her field license and her mentor, King Steel, felt she was ready for it. Although he wasn’t able to take her out on her first patrol; he had a lot of stuff to sort out, what with the media hounding us for answers and the countless other and arguably far more dangerous villains out there he had to deal with. So for the while, it seemed Jackie Flint was our newest member. Felicity was the first to greet her which didn’t surprise me; being surrounded by guys on the same team gets both boring and annoying and I’m one of em. Although ever since our first date, I kept catching her giving me weird looks. I don’t pretend to understand women. Frankly, half the time I don’t understand her at all since she has a habit of a) cracking under pressure and will say and do anything when she panics and b) talking a bit faster than I can comprehend, especially when she gets excited and lightning accidentally starts flying. She’s gotten better at controlling her powers now though, and even Blight Witch is apparently very pleased with her progress. Anyway, Jackie was more excited than I’d seen her before and she was more ready to get going than we were. While we were getting ready to head out, Tyler pulled her aside and explained the situation. She seemed to understand the things he was trying to say and I’m pretty sure he must have asked to try and be serious, because on the way to Sun Woo, she was quiet, which believe me, is very out of character for her. Everyone was tense; none of knew what we would find, though what scared me was if we found anything at all. But I was going to catch Dom and I was gonna smack him so hard he’d hit the moon and he’d die on impact. We got there after half an hour and the building was eerily quiet. I say that, but I honestly didn’t expect it to be busy. Still, it was very unsettling. Tyler started giving out the battle plan

“Okay, so we want to catch him off guard, and to do that we-“

I wasn’t really listening and the waiting was killing me, not to mention the last time I waited like this the love of my life died, so I kicked the fuckin’ door in and asked

“Dom, you better get your ass out here now! The more you make me wait, the harder I’ll hit!”

“Or you know…we could do that. There goes the surprise.”

We entered what looked like to be an apartment building lobby. Though it looked like it hadn’t been used in years which I guess made it the perfect place to hide. No one would really want to look into a condemned building, lest they find something they don’t want to. We all split up, Tyler took Jackie and Johnny which left me with Felicity. We took to searching the upper floors, while Tyler would check the ground floor and then follow us up, going through anything we didn’t and making sure to catch what we missed. It didn’t take Fe long to start a conversation; she likes to talk when she’s scared. Keeps her in the now you know?

“So ummm….our date was…”

“Pretty okay. Why’d you ask?”

“No reason. I loved it, but…I could tell something was bothering you.”

“It wasn’t you. Believe me, it wasn’t.”

“Its this Apex guy. You said you knew him? What did he do to you?”

I just went quiet after that. She was prying into something I didn’t want to expose her too. I knew he’d have a way of listening, and I didn’t want him taking her too. But I had to say something. She needed someone else to be there so she didn’t crack.

“He umm…..he killed someone I knew…”

“Oh god….I’m so sorry, I didn’t…”

“No, its my fault. I should’ve told you sooner”

She was quiet for a moment. I figured she’d be taking to heart what I said. And funnily enough, she asked me the very question I was already asking myself.

“D-do you want to kill him?…..”

“I’d be a liar if I said no”


“But I won’t kill him. That would make me exactly what he wants me to be. That would mean he wins. So don’t you worry. I’m fuckin’ ready for him”

“Can I ask? Who did he kill?….”

He killed my girlfriend….”

Before she could respond, a loud rattling noise startled us both as we entered the 5th floor corridor. I worked through every possibility like lightning, going through everything that sicko would try. Felicity pulled me by the arm to a room and put her finger to my lips

“I…I think that’s Kyle…”

I looked at the door and back to her, nodding and grabbing the doorknob. I turned it as quietly as I could and slowly pushed it open just enough so I could get a good look without letting on that I had opened it. There was a shadow of someone strapped to a mattress frame and the light behind them. That had to be him! I burst through and got fully into the room and sure enough there was Kyle, naked and covered in cuts and bruises. Me and Fe untied him and I caught him, trying desperately to get him to wake up, to which he did, much to our relief. But whatever Dom did to him screwed with him. Still has if I’m honest

“N-no! No more! Please!”

“Kyle its us! Its Fe and Jack we’re here for you!


“See? You’re safe, he’s not going to hurt you anymore”

He looked at us both, confused for a few seconds but he soon hugged us both, obviously thankful we got him away from that freak. But me knocking through that door must have been the perfect cover. I took my eyes off Felicity for one second, and I turn to see Dom with a knife to her throat.

“You like this one don’t you? Does she remind you of the other one? Alice, was it?”

“Don’t you dare….”

“Ah, ah, ah! Threats get you no where Barrick!”

The longer I looked at him, the more I could feel the adrenaline kicking my arms and legs to just run at him; put him through the fucking wall and leave. And that’s exactly what I tried to do. I threw the lamp first, which gave Fe time to get away. After she did I ran at that bastard and we both fell through the wall into the next room. I heard his knife hit the floor, so I swung and this time, my gloves were on. I hit metal, but didn’t feel a thing, and I started trying to get another good shot in.

“Fe! Get Kyle back downstairs!”



She grabbed Kyle and helped the poor kid get out of the other room and down the corridor. Dom however managed to kick me off him and into the room above, to which I picked up the bed and slammed it into the top of his head as he climbed up. Unfortunately, it didn’t really do much

“Wood ain’t shit to steel, Barrick!”

He grabbed my foot and pulled me back down, slamming me through the other floors til I hit the ground floor, right in front of Tyler and the others. Whiles the others tried to register what they were seeing, I got a good punch in right into his cheek, which pushed him off me. After I got to my feet I grabbed his collar and belt and hurled that sick fuck into the street. It didn’t take Tyler long to have us all assembled outside, ready to take him on from any angle. We had him! Or so we thought. Turns out he’d been doing a bit of super power shopping or some shit, cuz the minute we had him surrounded, he bolted it faster than anyone I’d ever seen. Except Starlight! We had to worry about that later, but I wasn’t gonna give up that easily. One) I’ve been a Starlight fanboy for years (Don’t ask) so I know exactly how her superspeed works (again, don’t ask) and Two) if I know Dom, and I KNOW Dom he won’t be running away. He’ll be making it LOOK like he’s running away, and then he’ll ambush us when we aren’t looking.


Tyler put his hand on my shoulder. He knew exactly what I was thinking, and he wasn’t even looking at my face. He’s good at that. Always has been.

“He’s gone. We can catch him again and you know it. Let’s just get Kyle home and keep him safe”

No matter what I could’ve said back, I knew he was right. Jackie was disappointed at the fact she didn’t get to test her armour, but she seemed to enjoy the experience. We wrapped Kyle up in my jacket since it really was the only thing we had and got him back to our bunkhouse. Though of all the places we expected him to be, right here wasn’t one of them.

“Bout time you showed up. Now, where were we?”

Dom was here. And he has a knife planted into Axel’s shoulder. Before I could think, Jackie already cranked up the volume (both figuratively and literally).

“Axel, cover your ears!”

He did so without a seconds hesitation, albeit with some pain, and she let it rip. An ear piercing screech of sound blasted Dom and he pulled away from Axel, desperately trying to cover his ears. Whatever my plan was, I couldn’t tell you, but what I can tell you was that I grabbed his face and flung him out of the window before jumping out myself and almost landing on him. Our fight was gonna keep going wether he liked it or not and I was gonna make sure he didn’t get away. Although I didn’t really see what he had planned til he actually did it


“Somethin’ funny!?”

“Hey, Barrick”

“Keep talking and see what-“


And with that, he struck one palm against the other and I ended up getting damn near flung down by the entrance to the bunkhouse area. I definitely remember something being broken because I tried to stand up and I heard a big cracking sound that I probably shouldn’t be able to have heard, not to mention my shirt was burnt a little. It was one of my favourites too!. Regardless, I had to think fast, through the ringing in my ears and the blurriness of my vision. I saw coming towards me and as I tried toto move, my legs gave out and I fell. He got to me, putting his foot on my chest and twisting the flesh with his boot, making sure I felt more burning

“I’ve waited a long time for this. When you get to hell….”

He opened his hand and a large, spiked bone slithered out, aiming right at my head

“Tell that slut I killed I said hi”

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