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The Facultkin Band: Entry 18

Barn, Beethoven, and I decided to head down to our newest destination, The New World. The lush forest was brimming with life. Barn looked around and remembered where the settlement was. We followed him, but loud footsteps were approaching us before long. Barn was utterly shocked when the beast emerged, The Devijho, he called it. It just looked like a pickle with a bad dental plan to me. The monster ran like a madman at us. Barn pushed us to the side with an invisible force. He said to go down the path he was pointing before the beast rammed into him. A few seconds of stomping and screaming later, a massive explosion of dark lightning sprung forth. Bey ran towards the fight while telling me to go on without them. I ran and prayed that they would be okay.

A while later, I reached the town Barn mentioned, Astera. There were a lot of people wearing the hide of many creatures. I  thought the looks were a bit gauche, but I could appreciate battle gear when I saw it. I asked around and was told to ask The Field Team Leader about what I wanted to know. I managed to find him, and he was pretty friendly, even with the comments that my frilly outfits would not protect us from the most diminutive monsters. The guy told us about the Dragonator and how it helped fell a beast the size of a mountain. I asked for the blueprints, but then The Commander of this town should up and stopped his grandson. He was not going to give up such information to strangers.

He told me to prove ourselves; I must hunt down a particular variant of an Elder Dragon. They called it The Chaos Crier Kirin, a creature like a horse in shape but as devastating as a storm. Apparently, Kirins are notorious for their power over lightning, but this variant can cause lighting that makes anything that it strikes explode in a few seconds. It has been causing a lot of trouble for the hunters due to the chaotic nature of its attacks, and it runs away during the confusion. It’s not even being hunted, it just appears where the hunters are, gets frightened, and then chaos ensues. If I can get rid of it, I’ll get the blueprints to the Dragonator.

As I left the town, Barn and Bey arrived covered in bruises and slobber. He said we did not need to worry about the Devijho for a while. Bey almost killed, but it ran off, probably in search of food. I told them what happened in town. Barn was a bit upset that they did not give us the plans, and to top it all off, they must find a unique Elder Dragon variant with such terrifying power and a cowardly attitude. He didn’t like this, but he suggested that we get help from an old friend of his. She is a proficient hunter with fearsome powers, Yatziri.

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I also go by the pen name Regis Floats, the author of The Good Enough Evil/ Bonsatilum Series.

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