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The Facultkin Band: Entry 17

Before I begin, I made a serious typo. Prophet informed me that when I wrote that when we got a recent Dragon Ball, I wrote it was The Three Star when it was The Five Star. (Prophet: I cannot believe you forgot so quickly. We took on the FIVE Stars of Freeman, remember? Olive: Yeah, plus Barn, making six. Anyway, I’m getting off-topic.)


Thanks to Charles and Woofer, The Dragon Ball Radar was fixed, and we went to our next destination. I took HA and Ayra with me to this new world. It was somewhat similar to the last one, quiet and desolate, but there was a scent of malice to it. Above our heads was a cloud that seemed pretty hazardous. The air swirled rapidly as a man ran towards us to tell us to get to shelter, for “He” was about to belch again. When I looked around to see who he was talking about, Ayra pointed up. The clouds were sucked in to reveal the face of a draconic being the size of a planet. The beast exhaled with terrifying force. The fumes that it expelled were deadly. Ayra used her weapon and, with pure will, forged a dome around us and the man.

I asked the man what was happening, and he said a while ago. That monster appeared one day, and it sucked up all the pollution on their planet and spat it back out. The creature claimed himself as Super Haze Shenron, and he had traveled across the universe feeding on the poison and pollution of many worlds. He then rewards the filthiest with his own brand of toxicity; that was how this world came to be. He said that all the world’s militaries fought back with missiles, but he was too massive to hurt. This guy lost so much to this creature and started crying. With that, we knew what we must do. After the sound of exhalation stopped, My group and I returned to Freeman Jr. and discussed whether we should help. A couple of us said that our task was the Super Dragon Ball. Barn came in, stating that both issues are the same. He heard of the name Shenron. It’s also the name of the dragon that emerges from the Dragon Balls. So this creature is related to them in some way.

Barn pointed to the monitoring system, and above the monster’s forehead was the next Dragon Ball. Everyone was in disbelief, but there was no time to get discouraged. We went back out there and attacked Haze right in his face. He soon realized he was being attacked and threw a fist at us before Barn blocked it with an explosion with HA’s laughing blast to give an extra pop. Ayra, Woofer, and Bey attacked one of Haze’s eyes, but instead of causing harm, they made shed tear the size of a tsunami. We were all washed away from his face and drifted into space. When I woke up, I was back on Freeman Jr. Barn managed to get us out of there by calling the docking anchor to our location. Finding a Super Dragon Ball was one thing; fighting its manifestation was another. Barn mentioned something. He had been to a world with monsters with a particularly nasty brute, and the people used a system known as The Dragonators to defeat them. We need our own to beat Haze. So, we are going to this world Barn speaks of to learn how to make our own.

A word from my friends:

  1. Folderol: “Ouchie! You didn’t say that the festivities were going to be this rough.”
  2. Woofer: “I could have beaten that thing if it didn’t cry like a pansy.”
  3. Dr. Charles: “A creature of that size should be impossible, but then I realized we are traveling through different universe to find wish-granting orbs. Logic should be the least likely thing to find out here.”

(I don’t own characters and concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.)

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