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Second In Command of the Golden Wyverns

Name: Tanaka Okawa

Alias: Second In Command of the Golden Wyverns, T-T, He Who’s Rage is boundless

Alignment: True Evil (For now)


Species: Human (..?..)

Age: 26

Personality: Fun loving, Hot headed, Stubborn, Violent, Brutal, Not to sharp

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Pronouns: His/He/Him

Occupation: Yakuza Member

Assault Rifle “Cherry

Twin Pistols “Alex and Mary.”


Brass Knuckles (Fire and Heat proof)
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Supernatural Condition (II)
Supernatural Strength (II)
Supernatural Speed (I)
Supernatural Agility
Supernatural Stamina
Supernatural Endurance
Supernatural Durability (II)
Supernatural Reflexes
Endorphin Manipulation
Rage Form/Empowerment
Speed Combat
Lion Instinct Mimicry
Heat Pressure
Enhanced Roar
Willful Pressure
Psychic Shield

Enhanced Charisma
Interrogation Intuition
Intimidation Intuition
Honor Empowerment
Menacing Presence
Opportunity Sense
Police Intuition
Psychological Intuition
Streeting Fighting Mastery
Boxing Mastery
Combat Empowerment

Dragon’s Rage: In this state, Jiren gains a substantial increase in speed and strength. His heat grows to extraordinarily hot levels to point it starts to glow and take shape of horns and a dragon tail, even the heat around his arms form Dragon Claws. As the name suggests, he can only activate it in fits of pure rage and fury, but he has been trying to get tranquil fury as to use it whenever he likes.


Tag Combo(s):

Weaknesses: (Searching)
Supernatural Condition (V)
Absolute Condition
He is resistant to Psychic powers but not immune
Will breaking has some effect on him
Combat empowerment has a timed effect
His refusal to use ranged weaponry


Extra Info:
Is a pretty swell guy despite his crimes
Has attempted Seppuku once
He loves Glazed Donuts
Ryu is the closest thing he has to a brother

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