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The Facultkin Band: Entry 19

Before we reached our destination, Chef Mariloft noticed a pest problem. HA and I volunteered to help her out. She saw them at one of our food storage facilities, or should I say the abandoned food markets in Freeman Jr. Mariloft, and I entered while HA stood outside. She turned on the lights, and then Prophet emerged and pushed me out of a fast creature’s way. It was dark and quadrupedal. Before it could attack again, HA released one of his Laugh Blasts at it, sending it through a wall.

Mariloft and I followed it while HA went around the building. We cornered it in the alley before it yelled at the sky. Then more of the creature revealed themselves and looked down on us. They corraled us, including Barn, Bey, Ayra, Woofer, Folderol, and Charles, in front of the tower. Soon, a man with skin as dark as the creatures appeared with a very strange cane with eyes. He introduced himself as Vile Cane Marty. He was here to collect our Super Dragon Balls. I was shocked that somebody knew this outside the universe these things came from. Marty is under the employment of someone who knows and wants them. He pulled out a Super Dragon Ball Radar of his own, and it showed the three in our possession on its screen.

I refused to give it to him, and the response was foreseeable. He ordered the creatures to kill us, but we have grown in power since we left Freeman. Beethoven was the first on the offensive by singing to the cement floor below us to attack, and it broke their formation, allowing us to go on the attack as well. I went up against Marty, but he was a very evasive fighter. His cane has all sorts of tricks, from propellers to firing balls of demonic energy. Prophet and I had had enough of this “Cat and Mouse” game and morphed them into a rocket, and I sent them flying at him before he could pull something else out.

The attack landed, and Marty hit the ground. Mariloft grabbed his can, and the last of his shadow creatures were dealt with. Marty got up and panicked that his plans were ruined. He whistled to his cane, and it nibbled at Mariloft’s hand, and she let go, and it crawled back to its master. Like an angry child, Marty yelled that this was not over and that, eventually, he would be back with his partner and more troops to defeat us. He vanished into the shadows before we could capture him. Charles said we should not worry about scum like him when we had a mission to complete. He was most certainly correct.

Marty’s Profile

A word from my friends:

  1. Barn: Well, that was exciting, but I am curious about how they reached us between dimensions.
  2. Woofer: HA, did you see that? I threw a lot of speakers at those guys, and they could predict my sick moves. Ouch!
  3. HA: Yeah! And then you hid behind me before they went after you. Then Beethoven pushed me aside for them to get at you. I am so sorry, buddy. May God heal your wounds

(I don’t own characters and concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.)


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