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Marvel’s Greatest Tourist: Issue #1

The Watcher: The Multiverse is vast and wide, twisting and turning, dividing and multiplying. But we are only looking at one drop in this immense ocean, Universe 755-24-13.

April 19, XXXX

My name is Barnabus Marcus Morazzley, but I’ll call myself Locale on this journey.

I’m taking a break from community college and have decided on a little “soul searching.” Two years back, I woke up one day with this weird power to cause anything I touched into, lack of a better term, a new mechanic to the reality around me. I transmuted my skates, and then everything around me started moving around like they had wheels on them.

I knew I didn’t do anything special before receiving my gifts. So, I talked to my parents about it, but they don’t know either. I didn’t have the X-gene. I wasn’t a descendant of angels, demons, aliens, inhuman, or an eldritch being from the stars. My parents weren’t wizards or experimented on themselves before my birth. Nothing. I kept my power a secret and trained with it from then on. Now, it’s time. I decided to go from my home in Athens, Georgia, to New York City, the weirdest and most happening capital in the world.

My folks were very supportive and were willing to pay for my airplane ticket, but I refused. I wanted to travel there by my own means, but I would need the money for some expenses. My parents will be willing to give me $1250 if I can make the same amount. I believed it was a ploy to get me to do various choirs and errands without complaining, but I secured the last 500 by selling some of my things. Before I left, they gave me a backpack full of supplies for my journey. My folks used to go out camping before I was born. So, I felt I was continuing their legacy and that they would have my back.

I hugged them and tapped my bicycle. It vanished, and then I began to slide faster than professional athletes. My mom screamed to take my camera, which I had forgotten. I slid back and swiped it. I never understood why it is entirely red. Mom said that it was a mistake, but she loved it. Unsurprisingly, people gasped at me because they did not know I had powers, but I had no time for their responses as I jetted past them. I was very excited because I hadn’t done something like this before. And that was also why I was terrified, but another one quickly replaced that fear when I hit the highway.

The highways in and out of Athens were the turf of the Typhon Biker Gang. They tend to harass drivers and other bikers occasionally, but today…was my turn. The goons surrounded me from all sides. I started to regret my decision to display my ability on a highway, but I wanted to get a full scope of my power outside my basement. Some of the bikers were dropouts from my high school. Especially our would-be Valedictorian, Malory Sideman. She was holding on to the waist of the leader, Argus.

Malory: “Hey, Hey, Barney the Dragon Boy! Where are you running off to?”

Former Classmate: “Probably running out of town because he is a Mutie.”

Locale: “Nah, I checked. I am not a mutant. And I am going by Locale. Because I can…”

Typhon Leader: “Boring. A Freak is a Freak, and what do we do to those who don’t belong?”

All Typhon Members: “Run them out!”

Locale: “Uh oh.”

All the bikers started closing in on me, but I got something they didn’t…maneuverability. I began to run, increasing my speed since I was sliding the whole time. I jumped over one of the bikers to get through. The gang put more pedals to their metal, and the chase was on. I ran by many cars and zigzagged to confuse them, but they had the superior numbers. A biker approached me with chains to whip me with, but I jumped and axe-kicked him.

Malory: “Careful, baby. He has a yellow belt…”

Locale: “…in Taekwondo.”

Argus: “Boys, teach Jackie Chan with the dragon birth defect how we fight on the streets.”

More bikers started to come at me. I can’t outrun them, but maybe I need to thin out the ranks.

Locale: “Do you know what separates a member of society from a deadbeat?”

Former Classmate: “Ahh! Not one of your family sayings.”

Locale: “Fine. I’ll go straight for the punchline.”

I ran up to one of the bikers and used a Tiger Claw at his neck, and that caused him to drive haphazardly into several of them, causing a chain reaction that knocked over several and blocked the rest from pursuing me except Argus. He was about to hit me with a wretch before I jumped. Only this time, I was sliding upward. Argus and Malory were shocked until I slammed the front of the bike with a more extreme version of an Axe Kick. I finally made it out of the city and left those jerks in my dust. But not before snapping a Pic of the disheveled dolts.

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