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The Start

Strong Language and Zombie pics

The human race has always wanted to evolve and become something better than what we are now. But who would have thought that desire is what screwed everyone over?

“My name is Jamie, I am-..well..WAS a FBI Agent..”

“Everyone was striving. Everything was okay..”


“Then..on June 15th, I think..Something, some DISEASE broke out and..people just went primal. Like a bunch of scared cavemen, if those cavemen had superhuman capabilities.”

*He continued, getting up from his seat and looking out to the setting before him*

“In just a couple of months..New York was gone. Those..things, some just group them all together and call them Primals. But the number of us who fight them know there are levels to them.”

“The Slates are just morons with even less intelligence. Barely takes notice of obsticals, can be led into traps, hell they can even off themselves..by accident.”

*He goes on, leaning against the rail*

“Then you have Meso. These guys are far smarter than the Slates. Slates are aware of obstacles, and can even feel suspicious. But what sets them on a different scale is that it can use it’s voice to moan, groan or in rare cases call out for help or say a name. They even have an inhuman sense of smell and touch. They have these quill things that can feel the smallest air diffrenece. Makes it almost possible to put them down stealthily..”

“Now, for the most terrifying one…The Apex Predators…”

*He gave a small shiver, the very thought of this creature creeping him out*

“I hate these things..Apexes’ are..not even normal when it comes to the infected. They’re stronger faster, extremely intelligent to the point some even use weapons, are aware of traps..and are near impossible to kill less you hit the destroy the brain..”

*He pauses..*
“These next bunch are even more unique to the Apex. They are called Numos..They are humans who are not only immune to the infection..but essentially got powers from it. My wife..is a Numos. Scared the hell outta me when I first found out. But I’ll go more in depth about them along with the previously mentioned later. I think Sarah is calling me for dinner.”


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