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Saturday!Pokemon AU Character Profile #1: Aloe Vera

Name: Aloe “Kitley” Vera

Species: Meowscarada

Gender: Male

Age: 29 (born December 15)

General Information: Aloe “Kitley” Vera – or just Aloe for short – is a Meowscarada and a camper at Camp Estrella. He is an easygoing guy, but is super protective of his Quaquaval cousin, Louie.



Despite being a dual grass/dark type, Aloe is a novelty specialist in actual magic. And by magic, I mean spells, potions, and other sorts of hexes. He can concoct potions that can heal wounds and cuts, regenerate amputated limbs, and even have some peculiar effects on its recipients.

However, he can only use so much of his potions – if he uses too much, it could have some dire consequences on its recipients.


Despite being fun-loving and playful, Aloe is very cautious and takes extremes to avoid harm and risks for his Cousin.

This attitude of his usually might have dated back to a specific time in his life where Louie was almost badly hurt or even worse killed.


Aloe Vera has a hoarding problem, and doesn’t like throwing anything away. Because of this, his side of the cabin is covered in trash and useless random junk that the Counselors have to clean up often, much to his protest. 

The hoarding habits he has are largely him feeling like he will eventually have a use for something later, and it sort of just snowballs into a lot more junk. It’s not a very healthy way to live, but he’ll get mad at you if you try to tell him this and say he’s fine.


When Aloe sets his mind to something, he’ll always figure out a way to achieve it, trying different things and different methods to solve problems. He thinks outside the box and continues on when his friends are stuck. 

Whether it be helping his cousin or the others with camp activities or other situations the campers end up in, Aloe is good at figuring a way out of the problem in hand. 

He sometimes is a little stubborn about things and their attempts to figure things out, and usually tries not to seek others’ help on things. 



Aloe is good at standing up for himself and others when they need to. He knows who he is and what he’s capable of, and because of his self-assurance he doesn’t fall into the trap of worrying about what others think. He isn’t afraid to talk back to people like Bellamy or Carlo. He’s not intimidated by anyone’s power, stature, or wealth, and doesn’t feel threatened by people or difficult situations, instead seeing them as opportunities to grow and improve.

He meets challenges head-on and faces change without fear or doubt. He acknowledges his weaknesses while also knowing his strengths, and focuses on what is in his control to change. 

However, he doesn’t always know his limitations. His self-assuredness can also compel him to overestimate his abilities and push himself too hard sometimes in situations of danger. 



It’s no secret Aloe acts like this towards Louie every chance he gets. Aloe is David’s “top Pokemon” in the sense that he happens to carry the team whenever possible, especially during battles. While the rest of his teammates usually do some of the work to contribute, Aloe still kept this title. However, ever since he entered Camp Estrella, he was faced with a difficult challenge as time went by, wherein he was forced to hunt. He doesn’t like what he does; but he only does it for one reason. 

He does it for Louie, his cousin. Not for himself, but for Louie. 

Carlo threatened to kill the Quaquaval if he didn’t follow orders and “hunt” down “food” or “supplies” for the camp. Aloe is terrified at the thought of losing him when he’s all he has and feels like he deserves to live for the kindness he’s shown to him, and others. 

He’s willing to do literally anything to keep Louie safe, and this means he’s willing to kill, backstab, and manipulate others at the command of Carlo – utterly psychologically scarring himself – and he does it all for him. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to protect him. Nothing…



Oh heavens, I may have stayed up until 1 AM to finish this… Whoops~!

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