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Elon Starborne: Character Sheet

Name: Elon Starborne


Age: 105

Sex: Male

Height: 1’5

Weight: 195 lbs

Body Type: Muscular

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Type: Short

Piercings: None

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: Unknown

Birthplace: Seattle

Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Strengths: Good with people, first impression

Weaknesses: Smart ass, tiny, not intimidating

Bad Habits: Cocaine addict

Fears: Bats, other pixies

Turn ons: Jaw lines, wits, cleverness, puns

Turn offs: dreadlocks

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Marital Status: Single

Children: none

Pets: Friend Aura has a dog

Mother: name unknown

Father: name unknown

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