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Desperate Times: Chapter 3

Jack was the first to wake. Of course being an insomniac has some issues, but at least he was the first to get to breakfast. Jack got back from the dining halls and nudged Ellie and Hunter to wake them up. “Did you know one of my old friends used to own a bread factory; it burned down, now his business is toast. TOAST!” said Jack holding a slice of bread in front of Ellie’s face. The group’s breakfast consisted of two slices of thinly sliced bread, a water bottle of cafeteria quality milk, and a small to go cup filled with crushed cheerios; it was a feast.

The next week was all about assembling the materials they needed to pull off a successful heist: ski masks, black turtle necks, rope, the whole nine yards. Victory loves preparation, but improv was the real major for all college students. The crew finished up their feast and went into town to collect materials.

Of course, in college towns there is nothing suspicious about a group of people going to buy matching turtle necks and ski masks, it is a common occurrence. Ellie and Jack walked out of the cloth shop wearing their new gear, and making fun of Hunter’s. “aww, I’ll admit I can’t pull off the ‘turtle neck’ look as well as you two, but at least now I look inconspicuous.” Ellie looked at Jack and said “you know, I didn’t invent the turtle neck, but I was the first to recognize it as tactical garment.” “Huhhhh, Archer references,” muttered Jack.

With a spiffy new look, the trio strutted back to the car and opened and closed all the doors in unison. Hunter retrieved the aux cord, plugged in his phone and….”SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA ROLL ME….” The windows rolled down and Smash Mouth got the attention of the other families walking through the lot. “Well this is good practice to help with our unostentatious nature” said Jack sarcastically.

The crew rolled out of the parking lot and headed for the hardware store, to get some cheap, sturdy rope. Hunter ran into the store while Jack and Ellie sat in the car listening to their large variety of movie soundtracks. After just a few minutes, Hunter ran up to the passenger side of the car where Jack was sitting and flashed a little pug toy that was for sale at the cashier belt. He stuck it on the window and Jack quickly opened up his door to hit Hunter. He fell to the ground, and sat there, silently for several seconds.

“Shit, I think I killed him,” Said Jack. Jack stepped out to give Hunter a hand. “How do you manage to put up with me?” asked Jack sticking his hand out toward Hunter. “Unconditional love” he replied with a nervous tone. Hunter brushed the rubble, off his turtleneck, threw the rope in the trunk, and got back in the car. After a short drive, they were all back on campus.

The time of the heist was coming. It was a Wednesday night and Chris’s family vacation was just a few days away. The vengeful urge was growing, and the trio was ready to take away everything Chris never deserved. The next two days were about rest, just in case a quick getaway was necessary, or in case they had to think on their feet. They all returned to their dorm rooms and sprawled across their beds. It was time to play the waiting game.


Desperate Times: Chapter 4

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