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Name: Zadrel

Alias: Z, Zaz, Dre, Cosmic son


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Age: 1,000,000,000 Years old

Species: Cosmic-Sapien

Personality: curious, adventurous, calm, chill

Pronouns: Unknown but uses male pronouns

Sexuality: Unknown

Occupation: A being of the cosmos

Weapon/paraphernalia: What ever he creates


Unlimited energy

Absolute strength

Absolute speed

Absolute reflexes

Absolute senses

Absolute agility

Absolute athleticism

Absolute endurance

Absolute accuracy

Absolute nobility

Absolute dexterity

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant

Indomitable willpower

Intangibility negation

High lung capacity

Gravity resistance

Night vision

Jumping mid-air

Creating afterimages

Generating shockwaves

Vacuum adaptation

Cosmic Energy Absorption and Manipulation

Cosmic Senses

Cosmic Vision

Cosmic Hearing

Cosmic Self-Sustenance


Portal Creation

Dimension Travel


Energy Absorption

Immortality Negation and Bypassing

Higher power

Backstory: Unknown

Extra info:


Has a younger ‘sister’

The white orbs on his face can show various “emotions”. A third one can even form for a mouth

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