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The Necropolis: Part 3 of Origin


Just from that excerpt alone, one could tell that the world is in a state of absolute chaos. With similar cases to Rebecca all over the world, official governments didn’t know what to do. However, after six months, they came up with a plan called The Anti-Undead Plan. It was projected to end all these problems in only a couple of months.


The Anti-Undead Plan had several countermeasures which ultimately made the whole thing worse. For example, the countermeasures against physical bodies like skeletons or zombies. The first one was to make sure dead bodies were surrounded by extremely thick layers of cement which a normal human couldn’t get out from. However, skeletons could easily dismantle their body and shoot them straight through the cement. Zombies were simply just strong enough to shred through the hard substance.


Next, they ordered everyone to be cremated once they died -immediately as they didn’t want to risk them coming back at all. This however made people dreadful of their death. The fact that they would just be a pile of ash -absolutely frightened them. The fact that they would have no body after death increased the negative emotions inside of them and therefore created more beings who would be affected by the Death’s Plague. Though this countermeasure did drastically lower down the amount of flesh-like beings such as zombies and skeletons. However, is it really a win when wraiths who were more sentient and powerful than skeletons and zombies appeared?


And that is just one of the sections which completely failed. The fact that wraiths began emerging more was terrible. For they had special abilities which included possession which made the whole state of the world from a zero to a fucking negative a hundred. Husbands watched in horror as their wives stabbed their own children. Brothers yelled for help as their siblings choked the life out of them. People infected by the necromantic disease would be quickly possessed by a wraith due to their spiritual sensitivity. One could say that this was worse than before.


For cases of pregnant mothers birthing children who are practically skeletons, they had to rely on psychological manipulation. That due to a chemical weapon that was created by countries outside of their walls, people were being born not fully formed. They gave mothers to option to get rid of their newborns or to wait for the process. A shockingly high number of people wanted to get rid of them. A mother once said “That isn’t my child. It’s unnatural. That-That thing couldn’t have come from me….a human” (Though to be fair, a bit of psychological manipulation was needed) 


However, that was at the beginning of the crisis. Nations who had the budget would either implant designer babies into the pregnant woman to make it seem like it was their child. The government would check X-rays before the mother would. Then they would order the hospital to give a fake x-ray of a normal healthy child. Later on, doctors would get rid of the skeletal baby and implant the fake. For poorer nations, they simply went with the chemical weapon idea completely and forced everyone to burn the children. Not many protested due to the children being seen as abominations.



However, it was around this time when the world of darkness was shone with light. In a world of grim darkness came pillars of hope.  


The first was born in a secluded village in the Balkans which wasn’t the best place to live. Due to it being smaller, people were tucked in more with wraiths than in someplace like Texas. That’s exactly what Admir Hoxha had to deal with.  He was the leader of the few remaining beings who weren’t possessed by wraiths. He had this uncanny instinct that faltered when he met a wraith disguised as his mother. They slept with her in a cave as a hideout and Admir woke up to see his supposed mother feasting on the souls of the other children. His face fell white with shock as he saw his own sister. Hatred at the being who he called mother. The pain of the death of his sister. Regret and shame of how he killed his own group.  All those emotions…built up inside him. He simply had to let it out. And let it out he did. In the form of a powerful necrotic blast which went through the whole village -destroying everything. Even the body bags used by wraiths.


Admir would move from Albania to Serbia -dealing with the undead problem in nearly all areas near Albania including Greece. With his ability to both generate and manipulate necrotic energies, it wasn’t difficult for him to take control over the undead that he encountered. Thus there were stories of a man in a grey cloak moving town to town taking the undead with him.


He was later known as one of the Elder Gods. The God of Destruction, Chaos, and Change. Amatsu-Mikaboshi.



The second was born in the country of Italy. She went by the name of Galatea. Her story is revolved around Death’s Plague with all of the people she knew being affected by the curse. Thus, her negative energy skyrocketed to a level that wasn’t safe for any human being. Normally, the countermeasures for such a thing which was soul termination would come into effect but she still had tiny bits of hope…..which was shattered when she saw her baby brother come out as a skeleton.  This horrified young Galatea to a horrifying degree. Like any normal girl, she wished that everything was okay. That nothing had happened. That everything was back to normal.  Then something peculiar happened. This wish went to the soul of the very Earth itself. It smiled as it felt a compulsion to make this wish reality. It absorbed the negative energy which the family had brewing up in their soul and distributed it into other human souls. 


This did heal the family but it brought them under mass suspicion from the government as the only people who got better. Thus, they were taken and went through horrifying experimentation to see how exactly they got better. They couldn’t find much because the plague was spiritual in nature but these experiments broke Galatea. The earth could feel the well of negative energies radiating off of her favorite child and heavily disliked it. It would do anything for it to stop. That night trees grew at an extremely fast rate -destroying the lab and killing everyone….besides her.


Galatea would later understand the depths of her powers and became the first druid to exist. Commanding the forces of nature itself to her bidding, she traveled through the very earth. There were stories of a being who came to those in need -stripping them of the Death’s Plague and cursing the vile.


She was later known as Gaea. The goddess of Order, Loneliness, Restoration. One of the  Elder Gods.


The third was born in Monrovia, Liberia. A rather small country in the North West of Africa. His story can be described as similar to Admirs. His name is Mohammed and he was just part of a simple family who just sold high-quality bread. An orderly life with no stimulation. This changed when the stench of rotten flesh followed him constantly. He just tried to put it out of his mind but when he woke up seeing his flesh start to fall off -he knew he had it. Mohammed was devastated because he had gotten the Death’s Plague. Dreams of his children getting a better life than he did -broken. He used the money that he had earned to try and find treatment -falling for several scams and the like.  


On one tiring day, with him realizing that he was content with his skeletal arm and was actually happy it was him rather than his kid, he came home to the smell of blood in the air  One step -the corpse of his son, Hamedu. Two steps -the dead body of his wife, Howa. He saw his own daughter standing with a smile on her face -colored with blood. His“daughter” rushed at him with him being tackled down. He didn’t resist. No, he simply wouldn’t kill his own daughter.


A woman, with a body that could only be sculpted, walked into the room muttering something under her breath. The wind rushed in and sliced the daughter into pieces, -stunning Mohammed. The woman explained that his daughter was long gone and that thing was a wraith who had took over her body. She then left without allowing him to speak. Mohammed mourned for his family and put all of their bodies in a grave.


After the ordeal, a rush of admiration had hit Mohammed. He wanted to pay the road forward. He realized that there were thousands of people that were in his position. Thousands of them watched their own loved ones kill them. So he decided to back his bags and became the world’s first exorcist -someone who eliminates undead. The Death’s plague acted slowly on him with his body slowly turning skeletonal but his mind remaining human. Allowing him the supernatural abilities of one but the heart of a human.


He was later known as Rem. God of  Sacrifice, Restraint, and  Decay. Another one of the Elder Gods.


These aren’t the only Elder Gods, but there is no point going through all of them. All you need to know is that they all soon met each other and decided to talk. They all knew that they weren’t enough to stop the threat as a whole. That they couldn’t possibly stop all the undead and victims in the world. Until Galatea suggested an idea. Instead of trying to play chess, why don’t they flip the board? With her powers, it was theoretically possible to destroy and remake the world to exclude the undead.


Several of them were against the idea due to the risks but they didn’t have a better idea. Now Galatea needed something to focus her supernatural abilities so the more intellectual of the group proposed the creation of an item to aid her. This was the prototype of one of the most darkest, magical item in history. Once it was completed, Galatea and Admir would do a two-phase plan. Admir would release a mass amount of pure necrotic energy to the parts that Galatea selected. 


However, the two had no idea what they were fucking around with.  They focused on the wrong spots with Admir’s wave of negative energy erasing all life on earth except the Elder Gods and Galatea’s restoration creating entirely new realms and laws of physics. A fresh start of sorts.



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