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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 13

Now before I carry on you gotta understand. Finding myself in love with Felicity was one of the most painful things I’d ever had to experience. At the time, Alice meant so much to me that falling for someone else was, in a sense, betrayal. I was there to avenge the woman I loved, not find another one you know? But everything about her just….spoke to me you know? I couldn’t help myself. So, that brings us back to where I left off

“Well Aunt Patti its just….I think I’m in love”

Her expression said it all. She obviously knew about me and Alice and everything. I showed up at her cafe at closing time just two hours after Alice died in hospital; I had nowhere else to go. Anyway, even she couldn’t believe it. “Honey are ya sure? Maybe you should think about this a lil more”

“I have thought about it Aunt Patti. She’s just…”

“Somethin’ else?”


“Oh darlin’, I’ve been there”

And of course she went on another one of Patti’s famous rants. She rants about anything. Men, the weather, men, the price of gas, men, Joanne who she hates and men are some of her favourite subjects to rant about. Did I mention men? Yeah, she had a bad husband a long time ago. In fact, it was my dear old (don’t let her know I said that) mother who sorted this guy out. Aunt Patti told me he couldn’t drive let alone walk after my mum got a hold of him. I only know the fine details because oh lord, I can tell you every word off by heart.

“But look shugah, if you really do like this girl then, well, go for it. You got my full support”

I couldn’t help but grin like a kid when she said that. It was hard enough getting her blessing to even apply to the Association but if she was okay with Fe, then that meant god damn was she special. I checked my watch and realized I was a few minutes late for my date so I drank my tea, gave my Aunt Patti a goodbye kiss on the cheek and out the door I went. I asked Jackie if she could make me some of those shock absorbers for my legs and she happily agreed. So if you can guess how I got to the bunkhouse, nice guess. If not, I’ll tell ya; I leaped the whole way there. It was so fun! I got to see the city from an almost entirely new angle, watching all the cars and such go by. And not a single bit was damaged! Pretty proud of myself for that one. I landed on the grass infront of our bunkhouse and there was Felicity, looking pretty good and smiling at me, albeit wiping some dirt from her jeans

“Sorry about that. I don’t really know how to land yet” I said, laughing nervously

“Don’t worry about it” she replied, finding my incompetent landing pretty funny. As does everyone. Still can’t quite get it right.

“So, where are we going?”

“Oh umm….well theres this big arcade place near my Aunts cafe. I figured we could go there”

“Old school hm?”

“That bad?”

“No actually. Kinda cute”

And christ on a bike eating pudding, she gave me that sly little smirk I love. My heart started pounding from that smile as we made our way to the arcade. Now when I say big, I mean HUGE. This place took up one whole block. The Fortress of Awesome if I recall. Cheesy name but appropriate. I love that place. Me, Ty and Alice would always hang out there in our spare time. And as time went on, many games won and lost, I noticed something. There was this weird glimmer, that kept passing me by every so often. And once I saw it coming again, I moved my foot ever so slightly, and Kyle hit the floor.

“Just because you’re invisible doesn’t mean I don’t know you’re there”

“Of course, I know that!”

I laughed as Axel, Tyler and Johnny all came from behind a few machines. Of course they’d follow I thought. But in the end it wasn’t all bad. Fe didn’t seem to mind and neither did I, so we all had fun anyway.

“This’ll be good for you” Tyler said as we made our way back home. It was in the middle of the afternoon and since we had no work schedule, we thought we might as well head home.

“You think so?”

“Of course. Even I can see she likes you. And she reminds me of Alice too don’t worry.”

“Least I’m not the only one”

We all began to wind down and the afternoon progressed into the night. Axel and me spent the day trying to beat the Street Fighter arcade machine (Felicity did it in the end. Beginners luck I say) and it gave him a few ideas for moves he wanted to try out so I spent the next few hours going through them with him. Some were cool and had potential, others would have gotten him killed almost immediately. Eventually everyone went to bed one by one, leaving me and Fe as the last ones to go.

“I had fun”

“Glad you did. I still can’t believe you beat M.Bison. You’ve never even played before!”

“That’s because I’m just good!”

“Beginners luck, Streaks”

“Oh are we doing nicknames now, Jacket?

“Seems that way huh?”

We laughed and, as we slowed the laughter, we ended up looking into each others eyes. Time seemed slow just a little, and I could feel every muscle in my body moving me closer. She also must have felt the same, since we ended up practically chest to chest. She pulled away quickly, clearly embarrassed. Then she gave me a super fast kiss on my cheek, made a weird squeal noise and went into her room. I stood there, confused but also, in a state of euphoria. She liked me! She actually liked me! This hero gig was actually turning out a lot better than I thought.

But as I entered my room, and turned on the light ,a chilling yet familiar voice hit my ears and I could’ve screamed. I scanned the room pretty quickly and saw him. I’ll never forget those eyes. They weren’t childish ego anymore. They held pure, unobstructed evil.

“So, it looks like Bad-Man Barrick as a new widdle pwincess”

I lunged at him, ready to dig my thumbs into those eyes or do whatever it was that came to mind first. He dodged almost effortlessly and pushed me out of my window and into the cold of the night. I got up quickly, anticipating every possible move he could make and how I was going to counter. He stood on front me, climbing out of my window, brandishing a bowie knife that glinted and glowed in the moonlight.

“Going somewhere big man?”

“You have ten seconds to tell me why you’re here Dom before I tear you apart!”

“Ooooo scary! Didn’t take you for the murdering type Barrick. Then again, no one else did either!”

He laughed as his said that. I felt the blood and adrenaline rush to my arms and legs. He dared to show his face to me and now he was mocking me! Making me remember! I wanted to snap every bone in that body and I lunged at him again, this time managing to grab him

“I’m gonna snap you!”

“That’s a bad idea Barrick. The rest of the five wouldn’t like their oh so special leader being broken”


“Oh didn’t I say? I’m here for what you did to Thrash. No one messes with the Fearsome Five!”

I stood there, confused for a moment, holding him up to the brick wall. Fearsome Five? It didn’t take me long to realise who he was talking about either.

“You….You were there…”

“Where? I’ve been lots of places Barrick”

I slammed his back into the wall, the adrenaline in my body rushing and crashing throughout

“You killed Alice!”

“Oh you’re still mad about that?”

That did it. I couldn’t believe that after all that, after what he did to her that he’d mention it like it was a passing fancy! I pulled back my fist and threw a punch I knew for sure would hurt him. Might’ve even crippled him for life if it hit. But my fist slammed into steel, and I dropping him, clutching my hand.

“Oh silly me, I forgot to tell you! Cast Iron might be dead and well, this power suits me you think?”

He booted me hard, right into the chest. I didn’t feel anything break, but I certainly felt something crack. As I lied there, the pain in my chest and hand literally burning, he looked down on me, grinning that sick grin he always had.

“I came to leave a message Barrick. Don’t even think about coming looking for me or the rest of us. Or that pretty little thing of yours ends up like the last one. Same goes for the rest. Even smurf”

It was pretty funny to think he remembered that. Then again, I wanted to tear him limb from limb, put him back together and do it again. He left before I got the chance unfortunately and as I climbed back into my room, bandaging up my hand and holding my chest I sat on my bed and stayed there til morning. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t think. All I felt was pain.

And pure, absolute anger. The kind that makes you do things you’ll regret. But honestly, I don’t regret a goddamn thing about what I did to that freak. He had it coming, one way or another.

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