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“Uhmm… Hey.”


Full Name: Pizza Marinara Celest Starzone
Nicknames: Starry, Star, Shiny
Age: 14
Gender: Nonbinary
Sexuality: Pansexual aromantic
Birthday: 7/6/07
Species: Humanoid object/Alien
Powers: None
Ethnicity: Black Italian
Languages Spoken: English


Height: 5,4
Weight: 135.7
Hair Color: orange
Eye Color: cornflower blue
Skin Color: light skin
Battle Marks(Scars, missing body parts, etc.): none
Type of teeth(Normal, fangs, etc.): normal
Type of eyes(Abnormal pupil shapes and such): round + an extra eye
Facial Shape: round

Body Shape: round
Additional Notes: Their hair covers their eyes 



Brief Description: Considering they have Kanner’s Syndrome, they lack genuine emotions. But they surprisingly hide it well by acting selfishly and sassing others. Underneath, they hate themself. Not extremely, but they sometimes wish they were somebody else. But they still find worth in life, imagining fantasy adventures, being with your true love! They are borderline OBSESSED with fantasy romance stories.
First Impression: OMG THE BLUE-HAIR GIRL FROM NGE!!!!!!!!!!!11/j
Once you get to know them: Hey they are a cool person BUT plz stop talking about Adventure Time’s finale
MBTI Personality Type: ISFP (Like Marceline :))
Extrovert, Introvert, or Ambivert?: Ambivert
Alignment(lawful evil, chaotic good, etc.): Chaotic neutral
Habits: Hyper fixation on random shit like soup, sassing
Fears: Loud noises
Intelligence: IQ<70
Pet Peeves: everything about them/j


Religion: atheist
Thoughts on government: badddd
Thoughts on people in general: idk
Moral: Loyal
Do they believe in:
Ghosts? yeah
Aliens? They are kinda an alien
Cryptids? yeah
Conspiracy theories? yeah
Anything else I didn’t mention? yeah
Superstitions: none


Voice Description: They have a flat monotone voice that has a lower-than-average pitch to it. They can speak clearly.
Head-Canon Voice:
Accent: Nearly the same as their papa’s
Speech Patterns: They have a very clear speech pattern
Do they parrot people? (repeat phrases other people say): yeah but only to sass
Most used phrases/words: “Uhmmm”
Slang they use: none
Swearing? they swear
Do they think before they speak?: not really
Do they worry about accidentally offending someone with their words?: yes
Movement while speaking (hand gestures etc.): they know some sign language that their aunt taught them
Humor: Roblox memes


Occupation: none
Dream Job: Claire’s worker
Education: Blue River
Past Relationships: None
Current Relationships: Sunny Flower
Family: Pizza Steve (Dad), Mooonie (Papa), a couple of cousins, Aunt Cactus Head, Uncle G, and Aunt G
Hometown: California
Current Residence: the RV
Room/Housemates: their family and family friends
Financial Status: Uncle Grandpa is god, so people give him all his money for Starry and the others
Health: Fine
Past Life/Backstory: They were emotionally abused and fat-shamed by Nacho Cheese, which lead to years of insecurities and self-hatred
Current Life: They got to live in the RV after their grandmother passed away


Likes: Explosions, Destruction, Soup, Fantasy romance, Their parents, Drawing on their legs, karate
Dislikes: Their grandpa, themself, Getting told what to do, getting in trouble, slurs, Aunt Grandma
Favorite Food: Any kind of Soup
Favorite Animal: Octopuses
Favorite Color: None
Favorite Movie Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
Favorite Book Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
Favorite Style of Music: K-POP, J-POP, Country
Least Favorite Food: Soda
Least Favorite Animal: Donkeys
Least Favorite Color: None
Least Favorite Movie Genre: Documentaries
Least Favorite Book Genre: none
Least Favorite Style of Music: breakcore music
Hobbies: Drawing, Karate, Writing


A song/songs that fit the character’s personality: First Love / Late Spring — Mitski, Soap — Melanie Martinez, My skin — Lizzo, Selfish — Madison Beer
A song/songs that fit the character’s story: What else can I do — Encanto
Social Media Account they would have and what type it would be: Twitter, those “your favorite is…” accounts, or a twitch account where they play Minecraft and/or Sims 2-4
Typical Hours of Sleep: 9 hours
Aesthetic: none
How they Type: “W@sh the s@l@d, motherfucker!” (Wash the salad motherfucker!)
Zodiac: Gemini
The worst nightmare they’ve had: None
Best Dream they’ve had: None
Other: They have autism, If they existed IRL they’d be into Steven Universe or Madoka Magica (Maybe even Smiling Friends), They use They/It/Zie/Glow/Spark pronouns, They’re out of the closet, They shot someone before by accident, They have some friends


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