Character Sheets

Funny little detective man

★『 Name 』★ 

Harry Demian Haller


Thetós Lýkos


★『 Alias 』★





God of Order (Previously)


The Aligned God (Previously)


★『 Alignment 』★

Chaotic Neutral


★『 Appearance 』★



★『 Species 』★

Previously: Divine-Demonic Transcendent (God, Domain of Order)


Currently: Archdemon (??? Variate)


★『 Age 』★

Physical Age: 29


True Age: 80,000,000+


★『 Personality 』★


` ` If you deny this, then it’s your fault ´ ´ 


A person who may be called eccentric, maybe even plain odd, Demian is a private investigator who is quite the dilemma. Seeming to appear at the most unreasonable times, one may question how he keeps his life going.


A quiet soul, Demian generally tends to fade into the background, sometimes due to his job but mostly because he does not desire to involve himself in social interaction. Even on the rare occasion he does, he tends to stick out. He’s a gruff person and has a hard shell to crack before he can really shine.


He’s an extremely ambitious person, sometimes to the point of paranoia until he can complete a task or duty he has given himself. Currently he’s working on a path for an important personal reason and isn’t going to give up anytime soon.


His dry sense of humor only adds to his somewhat intimidating persona. He can get quite snappy, if not a bit annoying especially when he’s woken up on the wrong side of the bed, which is fairly often.


However, when he’s in an environment with people he knows, by that I mean really knows or gets sloppy with his drink, he tends to slip up and devolve into memories and melancholy. Not quite surprising, to be honest. When you’re someone who has lived for over 80 million years, you do have stories to tell. 


He definitely has a weird sense of “control” and “order”, each day he writes down a program for himself on what to do and moves accordingly, word by word. His life might seem messy from an outside look, but through his eyes everything is controlled. He never uses his powers for possibly negative things to not bother “the order”.


` ` That God’s in crisis, he’s over ´ ´


★『 Gender 』★



★『 Sexuality 』★



★『 Pronouns 』★

He/Him – They/Them


★『 Occupation 』★


Previously: God of Order


Currently: Private Investigator


★『 Weapons/Paraphernalia 』★


  • 「Hand of the Meddling God」

“A gift from a friend.”

An ornate handgun, more for decoration rather than combat. Perfect for intimidation. It was bought at an auction long ago, as a gift for Demian by the titular “Meddling God”, at the time long-standing friend and ally to him.


Little is known about this artifact, besides the fact that it’s able to shoot ammunition that is strong enough to harm, even kill Gods and other Transcendent Beings. Other features include Demian being able to control the bullets fired from this gun and being able to summon it whenever he needs it.


The gun seems to be weirdly connected to Demian, almost as if it was a living creature. The aura of discord omitted by the gun whenever it’s not in his presence seems to support this. It may “choose” to not fire or straight up return to his possession if in the hands of another person. 


  • 「Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen」 

“This was planned to be my gift to him, but alas.”

An odd vintage fountain pen from the 1980s, an elegant but well-weighted piece of equipment designed to be carried with the owner in everyday life.


It comes with strange properties such as: not needing an ink cartridge to write, words written with this pen seeming to “lag behind” transfering onto the paper a few seconds after they are written and words written with it disappearing at random. 


It was enchanted by Demian himself as a gift for the “Meddling God” but he never had the opportunity to. It is now the pen he mainly uses to write with.


  • 「Little Black Book」 

“Things that are important go here, and no, you can’t read it.”


A black moleskin notebook used by Demian to record things like information on cases he has been working on and personal details of people he is observing or knows directly as well as his daily program.


「Miscellaneous Items」

  • Demian’s business card for his investigation services. The number on it reads “867-5309”.
  • An old flip-phone, pretty much useless for anything except calls.
  • A pack of Bicycle playing cards missing the especially ornate ace of spades. It was lost in a bet ages ago.
  • Assorted bag of several different types of candy, mainly caramel or coffee flavored ones, but no rock candy.
  • A pack of cigarettes and an old lighter.
  • A dried azalea flower for its pleasant scent and luck.


★『 Powers/Abilities 』★


  • 「Archdemon Physiology」

An Archdemon from birth, Demian reverted back to his pureblood Demon form when he gave up his divine position long ago.


  • 「Supernatural Condition」「Type II」

Demian is a fairly all-rounded person who stands at Supernatural Condition.


  • 「Supernatural Mind」

Demian’s mind works at a much more quick and efficient pace than most others.


  • 「Supernatural Senses」

All of Demian’s senses are heightened to a supernatural degree, most emphasis on sight and hearing.


  • 「Supernatural Perception」

Demian is significantly better at perceiving things than others, with a special eye for detail.


  • 「Supernatural Stealth」

Demian is supernaturally stealthy, allowing for him to go without being noticed or recognized even in a crowd full of people.


  • 「Unnoticeability」

A side power of Supernatural Stealth, Demian can blend completely into the background at will- preventing anything from noticing him, unless the opponent has some sort of extra perception.


  • 「Extrasensory Perception」

A side power of Supernatural Perception, it allows Demian to sense things that he normally could not sense with his mind, somewhat of a strong sixth sense.


  • 「Hyper Awareness」

A side power of Supernatural Senses that functions more or less like a physical version of Extrasensory Perception.


  • 「Investigation Mastery」

Demian possesses an extraordinary skill in investigation after years in the job.


  • 「Research Mastery」

Another part of his job which requires him to be proficient at.


  • 「Interrogation Mastery」

Almost like an art. Demian knows how to make people speak.


  • 「Supernatural Mastery」

As a Supernatural himself who investigates other Supernaturals, Demian possesses incredible knowledge on the subject.


  • 「Krav Maga Mastery」

This is something Demian specifically went to courses to learn, in the case he ever needs it.


  • 「God Hand」

The only thing Demian kept from his years as a god, with his right hand being enchanted to keep his powers as a deity.


  • 「Order Manipulation」

His right hand is still able to channel order powers at a minor level, mostly on himself and a small radius around him.


  • 「Order Inducement」

At its most basic level, Order Inducement is used by Demian to calm down any type of scared client, however it can be used on physical things as well, like cleaning or organizing items.


  • 「Concord Inducement」

Makes it easier for Demian to interrogate and “reach agreements”.


  • 「Normalcy Inducement」

Used by Demian to return things back to its “normal” state, such as times when a non-Supernatural client sees or learns of a thing they should not have seen, which then Demian will restore their memory to its “normal” form.


  • 「Personal Order」

Like most other beings, Demian possesses his own personal sense of order which he can manipulate.


  • 「Personal Influence Manipulation」

Demian, even at a minor level, can change his influence on the world around him to make himself more domineering, well known, etc. This helps a lot with his job.


  • 「Personal Social Manipulation」

Demian can change the way people treat him, making himself liked or hated by a group of people for example. Again, helpful with his job.


  • 「Personal Identity Manipulation」

Not a frequently used power, Demian can alter his identity at will for a short time, changing things like his name, voice and even personality. This is nothing more than a “mask” though, as this does not cause any permanent changes, and under all of it is still Demian with his original self.


  • 「Personal Guise Manipulation」

Demian can change his appearance for short periods of time, mostly for little things, like changing his eye or hair color. He doesn’t use this power too frequently, and tends to stick to the form seen in his Appearance.


★『 Weaknesses 』★


  • As much as he tries to deny it he’s still a demon and weak to divine or holy powers.
  • He can be matched with other Supernatural Condition users while anything higher will beat him.
  • Supernatural Stealth and Unnoticeability are useless if the opponent has powers to counter it like Extrasensory Perception.
  • Should he lose his right hand, he loses his Order Manipulation.
  • Order Manipulation can be countered by Chaos Powers, stronger users of Order Powers or simple power canceling abilities.
  • His Order Manipulation isn’t strong enough to do high-leveled things like Reality Bending and such, being limited to Demian himself and a small area around him.
  • He can’t bend universal laws when using Enforcement Inducement and other Order-Related Powers.
  • His Personal Order can be undone by users of Chaos Manipulation or stronger users of Order Manipulation.
  • Self-Order related Powers like Influence can be overcome with a strong will, as they aren’t very strong to start.
  • Personal Identity and Guise Manipulation only work for short periods of time.
  • His mastery in Krav Maga can be countered with an equally or more proficient user of said mastery.
  • His PTSD can be used against him.


★『 Backstory 』★


~West Berlin, 16th of June 1973


A man stands tall by the Berlin Wall in the late hours of the night. Despite the somewhat desolate atmosphere around him, he seems to be relaxed, almost distracted- his gaze is fixated on the shining electric lights of the cafés, fancy bars and restaurants some meters away, to the point that he does not notice the creeping, shadowy, black silhouette closing in on him.


The silhouette wraps around the lonely streetlight pole the man is standing under before revealing itself in the off-white shine of the bulb, a beautiful woman in a short nightdress, blonde hair well past her shoulders. She softly touches his cheek and snickers at the man’s sudden reaction.


“What? I thought you still had some type of extrasensory perception.” she says, her voice smoky and shrouded in mystery, like some stereotypical femme fatale in a Hollywood movie.


“Not when you incorporate your divinity into your transformation, no.” the man replies with a playful condemnation in his voice.


“I keep forgetting that you aren’t a god anymore, sigh.”


 “So what are we doing tonight? You can choose.”

“Yeah, it is my birthday after all, you’re lucky I could make time for you.” She’s right, the man thinks. Even with his gaze fixated on the lights, he could hear the party’s attendees cheering for her. She knew that socials weren’t his strong suit, and politely accepted his offer for a more private meeting as her “afterparty”.


“Oh please now. Don’t act like you haven’t known me for years, millions of years.”


“But still. So for sure we aren’t going for a simple walk in the park and Sangria. I want something… more luxe. Candlelight and Dubonnet on ice. And you’re footing the bill, I assume?”


He sighs. She was very generous with her spending habits as always. This was the third time he had paid her bill in the same month. 


“Whatever you say, Caro-”


Suddenly, the woman’s form shifts in front of his eyes into a more masculine one. The man stands shocked at the woman’s brand new body. He laughs.


“What? I always thought you liked guys better. You aren’t the best at hiding things, Demian.”


His voice was teasing as ever. There was no denying Demian’s feelings for the woman, now man before him, but it surely couldn’t have been that obvious. He couldn’t help but feel his face reddening.


“I’m just thinking what should I call you now.”


“Let’s try… Fritz. I’ll figure out the rest later. Shall we go now, Demian?”


~New York, 16th of May 1989


A landline phone rings in a small studio apartment. Demian, having just eaten breakfast, walks over to the phone annoyed. He had been up all night due to reasons already, and now some idiot was calling him this early. He mumbles a few swears under his breath in different languages before picking up.


“Hello? Who is-”


“Demian, DEMIAN-”


“Oh, it’s you. What’s up?”


“Look, I’m sorry, I don’t know how it happened, but…” Demian sighs loudly. He knows what’s coming next. Fritz had done something stupid, yet again.


“You can tell me outright if you need money, y’know?”


“I mean, yeah, but… Okay, first of all, I lost one of the cards in your solitaire deck, and I might or might not have lost about 5,000 dollars while gambling.”


Demian shakes his head. He’s not even surprised at this point.


“And you woke up at your house, surprisingly doing fine two hours ago?”


The person over the phone paused for a moment.


“Please don’t tell me you were the one who brought me home…”


“Man, you might be a two-bit friend, but I’m not letting you down like that. I don’t care about the lost ace of spades, or the cash. Hell, I’ll lend you some, as long as you pay me back.”


That was quite kind of Demian, considering that Fritz never really had been the kind of person to pay him back, ever.


“…Really? Again? Thanks, I guess…”


It’s almost as if the two had this interaction millions of times before, and it was because they had.


“Don’t be so down. It’s fine, really.”


“No, not because of that. I just… got a weird feeling all of a sudden. Same happened when I woke up too.”


“Are you sure you aren’t just hungover?” To be fair, he had all the right to ask that. It wasn’t uncommon for Fritz to call Demian hungover, drunk or high.


“It’s a weird feeling. Like something watching me, right behind my back… It’s probably nothing though.”


“Whatever you say…”


~New York, 23rd of May 1989


Another phone call in the early hours of the day, this time around 3AM. Demian is more intrigued this time. He walks over to the phone and picks up. Lo and behold, it’s Fritz just as he had expected.




“The feeling’s back again.”


Demian stops to think, Fritz having dropped that just like that. 


“Again, not hungover?”


“N…nope… plus, it comes back periodically when I’m least expecting. Mostly when I’m alone…”


Fritz had mentioned this to him some more times in the past week, but they had just brushed it off as something else. This time around he actually sounds afraid. Demian stalls, thinking of what to say. This is a person he cares deeply for, even lov- well, maybe not that far, at least officially.


“Huh… if it’s gonna make you feel better, I can come around and check, y’know? I’m an investigator after all.”


“Thanks, man. I really appreciate it, more than you’d think.”


~New York, 15th of June 1989


“Demian. Please… I… I don’t know…”


Yet another phone call. They had only gotten more frequent and worrying in the past weeks. Demian is still intrigued by the situation, but even more concerned for Fritz. Calling, so many times, sometimes over 20 times in a single day, complaining of some weird feeling of being watched.


Demian sighs.


“Do you think you can come visit me tomorrow? We’ll see what to do.”


“Y… yeah… for sure, for sure.” Fritz says, in a shaky voice.


“About 1PM, perhaps? Does that work for you?”




~New York, 16th of June 1989


No calls that day.


Just blood, so much blood.


The dead body of a god.


And a gun in the body’s lifeless hands.


Demian picks up the gun carefully, trying to not immediately faint from the sheer metallic odor of the faintly iridescent red ichor covering his apartment. He can’t look at the body. Whatever the person laying there was before, he’s completely unrecognizable now with his head split open like that.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” he mutters repeatedly.


With a gesture cast from his dominant right hand, everything seems to turn back to its normal state. No more life liquid covering the walls and ceiling, and the body is gone.


Whatever it was that took his life, he’s now determined to solve it.


★『 “Domain” 』★

  • 「Apartment House 1776」 

A small apartment flat, the longtime owner being Demian. The flat functions as both his workspace and his home. For an ex-God of Order, he sure is messy.


The place has been enchanted by strong magic, which cannot be undone unless it’s at the hands of an incredibly strong person, Mage or otherwise. The enchantments guarantee that the supernatural energy of the place and everybody that might be inside are entirely concealed from the outside world and the regular mortal eye.


Demian is able to instantly summon any object he has stored in his apartment building to his hand, which means that the flat also functions as a type of dimensional storage.


★『 Extra Info 』★


  • He is 6’3 and 183 lbs.
  • Demian does not take pride in his demonic heritage, he in fact dislikes it, his reasoning being “If there’s something up, first blame the humans. If it’s not them, it’s the demons, after them the angels and finally the gods”. He does his best to hide it.
  • Although it is possible that Demian might’ve had more aliases over the years, they are mostly left unused, just like his now seldom used birth name as a demon.
  • He’s an insomniac, and he’s on medication to treat it.
  • He has PTSD. He hates blood and gore, especially in large amounts since it’s a PTSD trigger for him.
  • He smokes often. He has a pretty bad smoker’s cough, which especially acts up in cold weather.
  • He has a very big sweet-tooth especially for softer candies like taffy or anything caramel flavored, but he despises rock candy.


★『 VC 』★


  • Kyza」「Fire Emblem Heroes」


★『 Themes 』★



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