Original Characters

Levi or Nathan chose his name


Alias: The Arms Dealer, Dead man walking, Murderer, One Eye

Alignment: Neutral

Before “Dying”

After “Dying” (He died his hair blue to help with hiding out

: Human



Gender: Male

Sexuality: Unknown

Pronouns: His/He/Him

Occupation: Unknown

Fake Eye
See the source image

Custom Berreta
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Combat Knife
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Special Ops Mastery
Enhanced Accuracy
Ninjutsu Mastery
Military Mastery
Combat Perception
Bomb Disposal Mastery
Criminology Mastery
Crimefighting Mastery
Torture Equipment Proficiency
Psychological Mastery
Fear Inducement
Torture Mastery
Counterstrategy Mastery
Business Mastery
Ambush Mastery
CQC Mastery
Will Breaking
Killing Mastery
Hunting Mastery
Temporal Mastery
Social Cloaking
Empathic Shield
Logic Detection
Discomfort Immunity
Fear Immunity
Flinching Immunity
Intimidation Mastery
Survival Mastery
Mechanical Mastery
Medical Mastery
Body Language Analysis
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Senses
Enhanced Tracking
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Endurance
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Violence
Enhanced Regeneration
Peak Human Longevity
Training Regimen
Small Surface Activity
Gadget Proficiency
Preparation Time Mastery
Gun Proficiency
Ranged Weapon Proficiency
Melee Weapon Proficiency
Pistol Proficiency
Enhanced Swordsmanship
Knife Proficiency
Axe Proficiency
Master Tactician and Strategist
Advanced Military Operator
Master Acrobat
Indomitable Will
Tranquil Fury
Professional Sketch Artist
Expert Vehicular Driver
Faking Deaths



Tag Combo(s):

Memories of experimentation
Lack of emotion
Critical heart damage
Gun jamming
His lack of a left eye
His Constant tiredness
His unwillingness to sleep
Night terrors
His bad experiences with love and friendships
His constant ignoring of his past life

*Transmission start*

Area 11 in Italy…all seemed quiet and peaceful until Trevor Malice was alerted by something a noise from a bush and seeing as this is a highly secured place any sound other than wind is serious..

[‘..Phoenix to..oh fuck these names. Lucas, you there?]

*A male on the other end seemed to sigh in annoyance..*

[Trevor we are given these names for a reason, I get they are hard to rememeber b-]
*Lucas started, only to be cut off by what sounded to be a happy Trevor*

[Movement in sector 11, Bush..]
*Trevor spoke quickly, aiming his gun to the bush…*

[..Oh shit..OH SHIT! CODE 00, I REPEAT CODE 0-]

*Alarms began blarring as soldiers began moving to every part of the base while Trevor cut off his mic off due to the noise as he stopped moving*
“..Much better, Now hands in the air, remove your self from the bush slowly or I will shoot!

*Nothing came from it as he slowly made his way closer, stomping on it to find…no one..*

[..False alarm Luke….Luke? Luke! Man turn those alarms off!]

*Trevor looked annoyed as he walked to and inside of the base, the alarms nearly blowing out his ears as he began to look for other soldiers…to find…the place nearly empty.

“HELLO?! The hell is everyone!?

*Trevor felt and heard multiple footsteps behind him, quickly turning and firing his gun in fear as the only thing he saw was a giant fist that floored him in second. This is when the quote “barrage of noise” began as the attacker seemingly ran away failing due to reinforcements…then Trevor passed out and to this day he still doesn’t know what happened..*


But you do, Don’t you Levi, Harry, Mary? You know exactly what happened, Don’t you?

Extra Info:
Has a liking for those who’ve experience pain
Has a odd liking for lizards
Fake Eye is extremely important to him

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