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1# Reyna’s punishment and meeting him

The teacher said, “Only one person got full marks on both the physical exam and the written exam.”  She replied. “How did most of you not get full marks on the written exam?”  Rayna asked. “Who is the person who passed?”  The teacher responded. “Vanessa.”  Rayna started to throw a tantrum, “This is not fair.  I should have my red belt not her. Do you know who my father is? He is the president.”  The teacher was not threatened and threw her out.

Robert Rodriguez was sick of his bratty daughter. After she got kicked out the karate center, he grabbed her by the ear and literally dragged her in the car.

“You are so grounded Rayna Rachel Rodriguez. In fact when I go on my business trip tomorrow, you will be babysitting Rebecca until I get home in 9 months. Also no privileges beside your phone.” He scolded his spoiled daughter.

She sighed knowing her punishment was her own fault. Just then her younger sister Rebecca entered the room.

“Who’s watching me while Dad’s away on his business trip?” Rebecca asked, confused.  She didn’t know what was going on.

“I’m babysitting you. It was supposed to be Riley but she went out of town when she was supposed to be grounded.” Rayna stated annoyed. Riley’s the oldest but she left town when she was not supposed to.

Her father had forgotten that Rebecca had a sleepover at her friend’s house.

Rayna asked her father. “Do you want me to take Reba and her special things to a sleepover at her friend’s?”

Her father replied. “Sure Rain, I’m going, bye girls.”

They replied at the same time. “Bye Dad.”

After she dropped Rebecca off at Alexandra’s house, Reyna pulled out her phone and started to cry. That was her boyfriend with her worst enemy Claudine.

She had decided to run away. She just puts it into a ponytail. She packs her luggage and puts on a black crop top with jeans.

Rayna ran as fast as she could to the nearest airport. When suddenly, she saw a vision of a lady wearing a red trench-coat, red heels and black hair.

“Hello Rayna, what an unexpected surprise.” The woman spoke with a cold tone.

“What’s your name, M’am?  Rayna asked with a polite tone. She didn’t want to be rude to this woman.

That’s for me to know and you to find out.” The woman responded with a cunning tone in her voice.

“Are you here to offer me advice?” She asked carefully in order not to anger the woman.

“Yes I am, Rayna your social status is meaningless what matters most is if you’re a good person or not. Forget this nonsense, embrace your true inner feelings not what someone else wants for you.”

As the vision disappeared, she kept on running towards the airport.

Once she was there, she was in line with her luggage. She then asked. “May I please get a plane ticket to New York City, USA?”   The woman laughed at her mockingly. “No, you don’t deserve a plane ticket with that ugly crop top and  jeans combo. In fact nobody cares about you to the point where your own mother left you.”  2 hooded figures looked in the background. They were both mutants but one had dark green skin, a red mask and sais while the other had forest green skin, a blue mask and katanas. The red masked figure snapped in anger at her. “LEAVE HER ALONE. YOU’RE WORSE THAN SHE IS, YOU LITTLE-” He was cut off as the blue masked figure. She knew he had a bad temper by the way he tried to fight the woman.

She started crying and the figure asked her. “What’s wrong?”  She was surprised that he had cared to ask her what was wrong. And she just met him.

Rayna responded with a melancholy tone. “I was acting like a spoiled brat because my adoptive mother left. And my father punished me. I can’t even say I don’t deserve it. I used to bully a girl at the school. But the truth is I’m a broken soul. My sister is sick, my boyfriend cheated on me with my worst enemy and worst of all I’m the most hated person in Spain.”

He angrily looked in shock. Her younger sister is sick, she got humiliated at school and most importantly, her boyfriend cheated on her with her worst enemy because she was a bully?

The turtle asked angrily. “Why would he cheat on a smart, beautiful girl like you? What did that witch even did to you?”

Reyna cried. “I don’t know but would you and your brother care to join me on my flight to New York?”

Leonardo replied. “You’re a stranger, I don’t know how I feel about you.”

Raphael also responded. “Yeah, me neither.”

She could understand. After all, they did just meet each other for the first time.

Reyna said. “See you unique creatures.”

All three stepped on the plane and the plane took off.

They eventually landed in New York. When Raphael and Leonardo went home, she went to the hotel alone, sad and feeling forgotten.

Below is Reyna’s diary entry:

February 7th 2003

Dear diary, I’m so angry. I can’t believe my ex would do this to me. He’s a bully too. Heck he humiliated all of the boys in the locker room during gym class. Speaking of gym class, Claudine literally tried to trip Thailah up. I angrily rushed over there and shoved her to the ground. We got in a physical fight, I was banned for 3 days while she only got detention. Claudine started this whole mess to begin with and lied about it to most of teachers and student body. The gloves are off. The Secondary Queens are back.

She angrily closed the diary and then drifted off to sleep. The sleep was uneasy because she was scared of having a nightmare where her own friends betrayed her and tried to murder her. Reyna’s conscience wasn’t going to let her off easy and this was only the beginning of her just desserts.

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