Original Characters


Name: Leonardi (A name decided on by him)

Alias: “Guardian of the Stars” (Himself), Anomaly (The government)

Alignment: Neutral (His only goal is to live like a human and chill)


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Species: N/A (He claims his species has no real name)

Age: N/A (Says he is as half as old as he Earth)


Oh.. you’re.. uhm, what’s the word? Recording? Yeah. Cool.

He is known to be extremely calm and non-hostile. The facility tends to give him tests with little to no issue. He is also very “Chill” as the others say. Some guards are even known to give him things like books, comics, food ect. But with all this, he won’t waste a second making it clear to those that threaten him that he can unleash hell at any given moment.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: (Hasn’t shown any real attraction to male or females. Doesn’t show any desire to sleep with anyone. So, it is safe to presume subject is either Asexual or just has a “Type” as other researchers joke)

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Guardian of the Stars


Subject can make weapons from his own body

Powers/Abilities/Anomalous Properties:

Cosmic Entity Physiology:

Supernatural Condition (III)

Cosmic Guardian

Cosmic Knowledge

Cosmic Amplification

Cosmic Capacitor

Hacking Mastery

Cosmic Fire/Nigh-Body/Technology Manipulation:

Technological Enhancement

Technological Possession

Current Travel

Supernatural Regeneration

Space Survivability


Flight/High-Speed Flight


Volatile Attacks

Fire Absorption


Leo can be hurt if he pulled and stretched hard enough

He is extremely sensitive to electromagnetic pulses/fields and magnetic fields. They cause him great pain, as a taser feels to a normal human

Stronger/Omni-Level Cosmic beings that reside

Electricity caused him pain, but Cosmic Electricity/Elements cause him greater strife

Techno-organics are extremely hard to hack/deal with in terms of Will and the resistance of the tech

His upgrades only remain for as long as he is in contact with the effected item

Those Immune to fire or cosmic elements

Viruses/Firewalls cause him both extreme pain and difficulty respectively


Extra Info:

The dot that acts as an “eye” for him is a star. He can shape it to make other facial expressions

He is known to get along with the other researchers and guards, no matter how tough

He is such a safe being that he’s allowed to just walk around the facility

He resides in Area-11

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