Original Characters

Diamond King

Name: Seth King

Alias: Diamond

Alignment: True Good


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Species: Homo-Magi

Age: 23


My sister is.. an odd one. My older brother.. I don’t know. I think he wants to kill me.. but.. Who knows?

Blunt, Talkative, Chill, Lazy

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Dimension Traveler/Magician


Book of spells/Limited Magics: This was made by and gifted to him by his parents.. It is filled with spells they only know. They are called limited magics due to Seth being able to only use them 3 times a day

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Poker Chips and Playing Cards: Both were gifts from his parents seperately.. The cards were given to him by his older brother…………………………………………………. or so he’s told. He mainly uses them for his kinetic energy abilities

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Supernatural Condition (II)

Sleight of hand Mastery

Archetype: Homo-Magi/Magician:

Portal Creation (Portals are in the shape of a diamond)

Magic Combat

Magic Empowerment

Magical Energy Manipulation

Magical Energy Generation

Magic Book

Magic Weaponry (Playing Cards used to be deadly magic weapons)

Parent Inheritance

Spell Casting


Spell Amplification

Spell Creation

Kinetic Energy Manipulation:

Kinetic Charging

Kinetic Constructs

Kinetic Replication

Kinetic Shielding

Kinetic Tethering

Kinetic Energy Defiance

Kinetic Energy Enhancement


Telepathy and Soul Manipulation

Portal Negation/Redirection

Mage Slayers

Magic Immunity/Mystic Lock


Magic Destruction

Magic Immunity

Magic Negation

Magical Energy Absorption

Backstory: N/A

Extra info:

His relationship with his older brother isn’t something he is comfortable sharing.

His family is breaking, everyone hates someone.

His younger sister has selective mutism, and while she rarely shows any real emotion, she has been seen shedding tears whenever something serious starts in the family

He stands at 5’8 while his brother is 6’0 and his sister is 5’6

His eyes are like that due to the combination of actual genetic mutation and Homo-Magi genes

His “tattoos” are signs of his magic and tend to glow when he uses magic.

“..My brother.. he.. I don’t talk about him much. No one does..”

-Something he says when asked about his brother

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