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The Facultkin Band: Entry 20

Important Announcement: Due to the Holiday Season and my job making me work on Sundays until the end of this year (2022), This will be the last entry until I have no work on Sundays again.


Barn, Dr. Charles, and I arrived in the universe that Barn mentioned. We landed in a relatively normal city, but soon the earth shook. A man said that two superpowered beings were fighting, but more importantly, the person we were looking for, Yatziri, was carrying some unconscious people to the hospital. After she dropped off the last one, I greeted her, only for her to immediately pounce on Barn. They had some history. Yatziri said as she pins Barn that he gave her powers with some serum. Dr. Charles knew what she was talking about. He wondered how Barn could identify the Supreme Serums and their effects. He went to other worlds and experimented on the locals. Barn stated that it was everyone’s choice. He did not force them.

Yatziri understood, but that did not excuse the fact that all the others who gained powers went bad and formed a gang. She had to fight all of them and their leader. Barn, the whole time, watched and gathered data on them. She could not believe that all that chaos was just a beta test. Barn said he did not expect what would happen, but there would be time for retributions later. I agreed. We asked her if she could help us with a hunt for The Chaos Crier Kirin. She only decided if she could keep an eye on Barn. The terms were acceptable.

Back at the monster-crawling universe near Astera, Yatziri started tracking while holding onto Barn’s hand the whole time. It was adorable, especially seeing Barn, this monster, this absolute unit, being treated like a three-year-old with a bad attitude. Before hunting, I talked with The Commander again to learn more about our target. It looks like a unicorn, but it is a dragon… I will not argue with that, and it can attack with lightning infused with what he calls Blastblight. This stuff can make things explode, and we certainly don’t want to blow up. The Commander gave us some residue from its last attack, and Yatziri could use it to take it through smell.

After fighting off several small monsters, we reached the kirin’s lair. It walked out of its home with a cry as electricity flew out of its horn. The bolt went to the clouds, and green lightning bolts returned. Dr. Charles used his power to negate them since they were technically projectiles. The beast charged at us, attempting to escape, but Yatziri tackled it. The Kirin electrocuted her and broke free. Prophet moved me out of the way before the monster gored me. Then Barn stepped up and tackled it to the ground as well. Like before, the Kirin tried to shock him, but Barn was immune because he conceptualized a rubberband before the hunt and incorporated it into his physical existence. The monster struggled before Yatziri walked up to it and growled at it, growing her nails into a shovel-like construct. The Kirin gave up the fight, but what should we do with it?

Barn said that the people usually kill monsters and wear their hide as armor, but I think that is cruel. Since the job was to get rid of it, what better way than to take it with us? Dr. Charles was concerned, but he was going to deny my decision. Barn did not really care about what we do with it, and then he mentioned that the Kirin is a boy. With that settled, We walked with our new friend, Shout Bolt, and returned to Astera. The Commander was surprised that we captured the creature alive, but we told them that we were taking him far away from here. As promised, he gave us the blueprints to The Dragonator. Now, we must build this powerful machinery up to Super Dragon-killing specs. I asked if Yatziri wanted to come with us, but she reluctantly refused because she is a superhero and cannot leave her responsibilities. I understood and told Barn to fashion something Yatziri could use to contact us. He pulled a strand of my suit and did something to it with his powers. He told her my outfit would pick up her voice if she spoke to it. Yatziri said she would consider contacting us if things get pretty back home or if Barn turns on us. We dropped her back off, and our adventure began to build our own Dragonator.


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