the beginning

in the beginning there were only 2 beings, both indescribable one was life galaxy a being of creation and good, the other death galaxy a being of chaos and destruction. life fearing death galaxy sealed away his true form and true capabilities, then she used her powers to create everything from heaven to the mortal realm. she created gods and goddesses to help her and that wasn’t all life decided to create a multiverse and created a goddess of the multiverse named 999 to help, a long time later in modern day earth the deities decided to give some humans powers and even magic. the world took a while to make sense of the matter, and soon people realized that creatures like phoenixes and vampires existed. some people decided to hunt them down and kill them all others like them just wanted to kill the evil ones, while others didn’t really care and were happy with co-existing with them. now the world is filled with heroes and villains fighting and supernatural beings walking the earth, but when fiends decided to appear and attack people angels and archangels thought the time was here to protect earth from the hidden dangers of hell itself.

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OCverse is the universe where my oc's live. all kinds of supernatural beings exist in my universe, so lets explore my personal OCverse

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