Original Characters

infinity jerry, the hero of infinity

name:jerry ryanford

alias:infinity jerry




appearance:a kinda muscular adult with black hair and green eyes, he wears a red t-shirt and black pants. his hero costume is a red suit with a star shape on the chest, he has a red cape and red hood also a red bandanna

personality:kind and brave, jerry is a gentle person who cares for people and shows no fear when facing powerful enemies.


*energy absorption

*energy immunity (he can’t die when he absorbs energy

infinity stone energy:

*super strength (power stone)

*telekinesis (mind stone)

*portal creation (space stone)

*mind control (mind stone)

*mind read (mind stone)

*time manipulation (time stone)

*reality manipulation (reality stone)

*soul magic (soul stone)

*snap (can snap fingers and whatever he thinks of happens)

origin:he was a normal kid with a normal life, until he absorbed the energy of the infinity stones and he realized what he can do he  set out to become a hero.


*save people (ongoing)

*create a hero team (succeeded)


*punched a hole in mount Everest

*destroyed an entire city block with telekinesis.

battle track (so far):

*infinity jerry vs giant monster (winner:infinity jerry)

*infinity jerry vs unnamed terrorist group (winner:infinity jerry)

*infinity jerry and mecha ninja vs acid monster (winner:mecha ninja and infinity jerry)

*infinity jerry vs thanos (winner:infinity jerry)


*using the snap weakens him to the point where he cannot fight so he uses it as a last resort

*his infinity stone powers are limited to the OCverse so in other universes the stones are very limited

*he is human so he has normal human weaknesses even with his powers

*he can’t control his reality stone power


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