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The Facultkin Band: Entry 15

After another long recovery break, my band and I went to the center of Freeman, Comstock Tower. It was a large spiral structure with coils around the Super Dragon Ball. With the reassembled Latch Key, Stanley snatched it out of my hands via Teleportation. I screamed in frustration as soldiers, Cain Cadets and Jack Waynand showed up in front of the massive doors that led inside the tower. Anna said we needed to get in there at all costs. Then someone said, “Oh, you need an opening, correct?” It was Barn from behind us. I was not in the mood for this, but he walked past us before the opposition. Before Stanley could say a word, Barn flicked his finger, and all eight bracelets on his body vanished. Then all our enemies were blown away by a shockwave that blew a hole through the tower.

Every one of us was in shock that Barn helped us. Anna asked why he did this, and he replied that Stanley was the one who hurt his pupil and friend. Plus, he was bored with this world, anyway. Ayra ran up and hugged him. Barn said that there would be time for appreciation later. He was right, and all of us ran in. Inside was a giant rift in space-time almost as big as the tower itself. Someone was pacing around and muttering to themselves, a woman with frazzled hair and raggedy clothes. Anna identified her as Lady Elizabeth Comstock, creator of Freeman and abductor of all. After looking back and forth, she and Anna look similar except for a significant age gap. Dr. Charles did notice that too.

After the sounds of a gun firing, Anna murdered Lady Elizabeth. She laughed manically as she dropped herself into the Tear and emerged with bright white hair. She closed the rift, and the power that flowed through the cables dissipated. HA pointed outside, and several city blocks were disappearing. Anna stated that without the Tear’s energy, everyone and everything is returning to their universe of origin. She also said that Lady Elizabeth and her are the same person from different periods and timelines. She was stripped of almost all of her powers when Lady Elizabeth decided to create Freeman after the failures of other great cities of similar structure and innovations. She needed all the power and drew from various other Elizabeths, and the strain from all that effort deteriorated her mind and morals. Anna used what power she had left to come here and took her power back but obtained so much more.

Lady Elizabeth knew of her arrival and tried to catch her, but she found us, the perfect patsies and shields. Now she can build a better Freeman, but with the best the multiverse had to offer and not the “filth” her older self dragged in. Since she knew we wanted the Super Dragon Ball, she tried to eliminate us with a cosmic ball of death. It was getting close to Dr. Charles, and Ayra stood in the way. She wanted to protect him, the man that she loved. Ayra slammed her wax club, and somehow, it morphed into a wall-like construct despite not having her powers to morph it. Anna was not impressed before Barn stepped and bashed her head with his bracelets. I have no idea how he got over there so fast. Beethoven jumped into the fray with a song that attracted all the troops’ weapons from outside. Anna saw this before they went wild, but she opened a rift and sent them away. HA and Woofer tried to make their combo move before the rift reopened and rained junk on them. Chef Mariloft didn’t know what to do, and I ran in with Prophet as a sword. Anna released a train from nowhere, and I almost got run over if my seer didn’t tug me in another direction.

Anna opened another rift as big as the one Lady Elizabeth made. She planned to send us all to different places in time forever. Mariloft stood up and focused on the rift with her powers. Anna started to sniff and looked up at the Tears. She could taste the air the rift was irradiating. She soon was enchanted by its flavor and flew up into it. Barn said, “Nice Work” to Mariloft before sealing the rift with all his eight bracelets. Anna was gone, trapped in space between time and space, probably forever. The rest of the city faded away from the surface of the Super Dragon Ball, except the part of the city that encircled Comstock Tower. Ayra started to fade away, too, since she came here through Lady Elizabeth’s power, unlike Dr. Charles and Barn. Ayra did not want to go. She wanted to stay with Charles, and he reciprocated those feelings. Barn asked if this was true. Charles said, “That is a stupid question. You are the only person who knew our relationship.” Barn just wanted to be sure before wrapping a rope on each other’s wrists and transmuting it. He created a bond between them that prevented her from going back to her world.

Ayra and Charles were kissing each other while I stared at the Dragon Ball. Without Tempus’s Dimensional abilities, I cannot travel or store stuff. Barn went up to me and fixed what he had down to my outfit, or at least part of it. He gave Tempus back his ability to store, but he knew that with my group this big. They will need a base. He took the band and me to the top of the tower. We were in Lady Elizabeth’s control room. She would monitor everything within this city before her descent into madness. With Barn’s power, he infused the system with the transportation function of Tempus, making this entire place, several city blocks and a tower, our home base, and ship. Everybody was getting excited because they planned to start calling dibs on homes. Dr. Charles and Ayra became part of our crew due to not having anywhere to go, and Barn is only here because his home is part of our base, so he is here to stay. Now, we have three Super Dragon Balls. I am excited about our subsequent acquisition.

A word from my friends:

  1. Ayra & Charles: “Happy to be aboard.”
  2. Barn: “Just don’t mess with my stuff again.”
  3. Chef Mariloft: “I am actually happy I got to help in the end. I haven’t been as helpful as I wanted to. I know I can do more for this team like making us a great victory meal. Eha!”

(I don’t own characters and concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.)

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