Original Characters


Name: Tanya Louise

Alias: TT, My Love

Alignment: True Evil


Species: Human

Age: 23

Personality: Kind, Scarily Motherly towards kids, Bloodthirsty, Calculated, Violent, Caring, Sweet

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Pronouns: Her/She

Occupation: House-Wife


Cleaver (Gifted to by Ed)


Enhanced Condition (II)
Pain Suppression
Hatred Empowerment
Enhanced Violence
Corruption Immunity
Control Negation
Impossible State Survival
Enhanced Survivability
Fear Immunity
Psychic Shield
Cleaver Proficiency
Knife Proficiency

Archetype Yandere:
Indomitable Hatred
Indomitable Love
Indomitable Will
Killing Instinct
Love Empowerment

Grand: WIP

Tekc(s): WIP

Tag Combo(s): WIP

Karma Inducement

Calm Inducement

Supernatural Condition (II-V)

Absolute Condition

Absolute Violence

Any damaged done to Ed gets her angrier and will lead due to her downfall due to lack of correct thinking

If she is to even hurt Ed even a tiny bit she breaks down


Extra Info:
She is 5’7

She and Ed plan to get married and start a family

She hates the color Blue and Red

She thinks Ed is the coolest and most amazing person to exist

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