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Big D




Void (Vigilante Name)


Danny is a 5’9 Male with Brown hair, though odd at times it seems gray. He has hazel eyes the turn red with black dots in them whenever “” or “Anti” takes over. He usually where a grey jacket, red shirt with his old high school soccer team on it, black pants and red sneakers. As 2 small accesories he’ll wear a red face mask with some all back sunglasses.


Antítheta or Anti is a violent spirit/former God who was slain by a hunter. In his permanent spirit form he stands at 7ft tall and his weight is said to be endless. Anti is a highly adept shapeshifter, constantly changing and alternating his appearance on the fly. With varying forms ranging from a shadowy, trench coat-wearing villain to a shell skinned mega beast, monstrous flame effigy, an obese pustule atrocity, or massive hurricane of darkness.


Anti is rage and hatred unbound, taking absolute joy in savage acts of brutality and finding purpose in spreading it unto to others. He shows extremely manipulative and untruthful tones.

Danny is a sweet, caring and forgiving man. He shows joy in helping the people of his home simply because he can and wants to.


Superhuman Strength: Danny’s strength varies greatly and depends on his mental stability. He possesses vast superhuman strength, granting him the ability to lift (press) far in excess of 2 tons easily. He is one of the strongest beings in his Universe. He has demonstrated several astonishing feats of strength during his career, including easily lifting tremendous weights, ripping Anti in two, taking Sun Wukong’s staff and shattering it with his bare hands.

Superhuman Speed: Danny possesses the ability to think, move, run, and react at superhuman speeds. He has been observed catching bullets and has also been seen moving far in excess of supersonic speeds.

Superhuman Stamina: His enhanced musculature is far more efficient than that of a human. As a result, his muscles produce no fatigue toxins. However, his stamina, along with the rest of his powers.

Superhuman Agility: Danny’s natural balance, agility, and body coordination are enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Danny can heal himself from virtually all injuries. Injured limbs, damaged Organs ECT.

Dimensional Energy Manipulation: Danny can manipulate, produce, control, and absorb vast amounts of energy as he sees fit. He can manipulate this otherworldly energy called A-Energy, this form of energy comes in either, red (Dark or light), yellow, Orange, and in rare cases gold or Scarlet. It can’t absorbed AT ALL as it will only cause speeding decay in who or whatever it is being absorbed by.

Energy Absorption: Dan can absorb virtually any type of energy and channel that energy through his blasts. It is unknown if Danny could absorb energy to achieve other effects to increase his strength, physiology, or the like. His energy absorption ability and his ability to wield energy had their limits.

Energy Blasts: Dan can generate this form of energy and project them in the form of powerful energy blasts. He could generate these blasts from his hands as well as his eyes.

Flight: Dan is able to fly and levitate using his powers. (adding more energy to become increasingly fast, presumably sub-light).

Solid Energy Constructs: Danny can solidify his energy into weapons and other shapes.

Energy Detection: Danny is capable of detecting energy signatures from great distances when the power in question was potent. This included other superhumans with energy powers usually at lesser ranges.

Healing: Also shown capable of healing from seemingly mortal injuries by manipulating his body’s energy composition. The full extent and speed of Vulcan’s capacity to heal isn’t known. Though he himself states “It gets harder the bigger the wound.” prouposing the idea the limit is based of either the wounds size or severity.

Psionic Resistance: Danny proved highly resistant to psionic attacks. The only such attack to be successful was performed by Stella.

Energy Resistance: Danny is able to withstand various forms of energy, concussive, electrical, or heat-based attacks. There is a hard limit to this

With Anti Boost

Energy Perception: The 2 can perceive energies that bind the universe together, allowing them to observe everything in their field of vision at a higher level than it is possible using their normal vision. With Anti being able to see and sense spirits combined with Danny’s ability to see and sense aura/energy these have combined allowing to see the ghosts, spirits, wraths, Ect. Along with allowing them to see the aura and energies of the living and dead

Energetic Pressure: The 2 can use their energy to cause crushing or repelling effects on objects or areas, can cause a target to be paralyzed by the pressure and induce fear.

Anti Takeover

Branching-Tendrils: Anti can create deadly Branching-tendrils. Those impaled on these tendrils experience traumatic visions of the past, present, and future. The Tendrils are also capable of causing physical damage, for example when they broke every bone in the body of the great Sun Wukong.

Ultimate Intangibility: Anti’s dark personality can physically change and alternate molecular/atomic density and cohesion in order to phase through objects and people while inflicting tremendous pain on a subject.

Night Augmentation: Anti and Danny are at their strongest during the night and smaller version of this is that Anti is powered via Danny’s negative emotions, the stronger the emotion the strong the boost.







As a form of retaliation he told his slayer: “For the 7th member of your generation be born, I shall control them, mold them, MAKE THEM INTO A MONSTER AS CRUEL AS I!” . For the next 800 years, possession of the newborn for every single generation of the slayer had failed over and over again. Until, the 900th newborn came a baby boy, no siblings, no idea of what is to happen until…Anti saw, no, FELT something growing in this baby, something..unusual. It was some form of energy even this powerful and deadly spirit has never seen and to his shock..couldn’t control. But..that is when his mistake soon was realized as this energy began to pull him in and merge with him..pulling him into this pocket dimension that looked like his home..He was confused, shocked, and over all angry..but not much he could do but..Wait







Stella: Danny’s closest friend and holder of the spirit Tela. These 2 have been close since they were 2. The 2 are to have said to have a sibling like relationship despite their differences..Though it is said the 2 have feelings for the other.



Positive Emotion

The other Guardians combined power

Overloading on energy

Pure elements



His family and friends

His urge to never kill


Running out of energy

His energy being absorbed (While it will damage the thing or one doing so it is still harmful to him)

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