Original Characters

Serum Subject: #10 Lauren

Name: Lauren Newman

Alias: Kineta, Ms. Newman

Alignment: True Good

(Out of suit)

(In Suit)

Species: Pseudo-Superior Human

Age: 25

Personality: Kind, Caring, Cautious, Willful, Fun-Loving

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Pronouns: Her/She

Occupation: Superheroine

Kinetic Energy Batons (In pic)

Basic Abilities:
Military Mastery
Intimidation Mastery
Tactical Genius

Crimefighting Mastery
Rescue Mastery
Strong Heart
Tranquil State
Linguistics Mastery (Spanish and Russian)

X-Nesis granted powers:
Supernatural Condition (III)
Kinetic Energy Manipulation
Kinetic Charging
Kinetic Constructs
Kinetic Amplification
Kinetic Strike
Remote Triggering
Personal Kinetic Energy
Remote Detonation
Kinetic Energy Solidification
Kinetic Energy Attacks

Non-Physical abilities have a chance of working on her

Her remote triggering has an extremely low range, to the point on objects within arm’s reach can be triggered

She can’t really make anything to huge with her KE Solidification. She is limited to bows, arrows, batons, staff and nun-chucks

Energy Immunity

Energy Absorption

Anti-Energy Manipulation

Supernatural Condition (V)

Absolute Condition

Physics immunity

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

Her theme is The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid.

While you may think she only fights to get paid, she will state even if she wasn’t being paid she’d still fight to help people along with her family

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