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My first OC Finley Wilkins!

Character Sheet Created By: Spelledog on Deviantart!
Link: https://www.deviantart.com/spelledeg/art/OC-Biography-sheet-154984521
Date Completed: 10/2/2021

Full Name: Finley Jane Wilkins
Pronunciation of their name(first, middle name(s) and last):F•IHN•lee Ja•ne Wil•Kins
Meaning of their full name: Janes means “fair-haired hero”; Jane mean “God is gracious”; Wilkins means
Why did their parents name them this?: Long before Finn was born, her parents had been alerted of the twin set and so her mother had merely asked her father one question. If they turned out to be a boy and a girl within this twin set then she wanted cute little rhyming names. Thus both twins were named with the rhyming names.
If not parents, what decided their name?:
Why did you, their creator name them this?: I named them this because, given twins names are always funny to giggle over, I wanted the chance to use rhyming names for once! I thought Finn and Quinn would be a cute little pairing!
Title(Mr./Mrs./Lord/Lady/Sir/): Miss
Nickname(s): Finn
Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?: Absolutely.
History behind nickname(s): As a child Finn had be merely been called her nickname by her parents from the get go. It was something she adored due to the many tones, the many ways, her nickname could be used and it was something she had grown used to responding too.

Before going on with this sheet, take a moment to briefly describe this character as a whole, a character snapshot:


Sex: Female
Gender identity: Feminine
Race/species: Serpentine
Ethnicity: American
Realm/Universe(Real world, an anime verse, etc.):
Share about this realm(What’s considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse):
Age: 24
How old they appear: Youthful, looking very much like she was in her late teens.
Mental age: The same as her physical age, twenty-four.
Orientation/Sexual preference: Pansexual
Any history behind their sexual orientation?: It was nothing truly extravagant. She merely had come to realize during her preteen years that she found that she didn’t truly care what another person identified as, whether they were straight or bisexual or lesbian or gay she just didn’t care. She found herself attracted more to a personality, who a person truly was, and she found the term later in her late teens which she now proudly claims to any who ask.
Do they believe it’s right/have an opinion on it?: She absolutely believes it’s right. She believes that no matter a sexuality, identity or anything of the sort that it’s right. If you feel it’s right then it’s right, is her belief.
Are they opposed for their sexuality?: No.

Significant other: Freya Caroline Stokes

**This next string has to do with adjustments from birth sex, or hermaphrodite characters, etc. not relevant to all characters**
Do they dress along with their birth sex, or their gender identity?: Yes she does.
Why or why not?: It was just merely something she dressed in, something she never gives much thought to it. She merely enjoys wearing the first thing her fingers touch.
Have they undergone gender change surgery if their gender identity is different from their birth sex?: No.
How/does this effect them?: N/A
How do the hormones they take effect their body?: N/A
Any negatives?: N/A

Birth date: August 23rd, 1997
Birth place: Australia
Death date: N/A
Death place: N/A

Height: 5’5″
Weight: 128 lbs
Are they overweight/underweight?: Nope, she isn’t. She’s rather evenly weighed for her height.
If so, why?:
Blood type: O negative
Can they bleed?: Yes
What color is their blood?: Her blood is white.

Defining physical characteristics/general appearance:

Eye color(s): Silver
Contacts?: No.
If so, why do they have contacts?: N/A
Glasses?: No.
Describe their glasses: N/A
Is this eye color uncommon?: Yes.
Are their eyes good?: Yes.

General facial structure(high cheekbones, narrow eyes, etc.): Finn has a very defined jawline, despite the shape of her face, and it is something that is most noticeable.
Face shape: She has a V-triangle shaped face.
Describe their eyes: The shape of her eyes, much like their parents, were upturned.
Describe their nose: Finn has a Roman shaped nose, something that she feels self conscious about due to how big it seems to be sometimes. However often helps with giving them a prideful look to them without even meaning too.
Describe their lips: Finn’s lips are shaped with a heavy upper lip, fuller than her bottom lip.
Ears(pointed, cat, etc.): The shape of her ear is lightly pointed, like a normal human ear, with a free earlobe.
If something about their face is different than the norm of their realm, do they get grief/disapproval for it?: Nope.
Wrinkles?: Nope.

Eyelashes?: Yes
Describe them: They are straight thin lashes that seem like feathers, very fine in appearance though the color matched the shade of her hair. She often refuses to wear mascara due to how thin her lashes are and how light they are. Due to their appearance her eyes appear that much more open because of those lashes.

Eyebrows?: Yes
Describe them: Unlike her thin, light lashes, Finn’s eyebrows are angled and very much thick while matching the color of her hair. They are rather striking, as if making up for her lashes, but they were easy to groom for her and they are the shape that many envy.

Hair color(s): Golden blonde
Hair length: It’s long that reaches down below her breasts towards the top of her lower back.
Dyed?: Nope.
If so, why is their hair dyed?: N/A
Hair style: She often scrapes her hair back into long ponytails or lazy buns, her bangs being the only thing free from the pony tail that she brushes over to the right side where they dangle down along the side of her face.
Why?: It is just natural that she pulls her hair back due to how long it was and how hot she could get with it laying down her back.
Is their hair healthy?: Absolutely.
If not, why can it not be maintained?:
How thick?: It is thin, wispy around her shoulders giving it that look of “thin strands of gold” as her mother often crooned about.

Facial hair?: None.
Well kept?: N/A
Length: N/A
Styling: N/A
Color: N/A

Body hair?: Yes
Where?: Her arms, legs, armpits and pubic area.
Well kept?: Yes, she often takes much time to shave all of these areas the best that she absolutely can.
Color: Golden blonde.

Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): She’s somewhat slim but her body is still lightly rounded in places.
Body shape(Pear, hourglass, rectangle, etc.): She has an pear body shape which means her shoulders are narrower than her hips, even her top half is smaller with a small bust size, a defined waist which is thanks to her wider hips. But she does possess full hips and full thighs that go well with her slender proportions.
Body type(medically speaking): Mesomorph
Posture(slouched, correct, etc.): She has a correct, straight posture.
Body abnormalities(Cleft lip etc.): None.
Extra extremities(Another arm, tail, horns etc.): None.
Does the extremity cripple them or is it helpful?: N/A
Describe how they walk(Fast, slow, weak step, etc.): Finley has a rather brisk, quick steps almost like she’s skipping and yet it’s rather smooth in the way that she takes her steps. She plants her whole feet down but will often spring to the balls of her feet in that quick brisk manner which makes it hard for others to really keep up with her for when she gets lost in her mind she tends to walk quickly.
Why do they walk this way?: From a small age Finley has always been one to run or walk quickly once she had gained her footing as a toddler. Her brother often ran rather than walk so in order to keep up to him, even while walking, she quickly adapted her quick brisk pace to keep in time with her older twin.
Do they limp?: No.

Skin/fur color(s): It’s rather translucent, a very pale white that could almost appear iridescent in certain lighting.
Complexion: For the most part it’s clear but she does have some acne that pops up once in a while.
Patterns/designs(on skin/fur and where they are, such as a zebra stripe pattern): She actually has small scales that create a hexagon like pattern that run from the corner of her eyes down across her cheekbones though it’s easily covered by her make up,
Scars: She has a scar along her jawline.
How did they get these scars?: When she was small, because she ran everywhere to catch with her twin, she had fallen and bashed her chin right into the cement stairs of their patio.
Birthmarks): None
Tattoos: Yes, she has a large snake on her upper arm that stretches across her chest and a butterfly on the inside of her right ankle.
Reasons behind tattoos: There was no real big reason behind them other than Finn found it ironic to have a snake tattoo given her species and she merely got the butterfly for her late uncle.
Piercings: She has an eyebrow, her whole ear lobe on both sides, a double helix and a vertical labret.
Reasons behind piercings: Her mother had been against tattoos and piercings as she grew so naturally, given the type of girl Finn is, she ran out to get pierced up the moment she came of age.
Additional body mods(scarification, sub-dermal implants, etc.): None.

Right/left handed(or ambidextrous perhaps?): Right handed
Big hands/small hands/something else?: She actually has rather large hands
Long fingered/short fingered hands?: Short fingered
Are their nails taken care of(Decently)?: Yes
If not, why?:

Describe their smile: Finn’s smile is bright, enigmatic and automatic depending on who she is talking with and yet the sight of it is bright. It raises so high the corners of her lips will tremble and yet it brings a light to her eyes, one that is warm and just as glowing as her smile. Often times it can be a sarcastic one, full of unspoken mirth, but often times the right side will drop a touch lower than the left while quivering and it will still hold a warmth. It is often described as a clumsy smile.
What kind of teeth do they have?(Vampiric, all fangy, etc.): Her teeth are rather perfect save for her front teeth which have a little gap and her canine teeth are sharper than a humans.
Do they take care of their teeth?: Yes
Why/why not?: She merely believes good oral hygiene is a thing that needs to be practiced more often.
Dental condition: Fine.

Describe their voice(What range is it for one thing? Alto, tenor, bass, etc.?): Finn has a alto voice tone, the second lowest second tone for females. Being born in Australia, living there just long enough to gain a subtle accent, Finn’s voice is a scratchy voice as if she had recovered from being hoarse and it carries with it a soft touch of an Australian accent.
Speech mannerisms(Do they pause a lot, a stutter?: Sometimes Finn will get excited or jazzed up about something and begin talking so fast she can’t keep up with herself and will often stutter.

Describe an outfit they would wear: Finn would wear ripped jeans, a band t-shirt, and a plaid coat along with combat boots.
Why do they have this clothing preference?: It’s just merely something that Finn has always worn in some kind of variety during her teenage years.


Mental state:
Mental disorder/ailment(s)(If any):
If they have a mentally threatening disorder, what caused it to arise?:
Mental stability(relative to disorders):
How does this ailment effect their day to day life?:
Why do they have this degree of mental stability?:

Mental has to do with neurological issues, good mental health is very important. Mental issues can effect emotions, and emotional stability, though they are not the same thing.

Emotional stability:
Emotional disorder/ailment(s):
Why do they have such/lack emotional stability?:
Has their upbringing had an effect on their emotions?:
Why or why not?:

The age chart for emotional and mental things here is based on a human lifespan.
Describe or share about their mental and emotional state during…
early childhood(3 – 5):
childhood(6 – 9):
adolescence/tween(10 – 12):
adolescence/teen(13 – 16):
teen continued(16 – 18):
young adulthood(19 – 25):
“official” adulthood(26 – 29):
adulthood continued(30 – 40):
half century(41 – 51):
up and onward(52+):

Personality snapshot: Finn is quite literally what you would think a girl at a very young age who developed a tomboy personality for Finn is a very loud, excitable person who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to fighting and is very kind.
In depth personality: She has a kindness inside of her as well as empathy for those around her however she is very stubborn when it comes right down to it and often is considered sharp around the edges to those who don’t know her personally. She’s always on her feet ready to fight whether it’s with her hands or with her retorts but as kind as she is Finn can be just as unpredictable as any snake. She’s very energetic and sarcastic, both contradicting personality traits but part of her main persona to everyone else and she can often have a bit of a short temper or impatient yet she is very loyal to those in her life. She is a confidant to those around her, very supportive of others and she is the best at keeping secrets.
Most prominent personality trait: Sarcastic
Best traits of their personality: Loyalty
Worst traits of their personality: Stubbornness
Jung personality test result:

What caused this kind of personality to form?(based upon upbringing/social whatnot): It would be a touch dramatic to say she had always been that way but it’s the truth. Finn was born with her personality that took place in her late baby months and stuck with her into her toddler years and onwards.
Would you say their personality was influenced by their caretakers/guardians?: Yes, absolutely.
If so, who influenced their personality the most and how?: Her mother and her uncle. While her mother is a kind, loyal woman who raised her daughter to be very kind to those around her and those less fortunate it was this that gave her her kinder side which comes out varying on the moment. Her uncle, on the other hand, always taught her to be a fierce little girl and instead of admonishing her he inspired her attitude of standing up for herself and others to flourish rather than squash it down. Her uncle, late one, was a fierce stubborn man and he honestly rubbed off of Finn more than her brother.
If not, what was the greatest influence?:
Do they like their personality?: Yes.

Do they have a healthy self image(How they view themselves)?: Yes.
If not, why?:
If so, what gives them the drive to maintain it?: She practices much self care and with each time she does so she will say small mantras to herself about her body, her looks or how her life is going and any other mantra to keep this healthy self image of herself.

First impression usually given: That she is a loud, impulsive girl.
Are they logical thinkers(if they have a mentally crippling disease, this is null)?: Yes she is absolutely a logical thinker even if she is impulsive.
Right brain/left brained?: Right brain
Why?: Finn has always been the fun, loud and pretty artistic and creative during her young years so it was never a doubt that she would be right brained.

Current faith(religion): None.
If they do have one, why?:
If they don’t have one, why?: Finn doesn’t practice any religion as, given her parents ideals, she simply was not raised with any kind of religion while she was growing up.
Are they strong in it?: N/A
Do they actively practice it?: N/A
Why did they choose this faith?: N/A
If they didn’t choose it, were they forced into it?: N/A
If forced, do they like it now that they’re in it?: N/A
Why do they believe this religious plunge is correct?: N/A
Do they know?: N/A

Zodiac(Eastern): Ox
Zodiac(Western): Virgo
Do they follow a horoscope/related things?: Not really but she does like to poke fun at those crazy people who take horoscope related things too far.
What superstitions do they have?: None really.
If not superstitions, what myths to they tend to cling to as truth?: She believes the Greek gods, entities and the such are reality despite the human skepticism.
Reasons why they have these odd beliefs: Because she herself is descended from a deity/entity the Rainbow Snake from Australia and so there isn’t much in the world she doesn’t believe to be untrue when it comes to the thought of Greek gods or the like.

Outlook on life: If you like something then pursue it and love it, don’t let anyone shame you!
General attitude: Sarcastic and energetic.
What caused this attitude?: Finn has always had such a large abundance of energy so it’s just always evident but she is mostly sarcastic to others.
Have they ever questioned their outlook on life?: She merely likes things how she likes them and she believes a person should not be shamed for what they enjoy but rather that they should persue it.

Alignment(Good/evil/bystander/etc.): Good
Why they chose this path: It’s just who she is.
Do they know the outcome of this choice?: She knows that, if anyone were to need a good person, they can find her and she can absolutely help them with it. She is a person who hopes that someday she will be needed in a fight of good against the bad.
Do they believe this is right?: Yes, she believes being good is right.
If they don’t believe it’s correct, why do they stay on it?:

Personal quote and(or) motto: “I do what I want when I want and if I want to like, dress, kiss or be someone or something then that’s what I’ll be/do!”
Reasons behind this motto/quote: Merely Finn had grown up a tomboy, as such she acted the part, and many women around her mother’s group of friends always tried to squeeze her into dresses, skirts or tie her hair in braids or pig tails. She had been fed up with the attempts at them actively trying to change her despite her mother insisting she was fine and so she snapped and merely spoke her mind without thinking twice about it coming up with that personal quote/motto.

Emotional trauma(if any, and why): None.
How do they respond when the trauma issue is talked about/touched on?: N/A
Does this trauma effect their day to day life?: N/A
Why, or why not?: N/A
What made the situation traumatic to them?: N/A
Would you say that they effect the environment around them, or that their environment around them effects them more?: N/A

Morals(and what they are): Her morals are merely that everyone should respect others for they never know what another person is going through. Help the fallen by holding a hand out and help them rise.
What defines right and wrong for them?:
Do they hold these morals for religious reasons?: No
Do they hold their definitions of right and wrong above other people’s: No.

Drugs they take/have taken/or do: Mostly weed.
What caused them to do drugs?: She merely was introduced to it at the age of fifteen by one of her best friends and she became an avid smoker of the plant, even getting a weed license to smoke.
Are they dependent on a certain drug?: No.
Is it prescribed to them?: No.
What is the purpose of the drugs they take?: Finn likes to break away from her own mind every once in a while and being high helps her get away from herself.
How do their drugs effect them?(Personality, memory, etc.): Not one bit.

Earliest memory: Finn’s earliest memory was being knee deep in mud, her hands smeared with the slick substance, as she stared in awe at a large rat snake slithering underneath the bushes and how it had whispered to her. She never forgot what it felt like to have such a strong, slamming sense of “oh, I know you! I know me! I belong with you!” and it merely burned into her memory ever since that afternoon underneath the hot sun as she stood in the cool drying mud.
Is this memory important to them?: Absolutely.
Do they wish to forget it?: No, never.
Are they glad they remember it?: Yes, absolutely.

How do they respond and/or react in times of…(and why they do what they do)

Happiness: When Finn is happy she will rush around the house in pursuit of a new Pinterest craft she wants to make and she will sing, no matter how bad she is, at the top of her lungs while she is doing so and she smiles very easily. She is very kind to those around her when she is happy, easily helping and wanting to pitch in any way that she can with the warm blush in her cheeks from rushing ehre and there around her large house and she simply glows wit hthe emotion.

Excitement: There’s a sparkle in her eye, a wide mischevious smile on her lips and she will bounced up onto her toes excitedly as she grabbed at anything she could get her hands on as if to tether herself to the moment and to tie her excitement down. She will often squeak or make high pitched noises as she runs around or she will bounce in her seat as she waits rather impatiently for the source of her excitement.

Surprise: She is often the one orchestrating the surprise so she is often giddy, grinning like a mad woman and she often looks disheveled like she had been some wild child who had just figured out clothes. Her fingers will press against her lips as if to hide her smile, bounce on her toes or wriggle her legs if she is sitting down in a chair. She will fidget sometimes, squirming with that a glint in her eyes that is so vivid it’s hard to imagine what she woudln’t say.

Grief: She is quiet. Very quiet. She will often be slack jawed, unable to process words and will absolutely try to cover it up the best that she can but it’s always easy to see the tears welling up in her eyes and even if she runs away her rbother always manages to sooth her. She will go to her brother when she is so saddened she feels heavy and she will cling onto him for days following the emotion and she will oftne be very quiet in response to her grief, more solemn than she ought to be.

Pain: She will cuss so loudly that even the most sailor mouthed man would gasp at the words that would fly off Finn’s lips when she gets hurt and she isn’t subtle to howl the words at the roof above her. She is oftne squirely and angry after getting hurt, defensive even, so she often slinks off to be left alone which many people know to make their distance for Finn can be as mean as a viper when she is hurt and will strike at anyone she deems annoyance. Often times she will feel embarrassed and rush off to be by herself.

Fear: She goes very pale, will often stutter over her words and while trying to appear strong she looks weakened when she is afraid but she has a very defensive reaction when it comes down to being afraid as she refuses to let it show. She often has one betraying factor which is her hands shake lightly, a tremble that is identifiable though she tries to lock her hands together or hide them in the pockets of her hoodies whenever she can to keep others from spotting the red flag of her fear.

Not knowing the outcome of some situation: Her voice shakes and she is very on edge, twitchy as one might describe, but often in these situations she is struggling between her flight and fight mode inside of her so much so that she will often become like a cornered animal. She will become very bitter or venomous in her tone along with her teeth and she will often begin to cry in this unknown outcome of the situation.

Feel free to add to this part! There are plenty of other situations left for you to describe!


Current dream in life: To be a shop owner
Why is this their dream?: Because Finley, for all her quirks and wild attitude, would love nothing more than to own a flower shop. She would go in with her significant other, a flower nymph, and wants nothing more than to achieve this dream.
Long term goals: She is looking for a stable job to work up the money for her flower shop.
Why?: She always dreamed of owning a flower shop, one where she could grow and create flowers of the most stunning variety in her mind whenever she could and create beautiful bouquets for others to enjoy as well.
Short term goals: Work things out with her parents.
Why?: She is often butting heads with her parents so it is without a doubt that they are on the fence with one another at the moment.
Life interests: She wants to settle down someday with her partner, have maybe a few kids if she can, and live out the rest of her days with a little family. Surprising, yes, for her fierce attitude but this is genuinely what she wants and she knows she’ll reach that point some day.

Where they’re from: Darwin, Australia
What country?: Australia
State/region?:Northern Territory
City?: Darwin

Current residence: America
Do they live at their current residence by will?: Given that her mother moved them there to settle down with their father, Finn decided merely to stay in the country despite the negative people living within it and she still lives there today. She chooses to stay in once place due to her partners insistence and she doesn’t mind it one bit.

Backstory: Finley Wilkins is the younger twin sister of Quinn Wilkins, an identical twin at that, her older brother and was born into a lineage of the Rainbow Serpent. It is unknown where it began with their serpentine ancestors but in this family twins are a common thing with generations upon generations of twins within the family to play both parts of the female and male perspective of the Rainbow Snake but twins through the years became rarer and rarer. It was more twins would become possible by a single child in the family rather than one half of a twin set, due to the magic being unable to pass to the child of a twin but a single child would produce the offspring. That’s where Finley and Quinn come into it. Finley was a rather head strong child, impulsive, impatient and sarcastic from a young age but she does have a very loyal and protective side to her that often shines right on through when it is forced out but she was the kind of child who ran out in the rain, singing her lungs out in an off key tone and rolling in the mud fighting with the boys. She would run around the house along with outside without shoes and would often jump down the flight of stairs to see if she could make it down to the bottom and she would constantly run away from the friends of her mother that tried dolling her up. She was a wild child that enjoyed her freedom and when it came time to grow up Finley kept the same wild behavior she had developed as a small child but it was used more towards protecting her friends or weaker people if it so called for it. She was always fearing of being in her older twins shadow so it often lead to her showing off quite a bit and studying hard during her school days but throughout the years one thing remained the same and it was that she was closest to her brother. Finley clung to her brother and was always running to him if she had a problem she couldn’t solve and she would always drag her brother with her on her daring adventures or on her imaginary battles that she would drag her left-brained brother right into in effort to get him to explore the fun side. She came out as pansexual when she was twelve years old after talking with a bunch of her friends within the GSA of her middle school and despite many doubting her claims Finley firmly stood by her sexuality, never listening to the doubters as she went through school. She is a big contributor in the LGBTQ+ community to this very day and is still very head strong.

(This is plausibly more relevant to story characters, however, while I recommend that both the backstory and this are filled out, I supposed one could get by by filling out one or the other.)
Tell about some major events that happened within these ages…
early childhood(3 – 5): She was chasing her brother, Quinn, outside in the backyard at a barbeque and chasing him up onto the deck she tripped giving herself a big gash on her jawline from the cement steps.
childhood(6 – 9): Her favorite uncle on her father’s side, her stubborn uncle, passes away.
adolescence/tween(10 – 12): Around this time she joins her GSA at the middle school she attended and declared herself pansexual at this age.
adolescence/teen(13 – 16): Nothing of real note happens here.
teen continued(16 – 18): She meets her nymph significant other.
young adulthood(19 – 25): Currently she is living in a studio apartment with her partner and is working to save up for their dream of a flower shop.
“official” adulthood(26 – 29): N/A
adulthood continued(30 – 40):. N/A
half century(41 – 51): N/A
up and onward(52+): N/A

Family background & Family tree: She has a mother and father, two aunts and an uncle on her father’s side, four aunts on her mother’s side. She has her identical twin brother Quinn and they have a little sister named Tracy. She has three other cousins on her mom’s side.
Describe their upbringing: Growing up Finn was watched under a strict gaze due to her wild behavior and she was often chastised when she climbed counters or the large tree in front of their house at a young age. She was very much nurtured, smothered in so much love that she was often happiest when she was in someone’s’ arms or inside their arms but they remained strict with the young girl due to her wild habits while she was growing up. Many times she was forced to come inside after insulting someone, shouting at them or trying to climb onto their roofs so she was inside a lot but her creativity and artistic abilities were nurtured just like the rest of hre until she was consumed with staying up late at night just to draw or color. Her parents eventually learned the strict approach both did and did not work so they did their best to support their daughter with everything they could while supporting her twin brother as well but they truly put time and love into their daughter in an effort to quell her wild fierce attitude.
Did they enjoy their upbringing?: Yes she did, if she had to be honest. She didn’t quite understand nor like the strict attitude of her parents back then but has come to appreciate how they did so and how they helped her flourish into a creative mind.
How much does their upbringing effect them in day to day life now?: Somewhat, due to how strict she can be with herself in certain moments of her day to day tasks.
What did/do they most enjoy about their childhood?: She enjoyed being able to run around with her twin and wreak havoc on their parents with their shrieking battles or loud laughter as they flew up and down the stairs or in and out of their bedrooms.
What did/do they most resent about their childhood?: How her aunts were always trying to make her more girlish.


Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.):

Parents: Bailey and Markus Wilkins
If for some reason they do not have parents, how were they conceived?:
How did their parents meet?: It was a rather simple story. Their mother had been shopping while under the influence of one or two beers so she was naturally giggly and light headed as she and her friends plucked bags of chips up to bring back to their sleep over. It was then that their mother had stumbled over her feet into the person closest to her making him fly forward with a yelp and when they caught their balance he whipped around. Naturally, it should have ended in true love but it did not. The moment their eyes locked they absolutely despised one another at first. It took a handful of years before they could admit their feelings and get together to make the twins.
How is their relationship with their parents?: Pretty okay.
Why?: Always having been an independent child, Finn had lacked contact with her parents when she moved out and because of this she couldn’t help but forget to call some times. Also they tend to nitpick each other, her mother and her, but her father is closer to her.
Siblings: Quinn, Tracy.
Inner circle:
Business colleagues/acquaintances:

Children of your OC: None
Are they illegitimate children?: N/A
Any grandchildren?: N/A
Great grandchildren?: N/A

Aunts, uncles and other extended relatives: Four aunts on her mother’s side who three out four
Any truly obscure relatives?: Not really.

What kind of romantic are they?(easily lovestruck, tough nut, etc.): Easily love struck and a hopeless romantic
What caused them to become this sort of romantic?: Growing up Finn was such a tomboy that she often felt that, a girl as rough as she, would never be worthy of a crush in her life and given this she as a hopeless romantic chasing after fantasy love stories in her head. She was also easily love struck by many people in her life, many crushes that she surprisingly never acted upon was absolute torture for Finn.
What traits do they look for in a possible lover?: Someone who can handle a person like herself, a partner who is willing to meet her halfway and work throuhg their problems. A partner who won’t give up without a fight but know when to let go and a partner who can love her just as she is.
What traits do they avoid in a lover?: Selfishness, a quick temper, a snarky or angry mind set or possessive.
Are they picky when it comes to romance searching?: Not truly.
Why or why not: She merely just is attracted to who she is attracted so she often doesn’t have much pickiness when it comes to her lovers or possible lovers.

What are their fetishes(Do they have any?): Limits, nylons, rolepay, voyeurism and wax play.
Does this ever effect relationships negatively?: Not really.
Do their fetishes get in the way of reality?: No, they don’t get in the way at all.
What are their least favorite fetishes?: Urolagnia.

Have they lost their virginity?: Yes
Was this a good event, or a negative event?: It was sort of in between for Finn. It was neither a good event nor a negative event for it was just something that ended up happening and she isn’t sure how to feel about it.
Does it hold influence on their search for romance now?: No it doesn’t.
Do they “sleep around”?: Nope.
Why or why not: Finn is happily and completely committed to her partner.
Do their morals allow room for this without guilt?:
If their morals do not, why do they?:
Does sex matter to them?: Not truly.
Why or why not?: It doesn’t matter much to Finn merely because her partner is asexual so sex isn’t much of a big thing within their relationship and she’s absolutely fine with this aspect of their relationship.

What education level do they have right now?: Two years of college.
(Relative to continued education)What college/academy/training do they now attend?: She is currently thinking of returning to a four year college.
Highest education level completed: Her two years of college.
What education level would they like to reach?: A four or six year college years worth of education to get a Bachelors or even a
Dropout?: No.

Occupation: Book store manager.
Is this occupation something passed through their family’s generations?: No.
Why they picked this occupation: She picked it up because it paid quite good and she needs to save up whatever she can of this good job to open her floral shop one day.
Brief job history:

Write up a quick resume for your oc:
Do they have a good resume?:
If they don’t, why?:

How much do you estimate they make per year?: About $44,749 to $112,490
Is that a lot for their lifestyle and occupation?: It’s somewhat a lot but she and her partner are rationing it.
Are they financially well off?: She’s pretty alright where she’s at right now.
If not, why?:

Up close and personal

Biggest fears: Being alone.
How often does this fear take a toll on them?: It takes a toll on her all the time, somedays being worse than others, but it does crop up often and especially if she is in a sour or bad mood. She has always been afraid of being alone some day and she hates the fear as much as it takes it’s toll on her.

Biggest hope: That she eventually opens her floral shop with her partner.
Do they depend on this hope?: Yes, she does.
Biggest dream/passion: Marrying her partner some day and maybe having a family to pass her imagined floral shop onto.

Biggest regrets: Her old childhood friend, Reese, and her had grown apart.
Does this effect their day to day life?: Not very much.

Largest weaknesses: Puppy dog eyes
Are they ashamed at all of their weaknesses?: She is a little ashamed of it because it is merely so easy to win her over if the puppy eyes are done just right and she will often be rendered helpless under the effect of it and it is very embarrassing to her that she gives in so easy under the look.

Largest strengths: That she is loyal and very dedicated to her visions.

What are their…
Likes: Cool fall days, where it’s hot in the sun but the breeze is just chilled enough to chase the heat away, cuddling in bed, being little spoon, cats and dogs, birds, watching horror movies and having hot chocolate late at night. The sound of her partner singing, the sound of life outside bustling around and the smell of old books of the store she works at and the sorting of those books during her job.
Dislikes: Ignorance, racism, homophobia and all of it connected to it (transphobia, biphobia and others), rudeness.
Loves: Her partner playing with her hair, soft hands rubbing at her lower back and waist as she falls asleep, the warmth of that hot coffee or chocolate warming her from the inside out, cuddling into the her partner, rainy days, snow, the sound of scattering leaves on the sidewalks and roads. The fingers that tickle down her spine to her belly when she’s waking in the morning to the playful smile of her partner looking down at her.
Hates: Oppressions, privileged people.
Passions: To open her flower shop, to create new flowers for others to enjoy and she wants nothing more than to one day bring nothing but happiness to her partner.
Reasons to keep going in life: Her family, her partner and herself.

Good habits: She brushes her hair, her teeth, showers regularly and attends work on time.
Bad habits: She doesn’t clean up well so her side of the room is constantly messy, the coffee table has many scatterings of empty mugs or bowls along with papers of bills to sort through. Just a messy person.

Eating habits: They’re pretty alright what with them ordering out once in a while.
Eating disorder(s)(if any):
How does this effect them?:

Sleeping habits: She sleeps rather solidly through the nights.
Insomniac?: No.
If an insomniac, why?: N/A
What caused these sleeping habits?: Nothing really, she’s always been a hard sleeper at night.
Do they enjoy these sleeping habits?: Absolutely.

Can they honestly hold a job down?: Yes
If not, why can’t they?:
How do they stay afloat in society if they cannot hold a job down?:
Are they lazy?: A little bit.

Abilities(As in powers): Creation, Healing, Disease detection, Enhance strength, Venom secretion, enhanced agility, enhanced intuition, powerful bite and organic manipulation,
Rate their power on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being most powerful in all the universe they’re in: 6
Are these powers inherited generation to generation?: Yes, they are indeed from generation to generation inherited.
Why/why not?: Due to being descended by a deity obviously they cannot have all the powers of such a powerful entity but being of the descending family tree they retain some of the more noticeable and powerful skills of their species.

Special skills(Not meaning powers): She actually knows how to talk backwards.

Hobbies: Art related crafts.
How do they spend their free time?: She will spend it either spending time with her partner or doing crafts she finds online or ones she makes up herself.
What about their non-free time?: She’s working in that non-free times.

Social skills(Not everyone is a social butterfly or an antisocial individual): She has some pretty good social skills, not quite a social butterflies, but she is good in a social environment if she has to be.
If they aren’t skilled socially, how does day to day life go?:

What’s their favorite time of day?: Sunset.
Why?: Finn has always, always, loved sunsets due to their bright hues and deep but vibrantly colors and the rich golds of the sunbeams during this time. It’s a time of day that never gets less beautiful to her and she loves to think of sunset as the bolder, more vibrant counterpart of the gentle colors of sunrise.
Does this time have anything to do with their upbringing?: Not really.
Least favorite time of day: Nighttime.
Why?: It means the end of another day, a day that cannot keep going but must end and it makes her rather melancholic when she thinks about it.

Favorite food?: Chicken parmesan.
Why is this their favorite food?: It was merely something her mother took the time to make the dish by hand, something that would take her a majority of the afternoon, and Finn had always loved it, especially when she herself learned how to make it.
Least favorite food: Brussel sprouts, spinach and sour kraut.
Why is this their least favorite food?: She just thinks, on their own, that the foods are just not good in her opinion and will go out of her way to exclude them from her dishes when she cooks or to avoid them all together.
Can they cook?: Yes she can!

What is their favorite color?: Dark blue
Does this color have something to do with their personality?: Not really.
Why is this their favorite color?: Finn loves blue, she really does, but what she loves more than anything is a deep nearly indigo shade of blue and navy blue in some shades but she loves a dark blue. It’s actually the color she painted the living room and bedroom.
Least favorite color: Magenta.
Why is this their least favorite color?: Simply because it’s such a loud shade of purple to her.

Favorite animal: Bird
Why?: She just finds them absolutely charming and adorable when they whistle, sing or make little noises to keep themselves entertained.
Least favorite animal: Fish.
Why? She just thinks they’re too hard to take care of for they die so easily.

First language: English
Second language: Sign language.
Third?: None
Was there an urgent need to learn additional languages?: Yes, due to a friend of hers being deaf Finn decided she needed to rush to learn sign language and grow competent as not to let her friend feel disabled or out of the group. She has spent much time learning, taking classes, and has been able to become somewhat very very good at the language and often uses it without thinking.

Pet(s): None yet.
Why?: Simply because she doesn’t have the money or the time to take care of a pet.

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