Original Characters


Name: Quinn Lucile Raymond

Alias:  Q, Dr. Raymond, Lucile, Doc

Alignment: True Good


Human (Formerly)
Pseudo-Vampire (Currently)

True Age: 26
Physical Age: 20
Mental Age: 30

Personality: calm, collected, curious, kind, violent, patient

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demiromantic Pansexual

Pronouns: His He Him

Occupation: Biologist, Biochemist and Neuroradiologist


Supernatural Strength (Type II)
Supernatural Mobility
Supernatural Senses
Supernatural Endurance
Supernatural Stamina
Enhanced Metabolism
Supernatural Awareness
Supernatural Combat Skills
Supernatural Durability (Type II)
Supernatural Regeneration
Razor-sharp fangs, teeth and claws
Empathetic Reading
Night Vision
Mental Regeneration
Regenerative Healing Factor
Immunity to most vampire weaknesses
Blood Empowerment
Moon Empowerment
Disease Immunity
Vibration Detections
Telepathic Illusions
Extrasensory Perception
Daytime Walking
Indomitable Will
Anatomical Mastery
Biology Mastery
Neurology Mastery
Biochemistry Mastery
Disease Intuition

Grand: N/A

Tekc(s): N/A

Tag Combo(s): N/A

Possesses his supernatural variants’ insatiable thirst for blood.

While they can’t be killed by sunlight unlike actual vampires, their eyes and skin might be very sensitive to it.

Supernatural hunters are a match in hunting down vampires.

Acidic Blood/Poisonous Blood/Vampiric Toxicity


Quinn Lucile Raymond as simple man with a serious goal, to cure those with his diease. Quinn had cancer and instead of stopping his job, his WORK..he went on to try his best and find a cure. he had been for 11 whole years, getting sicker and sicker. He coughed violently, ached in pain, hacked up blood and in some cases passed out. But he just kept on working himself, mentally and physically doing his damndest to keep  his body from giving up on him, Everyone worked against him but he kept on going, no one could stop him anyway. But one day everything would change, both him and his body. One day during a trip back home on a quiet New York night he heard some noise.

Followed by the sound of metal, sharp metal hitting something and then a hiss, something like a snake. He hide before taking a peek, and there was some girl with a sword and green glowing eyes. She had the sword pierced through what Quinn thought was a normal male soon to be proved wrong by it’s monstrous appearance. After the girl quickly left, Quinn decided to try and help what he thought was normal man…And needless to say he frightened immensely falling back but, something told him this was the method to curing cancer, hell any disease. So? He took the body to his empty lab and did what any man like him would do, EXPERIMENT. He did so for hours and hours finding out so much before…getting a idea which he had 0 idea of whether it would work. He then took blood from the dead vampire into a needle and pressed it against his vein, injecting himself with it. Nothing had happened for a couple of hours, before he then fell to the floor writhing in pure agony and yelling, the pain was to much and he wanted to die right then and there, reach for a scalpel, ready to end it before..he passed out once more.

Extra Info:
He wished to meet a live vampire one day (142, think we could maybe make that happen?)
He has said to really like sweet and minty flavors
He can lift up to 2 Tons

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