Original Characters

Demo-Vamp Hunter

Name: Tanya Atrox

Alias: Holy-Punisher, Tan-Tan (Clay), Clover eyes, My Fiery Angel

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Species: Neph


Personality: Even though most of the time she is seen stubborn and fierce, sometimes she can be shown calm, polite, content and warmly flattered.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Pronouns: Her/she

Occupation: Demon/Vampire Hunter


War Nephelem Physiology:
Energy Perception
Decelerated Aging
Anger Empowerment
Enhanced Speed
Supernatural Jump
Enhanced Regeneration
Supernatural Strength (I)
Supernatural Durability (I)
Supernatural Stamina
Accelerated Healing
Telepathic Resistance
Fire Halo Generation
Fire Angelic Wings
Angelic Beauty
Green-Holy Fire Manipulation
Green-Holy-Fire Magic
Green-Holy Fire Solidification
Green-Holy-Fire Constructs
Green-Holy Fire Attacks
Green-Holy-Fire Combat
Fire Resistance
Heat Immunity
Personal Heat
Fire Flight
Pyrokinetic Regeneration
Angelic Combat
Combat Perception
Combat Specialist
Indomitable Will
Enhanced Survivability

Archetype:Vampire Slayer
Vampiric Toxicity
Mystical Blood

Archetype:Demonic Slayer
Demonic Power Immunity
Angelic Magic
Demonology Mastery
Possession Immunity
Demonic Power Resistance
Immortal Slayer
Hunting Mastery

Grand: “Angel That Riveled The Sun
A grand that allows her flame powers to charge and bring up and soon out more of Tanya’s angelic side and power. The flames would make Armor, a sword, New clothing and even gives her a burning halo.


Tag Combo(s): “Couple’s Combo”
It’s nothing to special as it is pretty just a tag team that starts of with the two using their superior swordsmanship before Tanya and Clay finish it with a devastating Divine slash.


Can be rivaled by Demonic Magic.

Angelic Power Negation/Magic Negation/Magic Destruction

May be counted by Demonic Force Manipulation.

Psychic Vampires can work around the her mmunity as they do not require blood to fuel their powers.

Transcendent Vampires may be more resistant than the normal vampire.

User’s blood must make contact with a vampire for the effects to occur.

Weak against Blood Absorption and Magic Negation.

Her boyfriend is her mortal enemy…yet her #1 Lover

Demonic Weaponry

Hell Fire

Demonic Elements

The famous Demon/Vampire hunter, long lost daughter of the Angel Michael, Tanya Atrox. She’s stubborn, fierce, analytical and perhaps a little too rude. This isn’t surprising considering for someone with her position.

She was born in a small family, it just being her and her mother. She lived in peace until she was about 15 years old, but at that point things began to change.

After hours of sneaking around in her mothers things, she’d soon find out not only was she a Neph: The child of a Angel and Human. She was the only daughter of the War angel..Michael.

After countless hours of explaining and soon training from her mother, she made a fortune in a weird world. But with her determination and powers, there’s nothing to stop her from fulfilling all dreams. She could quickly become a person of  importance mostly by demons and vampires that want her dead.

But things could change quickly; she is currently still trying to perfect her skills. She feels like there’s more to learn in this world. And for as long as she lives, she will complete her goal: To purify the world of any and all evil in the world, with every ounce of her might. But during her worst of times she found a light a man named Clay Altrose, a man who seemed to help her during one of her adventures.

Both bonded quickly over their occupations that involved hunting the supernatural and their strong yet odd family history. Quickly, the two began to work together, fighting as one and doing so with unnatural perfection. As time went on and on..the two seemed to grow closer..their friendship soon turning into something more romantic.

Extra Info:
She plans to meet her father one day
Her kill count is in the 100’s
One of her kills resulted in a man becoming a pseudo vampire
She likes being called Clover eyes

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