Original Characters

“All shall be remade in MY FATHER’S IMAGE, AND NOTHING WILL STOP ME!!”

Name: Kei Riku

Alias: K, Mr. R, Mr. Riku, Spawn

Alignment: Chaotic Good-True Good

Hooded Appearance

Unhooded Appearance

Species: Mutated Human


Personality: Kei is usually levelheaded, thinks strategically, and, according to a conversation with Leo, seems to be nice at first. Whether he is acting or behaving genuinely, Kai does possess polite mannerisms and can come off as very calm and classy even to people he considers potentially troublesome, this being evident in his first meeting with a random encounter with a thug. If aggravated, however, he may end up displaying a powerful and visible killing intent, more fitting of his true character and under even more stress or anger will become vulgar, down right psychopathic. But despite his polite demeanor he is extremely cold and while distant still tries to keep hold of some humanity.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demiromantic bi-sexual

Pronouns: his/he/him

Occupation: Avenging Traveler


Natural Powers:
Unique Eye Coloration (Reddish-Gold)
Indomitable Will
Tranquil Fury
Killing Intent

Powers Currently Accessed:
Powerful Touch
Pseudo-Earth and Metal Constructs and weaponry
Quicksand Generation
Menacing Presence

Powers available with time and soon..acceptance:
Terrain Manipulation
Molecular Deconstruction
Molecular Reconstruction

Resistances and Abilities:
Control Opposition
Fear Masking
Psychic Shield
Criminology Mastery
Interrogation Mastery
Intimidation Mastery
Body Language Analysis
Undying Loyalty
Psychological Mastery
Karate mastery
Ju-Jistu Mastery

Users of Indomitable Will may be able to resist or ignore the terror of his presence.
His rage and vengeance is stopping his true power from showing.
Material that is unknown to him are extremely harder to control
Certain earthly material will be harder to control.
Destruction of his hands will render him useless.
Reoccurring Nightmares of his father’s death.
Despite how calm he can be, he very much can reach a boiling point.
His want to be alone.
His powers take extremely longer to work on organic beings.


Extra Info:

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