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Character Sheet #24: Valerie Barnes

Name: Valerie Barnes

Alias: The Pyschic Mistress

Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral Good


: Pyschic Vampire

Physical Age: 32
Mental Age: 780

Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Semi-Short Fused, Blunt, Wise, Thoughtful, Curious, Semi-Sadistic and Bold

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bicurious

Pronouns: She/Her

Occupation: Heir to The Pyschic Throne


•Pyschic Vampire Physiology
•Supernatural Condition (Type II)
•Supernatural Swordmanship
•Powerful Bite
•Fang Retraction
•Claw Retraction
•Claw Extension
•Night Vision
•Psi Vampirism
•Psychic Energy Manipulation
•Psychic Energy Generation
•Psychic Energy Solidification
•Psychic Constructs
•Psychic Attacks
•Psychic Combat
•Psionic Arts
•Psychic Aura
•Psionic Drain
•Psychic Energy Absorption
•Psychic Infusion
•Psionic Augmentation
•Psychic Weaponry
—Archetype: Heir
•Business Intuition
•Information Brokering Intuition
•Enhanced Calculation
•Supernatural Charisma
•Leadership Intuition

•Those with Supernatural Condition 3 can match/defeat her easily
•Can be matched or overpower easily by Superior Vampires, True Vampires, Vampire Lords and Transcendent Vampires
•Werewolves are still a natural enemy of hers
•Though Sunlight doesn’t hurt her, Solar Attacks will still hurt/damage/weaken her
•A Wooden Stake through her heart will still kill her
•Like all Vampires, she still needs to feed on Pyschic Energy. Failing to do so or not doing so any longer than 7 hours will cause her to weaken and potentially starve to death
•Supernatural Hunters and Vampire Slayers can kill her easily
•Those with Pyschic Shield or Pyschic Immunity are immune/resistant to her Pyschic Energy and cannot be fed from
•Control of her Pyschic Energy is extremely important; unconscious use of this power can be dangerous
•An Anti-Pyschic Presence will render her Pyschic Energy useless
•Those with Absorption Immunity are immune to her Psychic Energy Absorption
•Can only use Psionic Augmentation on herself, not others
•Those with Pyschic Shield, Indomitable Will or Pyschic Immunity are immune/resistant to her Supernatural Charisma
•Her slight Short-Fused Personality may cause her to have a hard time with making allies

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
•She’s 5’9 in height.

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