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Dustin Malloy

Name: Dustin Malloy

Alias: Silver Eyed Hunter, D, Mr. Mall

Alignment: Neutral


Fandom Image

Species: Elf Human Hybrid

Real Age: 20


Personality: Dustin is a brave and righteous guy with a high amount of will and mental and physical power. Due to the death of his family, his promise to vanquish Demons led him down a not so lean path. Though the traits that brought on his want to fight and slay Gods were Determination and his sense of adventure. He is a man of humor, cracking jokes every second whether it be at an enemy or ally and sometimes never taking things seriously.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demiromantic

Pronouns: his/he/him

Occupation: God/Demon Slayer


Dual Swords

(Ones in the pic)


Supernatural Strength (II)

Supernatural Speed (II)

Supernatural Durability (II)

Supernatural Reflexes

High-Speed Reflexes

Afterimage Creation

Flash Step

Enhanced Senses

Enhanced Hearing

Enhanced Balance

Supernatural Stamina

Supernatural Agility

Supernatural Athleticism

Supernatural Dexterity

Supernatural Accuracy


Contaminant Immunity

Disease Immunity

Enhanced Swordsmanship

Fear Inducement

Killing Intent

Magic Attacks

Horror Survivor

Demonic Slayer

Divine Attacks

Divine Weaponry (His blades)

Divine Energy Absorption

Immortality Negation

Silver Energy Magical Constructs

Silver Mana Manipulation

Detail Detections

Seduction Mastery

Body Language Analysis

Fighting Instinct


Indomitable Will

Magic Mastery

Pressure Point Mastery

Preternatural Studies Mastery

Survival Mastery

Demonology Mastery

Journalism Mastery

Unique Eye Coloration (Silver)

Energy Perception

Clear Sight

Accelerated Perception



Illusion Awareness

Invisibility Awareness

Aura Reading


Nova Elf

This form can be achieved by Dustin taking in every ounce of mana and energy inside him and letting it truly flow through every inch of him


Judgement Cut: A move where he strikes an enemy into a slash vortex, This is one of his most used moves as it covers a great distance though this move needs to be charged.

Perfect Slice: Ejects his Silver energy infused blades into his hands and creates the perfect slash the damages the body and soul (partially)

Rapid Slash: A move where he dashes forward a moves his blades at subsonic speeds.

Silver Waved Slash: Charges one or both of his blades with Silver energy before sending a wave of energy at the enemy

Perfect Counter: Depending on the type of attack thrown (mostly melee) he will counter the attack before slicing the waist of the enemy

Tag Combo(s): none


Absolute condition

Some moves can be interrupted


Magic Immunity

Magic Absorption

Ranges attacks are harder to counter

His Eyesight being messed up

Sensory overload

Energy Absorption



Extra Info:

Has a best friend who is a fairy

Has killed a counted 185 demons

Killed 3 Demi-gods

He finds Skinwalkers cool

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